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Alien gods flee from persecution from an unknown realm called Thannal. Ka'Azalin, a demon bounty hunter, tracks a fugitive god into the realm of earth and discovers a magicless world. A young vampire named David is drawn to Ka'Azalin and discovers a world hidden in the shadows of his realm. This is a fanfiction between the Memoirs of the Vampire Goddess series by Crixi and the TKoT series by Timidon Nodimit

Fantasy / Adventure
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Red is for Way-walsh, the Soul Stone of Fire. Bringer warmth and burning purification. - Book of Origins

Duncan Tarnal is from a world called Thanonal where gods fight for followers and war against each other. Thanonal is made up of magic, and all of the magical creatures one could think up lived there serving the gods.

Duncan is a human who served the Goddess, Charon, as her Hand. She divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.

Charon’s assigned duty is to ferry souls to their end destination. Reapers would gather the souls of the dead and bring them to Duncan to transport. He would ferry the souls across the River of Souls, sometimes called the River of Styx, on his longboat through the Underworld of the Dead.

They were his passengers until he arrived at the destination the soul was to go to, be it the Heaven of the god the soul belonged to, or if it was unwanted, it went to a Hell Realm and left to rot.

Long ago, a war broke out among the gods that destroyed Thanonal. Under Charon’s command, Duncan forsook the transportation of souls and had used Charon’s abilities to place captured souls into fresh corpses. It was a criminal act she knew she would pay for, but thought the consequences were worth it.

The corpses became foot soldiers that aided in slaughtering other gods’ followers in the war that destroyed their world. As a result of the cataclysm, demons came afterward and captured the souls from the surviving undead soldiers. These souls never made it to their god, they became food and trade for the many demons that plagued the survivors.

Duncan fled to this new world to escape the hunter the elder gods would send. The world is not a place where magic is common. Not many even know how to access the weave. Only humans and vampires populate this world. All of the creatures known for magic are simply fairy tales.

Duncan made his way across the open farm field to the old house. It is made of locally cut wood. He is still coming to grips with the new world’s customs.

Duncan is not sure who the gods are and what their roles are in this realm. Some could even have the same name, maybe the same function, and have a completely different personality and disposition. Either way, he was to avoid attracting attention.

Charon had instructed him to stay out of the public eye and not use his grace unless it was absolutely necessary, or the hunter would find him.

The hunter they would send is a creature they created, called the Immortal Bane. She is a demon bounty hunter who could track him, find him, and capture Charon’s essence through him.

Duncan opened the door of the cabin and found the switch that provided the power for the light system here. He had been reading the literature about how the technology here worked. It was fascinating what the people of this world had accomplished without magic.

Duncan checked out the various rooms of the cabin, pulling the white sheets that protected the dust from the furniture. He would be staying here for a while. He was a long way from the portal he had used to enter this world, and the entrance was very unstable to begin with.

Gods of his realm did not have a physical form. They are thought and energy. To do anything in the universe, they needed a vessel, an avatar. Some were vessels directly built from the will and energy of the god, and some were reshaped mortal bodies with a soul for limited control.

Duncan was such a reshaped one. Charon was in control of every action he ever did, with a few moments to himself. Now he had been abandoned and left all alone. The goddess did not even talk to him.

Duncan knew why he was being hunted. The elder gods were going to punish the goddess, and the weakest link for the goddess was her Hand, her avatar.

Duncan still possessed the gift of Soul Sight. He had seen some accidents along his trip to this faraway place and saw the souls leave the body. Duncan wanted to help them cross over to the other side and bring them to where they should go. The soul just disappeared and evaporated. He did not see if anything did collect them and transport the soul to their final destination. Duncan knew it was not his place to help the souls here. So he ignored his calling and let this world’s gods do their work.

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