He's After Me

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Chapter 2: Steely, Grey Eyes Of Doom

Blood, Sweat and Tears - BTS



I'm actually surprised at myself that I was able to wake up early in the morning, even after all the weird things that happened yesterday.

Right now, I'm sitting in the car, trying not hyperventilate about the consequences after I give my interview. I'm really very, very lucky that I got a chance for an interview in the Luciano Corp. , all thanks to dad.

He (Matthews Pvt. Co. Lt.) had helped Luciano Corp. to pay their debts when they undergoing some ups and downs in the market.

So yeah, you could say that the CEO of Luciano Corp. owed us.

Which is why I'm getting a chance to appear for the interview for an emergency secretary because Mr. Luciano had fired his old secretary last minute.

I mean, who does that? Well, whatever, since I can occupy that position. I've heard that the paycheck is double the amount Google earns in a month.

Luciano Corp. is bigger than Amazon, they have everything ranging from food, clothing, electronics to erotic stuff.

I wonder how many people work for the company. And how Mr. Luciano managed to gather all those workers is beyond me.

The cab dropped me off in front of the large buil-, skyscraper, to be more precise. The architecture is absolutely magnificent. I've never seen a building as big and majestic as this one.

Whoever the CEO is, is an old guy. There's no way a young man can build such a large, empire-like company within 5 years.

How wrong I was.

I walk into the receptionist area with confident steps, with a reserved expression on my face. My clothes were on point, my hairstyle perfect, without a single black hair out of place and some light makeup to enhance my natural features.

I greet the receptionist with a smile on my face.

"Good morning, I'm here to attend the interview for Mr. Luciano's new secretary, scheduled at 9:00 am. I'm Janine Matthews and here are the details." , I say as hand her a piece of paper with my details. She checks with her computer and offers me a small smile.

"Hello, Ms. Janine. I'm the receptionist, Rebbeca. I will take to Mr. Luciano's cabin where you can wait until he calls you in. He is busy with a few urgent matters. So if you could-", I noticed that Rebecca was a bit uncomfortable with the last few words as she shifted in her seat.

"No problem. I can wait. There is 10 minutes before the interview starts, anyway."

"Okay, please follow me."

I follow her to the elevator and watch as she pressed the buttons for the 57th floor.

How many floors does this place have?!

"Ms. Janine, you can wait here until Mr. Luciano calls you in. Which is about 5 minutes until the interview starts." she says, looking at her watch.

"Good luck. I hope you get selected.", she says offering another smile.

I smile back at her and nod. She seems like a nice person.

She walks back into the elevator as I settle comfortably on the couch near the door of his cabin.

Hmm, nice glass door. The door wasn't see through, but it still made the place look very sophisticated and modern.

One thing's for sure, my employer has really good taste in architecture and interior designing.

After a few seconds or so, I hear a frustrated moan.

I look around, startled, but there's only two large offices on this floor. One belongs to the to-be-appointed secretary, i.e, me, and the other belongs to the CEO.

So unless I'm hallucinating, there's no way, I could've heard that sound.

"AH!", came another high-pitched moan along with a manly grunt.

And the source of the sound is the glass door. Of the office. Of Mr. Luciano.

Oh my god, what the actual fuck is happening in there?!!

Please tell me that he's a gross old man who can't control his manhood in his pants.

To say I was furious would be an understatement.

I was very, very, very irritated and annoyed as hell! I wasn't going to allow my precious time to be wasted like this!!

Especially, when I had to skip my breakfast for this interview.

Look at his audacity! It's 9:05 and he still hasn't finished his so-called "work".

Like it or not, I'm going in. I can't wait like this forever!!!

I should've finished my interview by now and would be walking to that office to take my seat as the rightful owner of the secretary's office.

I push the door and enter the room, to be greeted by the cool air from the AC and--

A the scene of a very naked couple on the table, doing you-know-what.

Didn't understand?

How do I put this delicately?

The (very, young) man's front was against the back of the woman's backside, and he was moving front and back, front and back.

I suppose you would've got a very clear picture of what I mean.

Now, imagine what I must be going through since I got a live demonstration of the you-know-what right in front of my eyes.

Oh good Lord, please atone my sins and let me into the holy gates of Heaven when the time comes to say goodbye to my fellow humans.


They stop moving, that is, the man stops moving and freezes like he fell into the freaking Antarctic ocean.

"Fuck.", my lips move on its own accord when the man's head shoots up to meet my shocked-to-death face.

I gulp, unable to believe my luck, my horribly stupid bad luck.

I freeze, wanting to run away as fast as possible from this goddamned cabin this very second.

Never have I ever felt so scared, anxious, angry, surprised and shocked at the same darn time.

I knew I should've trusted my gut.

I knew everything would go topsy-turvy the moment I stepped LA.

But no, I chose to ignore it like always.

And look what ignorance has done to me.

A very startled pair of grey eyes meet mine, and that's when I know that nothing is ever going to be the same in my life anymore.

It's not like I use to lead a normal life before, but seriously, I can't help but feel that I'm doomed for an eternity.


"YOU!", we speak at the same time, our eyes widening simultaneously.

Why am I even alive at this moment?

Why can't the floor crack open and swallow me whole?!

I could never be more grateful to the floor if that actually happens.

Last night's memories flood my brain, sending all my rational thoughts out of the window.

Those steely, grey eyes.

The same steely, grey eyes which are the reason for my soon-to-be abnormal life.

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