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A short anecdote about the Fractured.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Nexus Point

Above the clouds, under a white and sunless sky, two shadows face each other in battle.

They brandish weapons, swords, as they float mid air circling the scene.

To observers, their featureless faces would appear shrouded by the same darkness they seem to be made of.
Yet still they would know the fighters never take their eyes off each other
Their clothing indistinguishable, made of unknown materials, not modifying their silhouette except for the vague idea of style.
Calm and beautiful.
Then in an instant, both of them jump forward.

A loud crackle bursts from where they stood before, echoing infinitely outwards.

Their swords collide and the impact breaks the air as a shock wave clears the clouds away, electricity surrounds them for a second.

Below them the same infinity from the sky spreads downwards.

After a brief moment they back away to their previous position.

They wait, keeping their fighting stances just as they were upon impact.

One of them relaxes and lowers their sword, breathing deeply.

The other tenses up, the grip around the hilt of their weapon tightens.

Raising the sword above their head both shadows assume the same stance.

Sword held in front of them, firmly grasped with both hands, legs opened slightly apart.

They lower their heads, taking deep breaths.

And as before, in a flash, they step forward.

The explosion from their movement travels through the infinite void they inhabit.

With the same loud crash as before, the hit echoes away as the swords collide with each other.

The same slash on both sides, just a contest of strength.

Both of them shake as they put pressure into their weapon, hoping to break their opponent's blade.

But even if it takes forever and the blades won’t crack.

Instead, the air around them fractures.

The void shakes around them and begins to shatter.

In the middle of this collapsing world, the shadows continue their fight.

Struggling to not give up against each other they do not notice as they themselves break apart.

Slowly, piece by piece, their bodies fade into the emptiness.

Between the cracks in the air an infinite amount of worlds can be seen.

And then nothing.

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