Destiny Undecided

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The four nations are at war. They will stop at nothing to destroy each other. One day they discover one last hope. She is the legend, the myth, the one that people have been talking about for the past 20 years. She holds all the power. But she is evil all the way through, or is she?

Fantasy / Action
Malak Bat.
4.8 11 reviews
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People are always looking for the hero, the main character in the story. The good guy to be specific. But this is not it.

In this story, this gal is destruction and plain evil. She isn’t the story's ideal hero. But what will happen in the end will she change? Will she save everybody? Will she finally end the destruction or add more damage.

No one knows.

She is the legend, the myth that everybody talks about. The one that could control all four elements and more. The only person that has the power to end this war between the four nations.

Or will she end everybody?

The world is crumbling. All the power is in her hands.

Will she use it or will she abuse it?

That is a destiny Undecided.

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