Cupid's Psyche

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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus was concealed from human eyes, a thick mist covering its peaks year round. All twelve Olympian Gods had their marble and gold palaces in the many gorges of the mountain peaks. It was also the home of Zeus, King of the Gods. When he wasn’t in a council meeting, he and his fellow residents would hold feasts and revel in their glorious selves. Only the Gods who lived there were granted easy access to their palaces, the rest had to overcome obstacles as they passed the thick cloud gates. Each person was handed a different obstacle, depending on what made them most scared and vulnerable. The Gods and Goddesses who dared venture past the gates, knew that inexplicable horror awaited them. When you walked in, you had better have a good reason. Many visitors had been vanquished, their souls descending to the Underworld, never to be heard from again.


I stood in front of the cloudy gates and made my presence known to the fair haired Horae who stood guard. She was wearing a vibrant dress dyed with spring flowers and a crown of tulips laid atop her head. She held out her hands, she needed to touch me to know what my intentions were. As I felt her small hands caress mine, I saw her frown.

''Back so soon Cupid?'' I didn't know what to reply, I had no idea when I had been here last.

''Mnemosyne will help you remember the answer.'' I nodded, as she let go of my hands and walked towards the door. She lifted her arms and the gate slowly parted, showing me Mount Olympus in all its glory. I breathed deeply and took a step forward. Here goes nothing.

I had been walking for a few hours among the lush and vast forests, when I began to worry. I knew the way to get to Mnemosyne, mother had been kind enough to explain it to me. I also knew that the obstacles we faced here usually begun as soon as we stepped inside. My entire body stayed present, anticipating the attack that would come. After a few more hours of walking, I was beginning to let my guard down. I shouldn't have.

I felt him before I saw him. I turned around quickly, ready to aim a poison arrow, when I froze. It was Anteros, what was he doing here? He advanced towards me and gave me a brotherly hug, squeezing just a tad too much. I pulled back and asked him what I was wondering.

''Why are you here brother?'' I watched as he started walking back towards the exit. I didn't want to follow him, but I needed to know why he had followed me. I caught up to him and pulled on his arm to get him to halt. He turned to me, a look of hurt was reflected in his eyes.

''Even if you get your memories back, Psyche will never be yours again.'' I frowned and pulled back, wondering what on earth he was going on about. He continued explaining.

''You didn't love her enough to fight for her, instead you had your memories erased so you could move on with your life without her. The memories are only about her, the woman you so easily tossed aside.'' I was floored when he finished his speech. Did I really have my memories erased because I wanted to move on without her? But why would mother encourage me to come if she knew it was that? Maybe it was what she had wanted all along? Get me to remember and then try to find Psyche, only to be rejected? I couldn't believe mother could be so cruel. And for what reason? I knew she didn't want me to be distracted when I brought people together. I was not able to love, so maybe Psyche had been a distraction of another sort.

I saw Anteros watching me as my mind raced. I sat down next to a large tree and brought my hands up to my face. He saw that I was really torn between continuing my journey or leaving. He knelt down next to me and grazed my cheek with his hand. He had never done that and never would he do that. My brother gave hugs, but that was as far as he showed his affection to us. This wasn't Anteros! I had been duped! I pushed the Eidolon away from me and quickly made some distance between us.

''You are not my brother!''

It turned slowly to look at me, a shrill laugh leaving its mouth. My brother's face melted away, to reveal the most hideous creature I have ever laid eyes upon. Its huge round eyes were sunken into its skull, its body was severely deformed and bony, and two long menacing horns sat atop its head.

''You cannot stop me from getting to Mnemosyne. I won't turn around.'' I heard it laugh, but it slowly disappeared, as I had figured out he wasn't who he wanted me to believe.

I decided that I needed to take a short rest, if I could in fact get one. I sat down next to a large tree and rested my head on its trunk. I would close my eyes for a moment, then I would be on my way. My mind continued its churning. I couldn't believe I had almost fallen for that! I was so mad at myself for doubting my mother. I felt a renewed power surge through me as I resolved to make it to Mnemosyne no matter what the Gods threw at me. I opened my eyes, stood up and stepped aside to stretch properly.

Thank the Gods I did, because a fireball struck the spot where I had been resting and burnt a whole straight through. I ran towards another large tree and hid behind it, trying to access what type of creature was trying to kill me now. What I saw made my skin crawl. It was none other than Typhoeus, a monstrous serpentine giant and he was coming my way.

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