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Winter's Toll

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A young dragon, Winter, was cast out by her clan because of her looks. She wanders through the mountains, and then a human city captures her, putting her under slavery and work. She meets a human there, that is kind to her and befriends her. Her journey starts when--if--they start trusting Winter to bring down their most feared enemy.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It was a strange place. Well, no. How could she know it was even a strange place? There was an endless black... area in front of her, a universe of darkness. It was cold, it gripped her with unforgiving and merciless strength, sucking the life out of her -- or maybe into her. But, it was warm. Warm and comforting. She wanted to get out of it, and soon, but also wanted to stay there, in the gentle grip of where she was in.

It isn’t gentle! It's... destroying her very existence? It hurt, painful, she couldn’t breath, she couldn’t see, or... was there anything to see? Confusion, pain, suffering, warmth, comfort, kindness, mother. Mother. Mother. How did she know that word? How is this happening? Is she dying? Is she living? Or is she right in between? She... She. Her. Female. She was female.

The black void crushed her, in a warming and calming sort of way. Though, at the same time, it destroyed her, cut her up into millions of pieces. She was a... a nothing. She wasn’t anything yet, just a something inside the large space. There was a warming voice outside of this place of darkness, a voice she desperately wanted to get to. She flung herself around the space, hitting something, causing it to make a cracking noise. There’s an edge? An edge to this place? An edge to everything?

She hit it again, curious to see what would happen, and desperately trying to get to the warming voice. Confusion. Or was it frustration? Unsure of it all, she flung herself at the edge again. It cracked, pouring light into this strange world. It nearly blinded her, and she shot herself toward the edge again, wanting more, more light. She fed on the substance, basking in it's wonderful strangeness.

She heard the warming voice again, so she flung herself yet again at the edge, into the light. Even more of it spilled in, and she fed on that as well. From the edge, it flung her backwards, slamming her into another wall. She used the new thing to propel herself forward and hit the first wall once more. Yet more light fell into, it filled her very existence, it did. She wanted more, more of the light, so much more... she was drunken, wanting more of it and the voice, wanting to break out of the prison, the dark universe. Egg. Egg was the word. The dark space was an egg. The egg needed to just crash onto the ground, so she could be free! Free of the dark universe inside this egg!

She flung herself toward the light, out of this newfound thing called an egg. Out of this dark empty space, it tore her apart. The voice came again, and with new determination she broke the egg, the edge of the universe. More light she could ever feast on came across her eyes. But... she couldn’t see it? She couldn’t breath, see, move, turn, or even propel herself forward anymore. A tongue, a tongue... tongue tongue tongue... What’s a tongue? Oh yes, the tongue! The tongue licked her, wiping this slimy essence off of her.

She could finally breathe again, walk, move, eat, drink, hear, all of it! Wait what was all of those things again? The voice came again, closer. She stumbled toward it, glad on finding the source. It was a huge... huge... dragon! A huge dragon it was, a female just like her! She was a pure black with midnight blue... hmm... what were they? Oh yes! Midnight blue spikes and horns, two horns set on top of her head and the spikes neatly in a row down her back.

Her mother -- yes mother -- looked at her, confusion on her face. Another dragon was next to her, next to her mother. It was... her father! Her mother and father looked at her, with befuddlement upon their faces. I cocked my head in confusion right back at them. They smiled, and sat down next to each other. I yawned, most likely because I was tired. I settled down next to mother, and she wrapped her tail around me. I loved being in her warmth and love. I quickly fell asleep, content with my life.

When I woke, father was there with this other dragon. It was a huge dragon, and it was arguing with my papa. I didn’t like the looks of this dragon. When father saw me wake, he said something. Mother came in, and smiled, standing next to father. For some reason she could understand mother, but no one else. “Hello, sweetheart. It seems you need a name, don’t you?” she smiled, and I nodded vigorously.

Father and mother looked at each other, then back at me. It seemed they were thinking. Mother’s face suddenly lit up, and she smiled excitedly. “Winter! Do you agree with that?” father nodded and smiled in reply. “Our little Winter...” the new dragon glared at me, and I didn’t like that one bit. I ran over to him and bit his paw as hard as I could. He yelped in pain, holding his scaly paw to himself. It seemed I have caused him to bleed. Hah! Weakling! I smirked at him, and he glared at me in return.

The dragon she didn’t like rushed out of the room, growling under his breath. Father sighed in relief, and then walked over to me with mother. Father laid down next to me, licking my forehead. Mother sat down next to me on the other side, and did the same. Mother wrapped her tail around me and laid her head so I was in a small nook in her neck, it was warm and comforting.

Father went around mother, and we all fell asleep happily, or at least I assumed that they did because their eyes were closed... you never really know with parents…

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