He's After Me

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Chapter 1: The Taxi Hassels Of LA

Trampoline - Zayn & Shaed



I manage to retrieve all my massive suitcases from the baggage claim area.

Thank heavens for those baggage trolleys. There's no damn way I could manage three suitcases heavier than a bloody mountain.

I stumble over one of the suitcases in my hands, and by some miracle, I gain balance with my left leg and continue to walk, ignoring all the weird looks I received for my beautiful skills in the Art of Walking.

There's this feeling in my tummy, a gut feeling, which I'm not able to shake off. It started as soon as I landed LA, and it's giving me the creeps. It's like a forewarning of some sort.

But then, really, nothing could go wrong.

The planning can't go wrong.

It's simple really.

Reach my new house, set up everything, approach the Luciano Corporations for the interview tomorrow morning, slave like a mule for 2 years and then, receive my internship, and finally work in dad's company without any worries.

Little did dear old me know that my life was about to take a complete 360°.

I frantically look around for a taxi, wiping away the beads of sweat trailing down my forehead.

Where in the world are all the taxis?!

Why can't I see anyone else here, waiting for a taxi? Is something wrong with this place?

Great. Just a few hundred steps on new ground and I'm already having a problem. It's like I'm a freaking magnet to all sorts of problems and hassels.

I realised that my phone was on aeroplane mode, that's why there were no calls and text messages from mom (as yet), or else the phone would be ringing like crazy.

I wasn't surprised when I saw 76 text messages and 34 calls from Mom and a few texts from dad as well.

Ah, the bliss of having overprotective yet cool parents.

Well, at least, it's mom whose overprotective. Dad was always as cool as a cucumber.

I plugged in my Airpods (the new version, told you dad's cool), and Treat You Better began to play in my ears.

Suddenly, the song stopped right near the chorus.

Ugh! I hate this. Stupid network issues.

I decided to pause and shoved the Airpods into my pocket, deciding that today was a lousy day.

I hummed the last parts of the song as I wiped away the sweat running down my nose, because it felt very, very ticklish.

Anyway, who listens to this song these days?

Someone nearby was playing the song, but I couldn't see anyone. I gulped, feeling creeped out.

~ Cause' I know I can treat you better, then he can ~

The same line kept on repeating over and over, like a broken tape recorder.

The buzzing in my pocket made me realize that it was my phone, and also made me realize that it was my ringtone.

Cue the facepalm.

I quickly received the call, before mom thought that I was kidnapped and being held for ransom and hastily packed her bags and shipped herself here.


YOUR DAMN PHONE?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW WORRIED I WAS?!!!", mom's voiced practically echoed off the phone.

Thankfully, I had removed my Airpods and I'd stretched my hand away in hopes that I could avoid permanent deafness and tinnitus.

And ladies and gentlemen, that's Mrs. Judy Matthews for you. Sweet and caring, yet dangerously bad for your health if you don't listen to her.

After the shouting had ceased, I brought the phone to my ear and apologized to my mum.

"I'm really sorry mum, but I'm kinda worried since I'm not finding a single taxi. I forgot to switch from airplane mode and hence was my absence from WhatsApp. How's dad?"


"MOM! Tone down your voice, will you?!! I don't want to visit the doctor even before I reach my house. I mean, my temporary house.", I added, before mom chose to comment on the last bit.

"Sorry munchkin, you know how much I love you right? There's a reason I scream like a madwoman at you. Don't give me a cardiac arrest next time, alright? I did tell you to book a cab in advance, right? But when do you listen to me? You were busy burying your head between all those books of yours, thinking which to pack and-"

"Seriously mom, this is not the time to discuss about the 101 things I do to kill time. Now, I'll call you as soon as I reach the place, alright, don't call until I do. I'm really, very tired. Love you, bye.", I ended, before she asks something else.

"Okay, dear. As you say. Call me as soon as you reach your destination. I'll inform dad as well. Love you too, bye, take care." , her voice softened, and she added, "Did you sleep well in the plane?"

I groaned into the phone.

"Yes mom, I did. You know I don't compromise when it comes to sleep right? Now, bye, or else you'll keep talking even when Armageddon arrives and is going to swallow me whole."

"Bye dear. I'll stop now. Love you."

"I love you too mom. Bye."

I hung up before she decided to find another reason to talk. She's talkitive, but that's her way of showing that she cares.

I slid my phone into my pocket again and as if on cue, an old (not to mention battered), dented taxi rolls to a halt in front of me.

"Need some help there, lassie? Mind you, it's my afternoon break, so I'll be charging double the price.", cried the old man in the seat, as old as the taxi itself.

"Yes please, I'm thankful that you arrived, or else I had begun to think that LA had no taxis. And I don't care if you want double, as long as you take me away from here.", I reply, as the old cabbie shifted my luggage into the dickey.

I quickly got into the car and my legs were screaming at me to stretch them before they died. The cabbie started the car as I dictated the address from my phone.

"That's far from here, lassie. You seem to be pretty young to be traveling on your own. What brings you here?"

"Oh, it's nothing, just for my job. I want to get my internship as a secretary. After 2 years, I'm done.", I say, keeping it short and sweet.

"What?! How old are you lassie? 18?!! My, the girls during my time were scrubbing floors and run around kids, trying to catch 'em. It's good to know that all it's changed. After all, a woman has a hand behind each successful man."

"Yes sir, you're right. Oh and please take a right in the next corner."

I was surprised that he guessed my age. I was proud of myself that I'd finished my studies really early for my age and was going to receive an internship from one of the most prestigious companies in the world. No company in their right mind would decline me after my interview.

I decided to lay down for a bit and rest. I put Wattpad first and didn't get a wink of sleep yesterday, in the flight.

LA was really beautiful, especially the skyscrapers, they were the star attractions of the 'City of Angels'. I've always wanted to settle down here, ever since I was 10.

I do hope my future boss will be a good guy, since I have to die-, I mean, work by his side. I've never liked being second in command, but for now, I'll have to set my priorities straight.

And with these thoughts, I drifted off to Dreamland.

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