He's After Me

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Chapter 8: Glares and Compliments


He simply glared at me.

When I say glare, I mean, a glare which is hard enough to turn the Mt. Everest into fine grains of sand.

My jaw clenched as the intensity of his gaze caused gooseflesh to erupt on the skin of my back and neck.

Why the hell is this happening?!

I am supposed to be frightened, for god's sake!!

I really want to tear my hair right now.

He was truly an enigma.

His eyes gave away nothing but inexplicable rage and some amount of confusion.

His mere aura was enough to scare the wits out of people.

He emanated darkness. Like an empty, soul. He would've killed me by now, if not for the prophecy.

I groaned in my head.

Why did I even step out yesterday?!

I took in a breath. It's no use, Janine, you gotta suck it up and deal with this mess.

"Get. Out."

I expected that answer from him.

"We are so not doing this."

"I do not understand what you mean. Please, get out and let me do my work in peace."

"Pretending ain't gonna get you anywhere, DeeDee. Hear me out."

He scowled at the silly nickname but his eyes were trained on me.

"There's no valid reason for me to keep you here. You attract trouble without actually doing anything."

I wanted to be scared of him. I want to run away from here as fast as I can and never look back. I want to lead a normal life.

I've had enough trouble and suffering to last for seven lives.

But I know that will do anything for this job.

I don't care about that stupid prophecy.

The Armageddon can go fuck itself.

I've survived after spending more than 2 hours with this moron. Surviving for two more years shouldn't be a problem.

"This is not about trouble. This job is based on a person's capability. As much I'd like to say you're a top-class asshole, I have to say that I respect the fact that you established Luciano Corps. within half a decade. It won't hurt to read the file! Never judge a book by it's cover."

Begrudgingly, he snatched the file from my hands without any further protests and tossed me a scathing look which sent a shiver down my spine.

What is it with him, his looks and these dumb shivers?!

I watch as he walked to the chair and seated himself, placing the black file on the polished mahogany table.

I stood awkwardly, fiddling with my overcoat's buttons.

His eyes landed on me and moved to my fingers which were busy toying with my watch.

"I won't ask you to sit. It's not like you will listen. Do whatever you want."

I settled into one of the chairs, sitting up straight. Relaxing your back on the chair can be seen as a mark of laziness.

He flipped through the pages, skimming over the details, intently studying my qualifications and personal details.

His eyes narrowed at the edges as he paused over my photo and the personal index.

"I don't trust you one bit."

I wanted to facepalm myself repeatedly.

Now he's just being plain ridiculous.

He hasn't even read the whole thing completely and yet he behaves so stupidly.

"What does trust have to do with this? This is the interview for the post of your secretary. An internship. How many times do I have to remind you?"

"You look nothing like Mr. Matthews."

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

"I forget the lack commonsense in that immortal brain of yours."

He opened his mouth to probably shout at me but decided against it and grumbled angrily under his breath.

"But Mrs. Matthews is blonde and-"

"I'm adopted."

Realisation dawned over his face and before he could think of something else to say, "I was adopted when I was a baby.

A three-day old baby. I don't want your sympathy or apology."

"Who said I was going to apologise? I didn't know Mr. Matthews had a daughter until he asked me about the empty post in my company."

I rolled my eyes so hard that they hurt.

"I must say, I'm impressed that you're taking all of this very well. I didn't expect that from you."

I some how manage to hide my shock at the compliment.

"Now, what about the post?"

"I'm still surprised that you've managed a Certificate III in Business. You're not a legal adult, but, your qualifications speak for themselves."

I'll pretend that he didn't compliment me indirectly and that my cheeks are not burning.

He sighed, "Well, I guess I have no choice here as well."

He paused and fixed me with a smug smirk, "Just know that you've acquired this job because I'm forced by the situation. I had absolutely no intentions to make you as my employee. Consider yourself lucky."

Do his words have a double meaning or am I just imagining it?

The dexterous look on his face spoke many unspoken words.

Brace yourself, Janine, this ain't gonna work if you back down.

"So, when do we start?"

"Eager already, Ms. Matthews? I haven't even told yes, have I?"

He pulling the 'I'm-your-damn-boss-I-can-do-whatever- the-hell-I-want' card.

That is so not working on me, Mister.

Not even in your dreams.

I gave him a sardonic smile, as I calmly stood up straight.

"You're not the only one who makes good deals Mr. Luciano. I have a deal which might greatly pique your interest."

"That's really great Ms. Matthews, now pray, tell me, will get some intrest from your deal?", he said, offering a sarcastic smile in return.

"Oh yes, of course. I won't have to remind you that my father has the power to bring any well doing company to the streets in the matter of seconds, isn't it?"

"What exactly are you trying to imply Ms. Matthews?", his voice had dropped to a dangerous tone, but I wasn't in the mood of giving a flying fudge to his words.

"You exactly know what I imply, Mr. Lucy-ano."

His face immediately turned into a mask of anger and evil, and I resisted the urge to jump, breaking the glass walls plummeting to my death, screaming.

Another shiver ran down my back and this time it was visible, visible enough to make him chuckle wickedly.

"If I were you, I certainly wouldn't challenge the King of the Underworld, the Mafia and of course, the Business field as well."

"I'm not challenging you Mr. Luciano, by all means, what makes you think that I can stand a chance against you and your six-feet-something self? Oh no, I'm merely making a deal with you.", my knees were shaking badly. Now's not the time, knees.

"Sometimes, it's better not to test the waters of the ocean when there's an incoming tsunami, Ms. Matthews.", he growled, letting his temper get the best of him.

I simply smiled at him, "Yes, Mr. Luciano. That's why I try to avoid the ocean altogether."

"I feel that I need not explain what I mean, since I know that you're manipulative enough to understand the meaning behind my words."

"Fine. The deal is sealed. You have my word. Two years and nothing more."

He then stood up to his full height, his back ram rod straight, and extended a stiff hand towards me of the influx of sparks and tingles racing down my body we shook our hands (very tightly, I may add) in a firm handshake.

I challenged him by meeting his cold grey eyes, the same pair of eyes that never fail to mesmerize me.

The light passing through the blinds of the glass highlighted the dark silvery grey, the gold and the royal blue specks in his eyes.

I didn't miss the sweep of his eyes over my body and lingering stare on my lips.

I blushed by instinct, cursing myself for being so susceptible to his gaze.

I noticed with a start that his tattoos littering his fingers and neck were....missing?

"I see that you're quite observant, Ms. Matthews. Hopefully, this will prove beneficial to me. The suit is made with the finest silk from Hell, woven with the threads of spells and magic in order to encase my true identity."

"So, will I be getting a tour of the office, Mr. Luciano?"

"Ms. Matthews, I'm not as free as you believe me to be. You will have to get familiar with my appointments and timetable, and other things a secretary does. Which involves, making a cuppa as well."

Who does he think he is?! He can always ask that 'personal' assistant of his to bring him whatever the hell he wants!

It's not like she has any better work other than screwing unnecessarily with people.

"We'll see about that Devil. I don't think that's gonna happen any soon.", I snapped at him. I couldn't control myslef because of his over smart behaviour.

"Ms. Matthews, you don't want people hearing that, do you?", he replied with a satisfied smile.

"Mr. Luciano, I'm definitely sure that you remember yesterday's 'events', am I right? It said something about working together. And besides, you can't control me after working hours.", I wriggled my eyebrows playfully, knowing that it would infuriate him.

"Get into your office, Ms. Matthews. The lunch break is at 1 pm, which is about three hours from now,", he snaps, lifting his hand to look down at his platinum Rolex, "so fetch the files I ask for and come into my office around 11:49 am. I have some 'other' businesses that I would like to talk about."

"Yes, Sir."

"And avoid wearing red, Ms. Matthews. It is a very....unflattering color over you."

My cheeks flared wildly at his comment.

If I wasn't so well versed at sarcasm I would've never been able to detect the compliment in his words.


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