He's After Me

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Chapter 4: The Encounter

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Okay, okay. Deep breaths, Janine.

A harsh, loud caw of a big crow to my left, sitting on the wall's edge, snapped me out of my reverie.

I watched as more crows appeared, and began to sit on the wall's edge in a straight line.

They began to caw all together at once, very strangely, in a harsher tone, like a bad prediction.

Crows are bad omens. Especially when they're in groups.

A simple flick of his hand, stopped the horrible cawing of the crows and sent them flying into the dark night sky.

My heart had picked up a few hundred paces and the horrible feeling in my tummy never seemed diminish.

I gulped inaudibly, and my chest constricted as I felt his dark, deathly aura, surrounding his tall frame like tendrils of darkness.

The nearest living objects, the blades of grass and small flowers, withered away and died, and were reduced to dust.

When I looked more closely, his clothes seemed to be woven out shadows, and looked like they were stitched onto his skin.

Gods, I need to control my hormones. I didn't even bother to stop my eyes from raking over his fine as hell body.

Evil, death and temptation practically radiated off him in waves, and all I could do was stare at him as he stared back at me with equal intrigue.

There was a small, annoyed frown on his face, as if he was trying to read my mind, but he couldn't.

I don't even want to think about the consequences if he unleashes his true form.

He walked over to the pile of drunkards and thrust the tips of his trident into the chest of one of the men and pulled it back with one hand, dragging a brownish red, silouhette-like object out of the body.

I could make out the face of the man, and his body, and I stopped myself from screaming out loud at the sight.

There was no blood. Not a single drop.

He repeated the same actions with the other two bodies, and let the horrifying realization sink in.

He was taking their souls.

The three murky, brownish red souls were in varying shades of darkness, and looked like they were hanging from the tips of the trident.

And what he did next made me want to sprint to the nearest church and chant out all the prayers I knew.

He made a sucking sound with his mouth, the same sound you make when you drink with a straw, except the fact that this ain't OJ.

The damned souls wailed as they were sucked into his body, and the next moment, they were gone.

Silence surrounded us like a blanket.

Deafening silence.

I tried my best not to appear weak and gullible in front of him, since I have no intentions to become his next prey.

I willed my legs not to tremble, as I heard the blood pound in my ears.

Why does it have to be me?

Dread and fear surged into my veins when he walked towards me, my missing Vans in his hand, the trident in the other.

He behaved as if all that crazy, soul-eating thing never happened.

I stifled a gasp when he stopped right in front of me and handed my shoe.

It took everything in me not to lean into his body heat. Despite the jacket, it was cold.

I quickly snatched it away from him and put in on. I have to take a dip in holy water as soon as I get out of this mess.

He smelled of cigarette smoke, leather and Armani cologne and I took a step back and found myself reeling at the scent.

"T-thank you for saving me, even though I could save myself, but whatever. I gotta go, mum's gonna-", I was interrupted when he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"Where do you think you're going, mortal? Don't you think I deserve a good deal after I saved your ass from those assholes? They weren't worth all the trouble, so you better offer me a good deal. Or you won't be enjoying the consequences of what I'll do next.", he orders, and a shiver runs down my spine, as his eyes narrowed slightly at the edges, his words dark and promising.

"Wh-what do you want? I said thank you, right? What would you want from me, Luciferus? I'm just a weak, mortal soul, why would you want something from me? Let me go right now, please. I promise that I will forget whatever happened tonight. This night never happened if someone asked me anything, I was slee-", he interrupts me by looking deep into my eyes, and gave me a cold, threatening look that immediately shut me up.

He looked stunned for a moment, but he quickly masked his expression with a cold, murderous one.

"Your soul."

"What?! Why?!! You just saved my life only to take it away again?!!!", he groans at this outburst of mine and runs his hand in his hair, a habit of his which I find very attractive.

"Can you quit rambling for a second and let me talk? You need to stop inte-"

"You're the one who's interuppting me

you buffoon! Why save me when you want to kill me in the first place? Why the hell are you here?! Why didn't you find another plac--"

"Shut up!!! You can't talk to me like that?! What are you, a puny, mortal and I, I'm-", he says in a menacing tone but I cut him off immediately.

"-an egoistic bastard who's head is stuck between my ass."

"I'm going to-"

"Take my trident and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Seriously, can you shut up for a second?! You don't need me, alright. After all, like you said, you're the king of Hell, and all, take some pity on me and let the poor girl go, will you? I have an interview tomorrow, and I have no ideas of wasting my time on your silly deals.", I look straight in his eyes for more effect.

No one tells me to shut up.

They can shut their ass and do whatever the fuck they were doing.

I don't tolerate disrespect, no matter who the person is, whether it is Donald Trump, Satan or his whore.

"WILL YOU LET ME TALK? PLEASE!!! I have other places to be. Now, about the deal-"

"Now that you're being polite, I'm gonna listen, okay? Why didn't you do this earlier? You wast-", and I was cut off again.

"Okay, I get it!! Now, stay quiet and listen!", he mumbled some incoherent

words under his breath which sounded along the lines of, 'letmegetmyhandsonthatsoulofyoursandtheniwill-', which I didn't bother about deciphering.

"You give me your soul voluntarily and I spare your life. This way, each of us won't lose anything. So, deal?", he says sticking out his right hand for me to shake.

"Wait. Is that even possible? I thought you die if you give away your soul. I can stay alive?!!"

"No, yes and yes. You give me your soul, and you can live.", there was a glint of trickery and satisfaction in his eyes, but his voice was so reassuring, yes, I can trust him.

"Okay. What do I have to do? C'mon tell me, I have to sleep as well!"

"Okay, now repeat after me.", he tells me and I nod yes.

"I willingly give my soul to the Angel of Evil and Sin, Satan-"

"I willingly give my soul to the Angel of Evil and Sin, Satan-", I repeat after him, maybe, it's not that bad.

"And give him the power to control, order-"

"And give him the power to control, order-", I feel heat beginning to bloom in my chest, as if a bond was forming between him and I.

"-manipulate, protect, until he decides to free me."

"-manipulate, p-protect, unn...until he d...decides to f-ff...free me.", my eyes widen in surprise, as I begin to understand his motives.

My body immediately switches to panic mode and I scream.

I screamed in my head like the nice person I am.

He tricked me.

He freaking tricked me!!

His eyes light up in victory as I finish the sentence with great difficulty.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!

My body was paralyzed, and I realized that he was controlling my body!!

Blast him to hell and back!

My brain is malfunctioning, alright.

Now why would anyone want to send a moron to his home domain?!

Shit! I couldn't even lift my arm to facepalm myself. Why the hell did I even think of agreeing to his terms?!!

I noticed that he had closed his eyes and had he'd begun chanting something in another language, a language which was totally foreign to the inhabitants of Earth.

I could still hear, so I should be able to speak.

When I tried moving my lips, they wouldn't move. Heck, they weren't even budging.

What have I put myself into?!

I tried resisting his control, trying my level best to move my feet and hands, but no avail, and the heat in the centre of my chest was beginning to turn scorching hot.

I had even begun to sweat! I can't move my body, and I'm sweating.

Great. Just plain, fucking, great.

I tried resisting the force of control, pushing the force with my willpower, and I finally noticed a crack, like a weak spot in the control.

Satan, that bloody mot-, okay, okay, that bastard was busy chanting so I used it to my benefit.

I willed the power of my mind to resist, to push against the force controlling me, and then, YESSSSS!!!


No, no, that would probably alert that asshole, that bloody Soulstealer!!

Finally, the bond of control was broken, but it seems that Devil hadn't realised that. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead, as more beads of sweat covered his skin.

He was clutching the trident tightly, and I was surprised that it wasn't flattened by his vice grip, because, man, his hands are hard.

Harder than a freaking diamond.

Wait a second, the trident.

The trident!

Oh he's gonna wish he never saved me!

Stealthily, I walked up to him, without making a single sound, but the hot feeling my chest was growing, as if, a bond was forming between the two of us.

I noticed that his t-shirt was damp and clung to his chest.

I noticed that it was the same my black pajama shirt.

I have to stop him before it becomes capable of detrimental effects over me.

I quickly snatched the trident away before he came to his senses and ran behind him, and poked his butt.

Yes. I know I have a death wish.

I think I'm the one and only surviver after disgracing The Devil.

Well, he should know who he's messing with.

Wow, he has zero sense of touch. So I poked his fine ass again.


Hard enough to wake Gaia from her slumber.

Wait, she doesn't belong here, does she?

"OUCH!!! What in the fucking-", he immediately stopped chanting and turned around, facing me, and his face contorted with rage.

Intolerable, pure rage.

I was busy laughing my ass off as he rubbed his butt, a very fine butt, I may add, but my giggles immediately ceased after taking a look at his face.

Okay, I'm definitely dead now.

"WHY YOU PUNY, BLOODY IDIO-", we were cut off by the loud sound of an engine.

A bike engine, I may add. The black bike (I guess they have an obsession with black like me) ran a circle around us and stopped in front of our faces, only after performing a wheelie.

That bike could probably fall on us or something. This guy is definitely nuts.

He's done for, if he doesn't use his brains, just like me.

I watched with curiosity as he killed the engine and stood up to his full height.

He pulled out the bike key and shoved it in his pocket, and he also wore leather gloves, the ones those racers use.

He was dressed in black, but wore a white t-shirt, which was probably the only difference between the biker and Devil.

He was a few inches shorter when compared to the person standing next to me. He gave off death vibes, dark and deadly, just like this soul-stealing moron who was standing next to me, so maybe he was an ally.

Now, only God can save me.

I watched in silence as the biker, removed his helmet and tucked it under his armpit.

He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair (what's with this hair thing again?), but I noticed this guy had brown hair, and he too was very, very handsome.

"It's not good to roam without an helmet, DeeDee, the mortals might fine you for breaking those rules of theirs. What are they called again? Ah, yes, traffic rules. Speaking of which, who's this attractive angel with your trident? You don't share your women, Sat, you're a jerk. She definitely has a delicious soul, and nice legs, girl! Maybe we could-", but he was cut off by Mr. Soul-stealer.

"She's no one. No one you need to know.", he tried to cover me from the newcomer's intense gaze, but the hazel-eyed biker came forward and pushed him away.

Before I could protest against Devil's words, the biker clasped my hand and shook it thoroughly.

"Hi, deliciously soulful mortal! I'm Death, alias, The Grim Reaper. Nice to meet ya! I have a feeling were going to have a great time together.", the strained emphasis on mortal and great doesn't sound very good to me....


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