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Sparrow, Robin, and Oliver. They are on a quest to go to the Eastern Kingdom. Once they get there, an adventure strikes, and they take their journey to the Central North Kingdom to spy! Have fun on their adventures with them, go read!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Death. Destruction. Pain beyond belief and imagination. This is the world. This is the way. “I. Must. Kill” says a deathly voice, presumably human. “I. Must. Kill” says the dog. “I. Must Kill.” says all the world, just one exception. Cats. The only thing in this world, that isn’t chanting: “I. Must. Kill,” is, cats. They are the victims, the sufferers, having to deal with this abuse. Humans capture animals, torture them, and bend them to their own will, brainwashing them. The only animal that has not been completely overrun by the humans, is, of course, cats. There are spies, moles for the humans, that are cats, and they have to gather information about where the rest of the cats are, and return that information to the humans, so they can get clans, tribes, and loners, to control. Humans are evil. There is no getting around that. There is no being in this current world that you can trust. Not even the members of your own tribe or clan, not even your own leader. It is better off to be alone, a loner.

Sparrow’s life before this…

Sparrow has one friend. And that friend is not a cat. That friend is a Sparrow. The Sparrow is named Robin. Robin is a female. Sparrow used to be a kittypet, but her two-legs abandoned her because they thought she was a very strange cat, which she is. She picked up Robin when she got abandoned, since Robin had a broken wing from falling from her nest. When Sparrow saved Robin, she hadn't named her yet. The Sparrow fell out of her nest, and had been lying there for a few days. Sparrow (the cat) found her, with the broken wing and leg, took her, and healed her. They bonded in the most magnificent way, and Sparrow (the cat) named the Sparrow she saved (the bird), Robin. Currently, they are traveling through the forest looking for a home, and friends. She highly doubts that she WILL find any friends since she is such a peculiar cat, and because they wouldn't trust her due to the current situation in the world with the brain-washing humans, but her hopes are high. The world is a deathly place, but still Robin and her are trying to find bird and cat friends alike, ones that they can trust, no spies are their friends.

Shadow Paw Definition

A Shadow Paw is a cat who is able to read others minds, and if experienced enough control what one can do. A way to block off a Shadow Paw's powers, is to create a mental wall around your head, and seal it tight, so the Shadow Paw can't get in. If experienced enough in Shadow Paw's powers, you can create a mental safe house that can hide your secrets, and if secured enough not even yourself can get into it, so the things you put in there won't prance around your head and you will think about them when you don't want to. Shadow Paws are extremely rare and feared among the kingdoms, but are useful when it comes to looking between the truth and lies, even reading the enemies mind. Some aren't even sure they even exist.

Shadow Twin Definition

Shadow Twins are two Shadow Paws, born by different mothers but the same father, only a few seconds apart. They are extremely feared and rare. Most commonly Shadow Twins are females, but Shadow Twins can also be two males, or a male and a female. Among some kingdoms and cats aren't even sure that Shadow Twins even exist.

Important Note: The Shadow Twin and Shadow Paw is from the book 'Children of Blood and Bone' and I give full credit

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