He's After Me

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Chapter 9: Blushing And Embarassing Accidents


The blush covering my cheeks refused to fade.

Every time, every single time I'd try to fight it off, his words would return with a renewed force, his deep voice reverbrating in my mind.

I should stop.

I'm here for the sole purpose of working, not to blush over some indirect compliment.

'And avoid wearing red, Ms. Matthews.'

I hear a throat being cleared.

'It is a very....unflattering color over you.'


I jumped when I came to the awareness that the source of the sound was standing right behind me.

I slowly turned around and made sure to press my back against the table. This time, I was prepared for his words.

Much to my caution, it was a small man wearing an equally small suit with a crimson red tie.

The clothes were ironed to perfection and not a single hair on his head was out of place.

His head was short enough to reach my chest, but he was respectful enough to look me in the face.

He was glaring at me.

What is it with this office and the glares again?!

"Umm....Sir, have you lost your way by any chance?"

"Oh no, I'm looking for certain Ms. Matthews. I suppose that must be you.", he glared again in response.

I wanted to be equally rude, but, something told me that his reason for rudeness was entirely different.

I tried to be friendly, "Yes, indeed! I'm Janine, Janine Matthews, the same Ms. Matthews you're looking for! I must say, your tie looks really neat with the suit! Your name, Sir?"

"Your poor attempts at flattery won't get you anywhere, Ms. Matthews. My name is Joey, and I am the Supervisor of the Luciano Corporations. I will be your guide for today, answer your queries, and assign you the work to be done by you. Now, if you can follow me...."

His brown eyes were hard as he led me out of the chambers.

"But Mr. Wilkiss, aren't I supposed to work for Mr. Luciano? I'm the secretary afterall. Shouldn't he be the one assigning me the work?", I read the nametag my dudes.

I saw some sort an emotion cross those copper coloured eyes. Envy, maybe?

I wonder why? I just met the guy and he seems to hate me.

Well, as soon as I entered this office people have only been rude to me.

Okay, the receptionist is an exception.

"I know that Ms. Matthews, you don't have to teach me my work. Mr. Luciano is attending a meeting, which is why I was assigned this task.", he spoke through gritted teeth.

Oh yeah, you want to be rude? Okay, little man, you've got this.

We walked to the elevator as he punched the buttons to take us to the reception.

There was an awkward silence in the air.

I didn't like it. Especially, since I was stuck with McGrumpy here.

After bearing a few minutes in the elevator, I followed McGrumpy who walked over to the reception.

"Good day, Mr.Wilkiss, what can we do for you?", asked the blonde sitting next to Rebecca, who eyes turned as wide as saucers when she took in my appearance.

"Ms. Oliver and Ms. Sirroh, meet Ms. Matthews, Mr. Luciano's new secretary. Ms. Matthews, meet Ms. Oliver and Ms. Sirroh, the receptionists."

Rebecca had stood up, came running towards me and gave me a tight hug as she squealed, "I knew you'd get it!! I knew I saw something in you that'd get you into the company!!!", as my arms dangled loosely around her short frame.

It was very awkward. There was only the lack of a few crickets chirping to add to the situation.

When she finally decided to pull back and notice our 'environment' and blushed deeply as I muttered a shy "Thanks!" to her.

I wanted to grin at Rebecca's sheepish face and hug her back.

But a harsh glare from McGrumpy made me think otherwise.

The blonde looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here as she kept on twirling her hair around her slender, bony finger.

He simply walked away towards the elevator as I struggled to keep up with his quick steps.

He kept the doors open for me as I hurried in.

I'm not sure if I want to work here now.

The day dragged on and on, like a sluggish sloth.

McGrumpy dragged me everywhere, introducing me to each and every employee, and these goddamn heels! Fucking torture!!!

First, he dragged me to the HR department, the R&D department, the accounting and finance department, etc. etc., and I won't bother telling everything, since I'm too caught up with this 'tour'.

As Mister 'Will-kiss' introduced me to everyone else, some flirty employees even had the nerve to wink at me!

One thing I knew was, that I won't be able to put up with him after this 'tour' gets over.

That bastard! He did it on purpose! He sent this infuriating son of a cereal to exhaust the life out of me!

Despite his antisocial behaviour, I must say, he's managed to build a beautiful office, comfortable enough to vacate the need of his employees.

His aura is frightening. I don't understand why I.....why I'm not afraid of him.

Sure, we didn't start off on the right footing, but, now that I'm going to work under him, I might as well settle our differences and forgive his 'attempt' at stealing my soul.

Another thing I don't understand is, why me? What is it about me that he wants my soul?! Why me? Why not someone else?

There was this heaviness in my chest as I slowly dragged my feet after McGrumpy.

My carelessness in the past made me pay a heavy price....and there is no way I can let my guard down again.

I should keep my distance from them.

I don't belong to their world, and as soon as this Armageddon mess gets cleared up, I will go back to being formal and keep away from their business.

My mind was clouded with thoughts, the world around me blurring, as I swallowed the lump of anxiety building up in my throat.

It's been so long, and I still struggle to block those thoughts. No, this is not the place to let them resurface. I shouldn't let my thoughts go astray. My hands clenched tight, my fingers digging into my palm as I took in a sharp breath in order to get rid of the heaviness in my chest.

Before I knew it, I was met with a head-on collision with a hard, muscly wall, my head meeting a very rigid surface.

I abruptly rose my head as pain began to flare in my forehead, but then, my head knocked into an equally hard jaw.

I winced sharply when a pair of rough hands clasped my forearms, and made stand still, however, I tripped over my own two feet and crashed into the chest again, my fingers grasping the smooth material of the well-clad body, holding on, praying that I won't fall.

"Stop moving for hell's sake!!! Dannazione, la tua testa è dura, va bene!", came a pained, sonorous voice, and steadily, I moved away, only to meet a narrowed pair of eyes.

I heard a few chuckles and giggles here and there, and it was the same time I finally took notice of my surroundings.

I was practically stuck to him. My fingers were clinging onto the collars of his suit, as my cheeks flared in absolute embarassment.

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Right now.

My throat constricted and I swallowed hard. Once, twice.

It was so hard to control my tears which threatened to flow. My eyes stung badly.

No, this is no place and time for a mental breakdown. I can't let it happen. I've promised myself that I won't let my guard down.

I've made so many grave mistakes in my past, and I'm not ready to repeat them again. For the sake of my future, I won't let my guard down. Never again.

I won't let it happen.

I closed my eyes and quickly counted to five. A small, inaudible whimper left my lips before I could control it. I could feel the warmth of his hands on my skin through my clothes.

I let go of the fabric scrunched up in my fist and slowly moved back, as he let his hands drop to his sides.

It is going to take some time for me to collect myself completely. I took a small breath and met the angry grey eyes which were shooting daggers at me.

I noticed that his jaw was red where my head had striked. As much as I wanted to laugh, it was a very embarassing situation.

And yes, it's not like my head was okay. There will most likely be a swollen bump on my head. It was tingling from time to time and will probably take a week to heal.

He is very hard. His jaw is probably the most rigid part of his body.

Seriously, who would know that a 6-foot-something man could have such strong bones?

"Please forgive me for my lack of attention, Sir. I was very caught up in my own thoughts and did not look around. I feel very embarassed for commiting a mistake in the first day itself. Nos paenitet.", I slowly chooses my words and bowed slightly.

I watched as the callousness in his eyes decreased and his brows rose in surprise.

Please tell me that I imagined that and his did not soften when he looked at me.

I refused to look anywhere but his eyes. It was too much to handle. I should get a move on before I do anything I might regret later.

"Please, excuse me.", was all I said as I swiftly took off to the nearest washroom.

It was going to be a long, and a very frustrating day.



Dannazione, la tua testa è dura, va bene! - Damn! Your head is hard, alright!

Nos paenitet - Sorry


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