He's After Me

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Chapter 5: New Friends And Grave Answers

Flames - Zayn & R3hab & Jungleboi



I really don't know what I should do in the current situation.

Either, I should scream like an imbecile and run away before any of them comes to their senses.

Or, I should stay put and blush since I'm cornered in a dark alley by two unworldly handsome men as I tuck my long, untameable hair behind my hair.

I think I'll go with the second option.

Only because it's the least harmful option.

I don't want to be hunted down by such good-looking people. I have something known as self-respect, so until I figure out Plan B of Idea 2, I'll have to bear with them.

"What the hell are you doing here?! Weren't you supposed to talk to Mi-", grey eyes stopped himself from speaking as soon as he realised him and Death weren't alone.

Which means he fixed those cold eyes of his on me with an equally cold glare.

"I know man, that's why I came searching for your royal ass.", he pauses and gives me a sorry-he's-on-his-man-period smile and continues, " It's not like the pretty mortal will understand anything...", he finished with a shrug.

"Pretty mortal has a name, Death. Pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm Janine.", I say with a nod.

He removes his hands from his pockets and reaches out for my hand.

His eyes widen when he realises that he'd sticked out his hand, and that, that I was about to shake it and quickly removes some leather biking gloves, and shoved them onto his long fingers, and then reached for my hand.

After a few, long, awkward hand shakes, he promptly lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my hand.

My cheeks flared even more like a reflex action. It's darn cold and here I'm as hot as an oven because of these hot blokes.

Stupid cheeks. Stupid me for landing myself in this mess. Stupid prick for stealing my soul. Stu--

"I have a feeling that we'll be enjoying each others' company!", Death cut me off with a huge grin, "Anyone who has survived DeeDee after poking his unholy ass is my best friend! ", he handed me his black iPhone 11 Pro and opened Contacts.

It took me a few seconds to understand the look on his face.

I had spoken out loud.

"And since when did you have 'best friends'?!!", Devil seethed at him as he fixed his smouldering eyes on me.

"Since now. Now, why would you have a problem with that, I wonder....", Death gives him a you-got-owned-bitch smirk, and suggestively raised his eyebrows in a I-know-somethings-up-and-you-better-talk-to-me-later manner.

Soul-stealer fisted his hands until his knuckles turned white.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the exchange between them.

He sighed and looked at Death in the eye, "Death, we can argue about this later. Now, please, we have other places to be. If only you could hurry up-".

Death cut him off (again) with a blank stare, but his eyes were deadly serious.

"Mira will make her prediction. The Armageddon has begun."

Pin-drop silence would be an understatement.

My ears buzzed with the silence and the tension in the air. I couldn't help but shuffle my feet when Death fixed his gaze on me, before continuing.

"She specifically told me to bring anyone I find arguing with you. Before you say anything, anything at all, you and I both know that Mira's predictions never go wrong. Never. It's the reason why we've spared her and you know it."

"You need to understand, Death. She's a mortal, we cannot involve her in this. And anyways, she's so dumb since she trusted me just like that,even witho-"

"Whom are you calling dumb, dumbo?! Weren't you the one who supposedly made a deal with me? You can't call me dumb when you are the most arrogant d-", Death interrupts my protest (I think he has a habit of cutting off people when they're speaking) and gives me a smile.

"I know, it's hard to live with him, and to tell that it's been only a few hours since you've actually begun to understand him.", he scoffed, "Imagine my plight.", he pointed at himself pitifully.

Playful Death was back, and I was glad, although I spent only a few minutes with him. I smiled at him gratefully, for breaking the tension without trying.

"Do we really have to take her with us? You need to understand, Death-"

"Look man, it's not like I want to involve her in this shit. We have no choice. Mira has her reasons."

"I'll not forgive her if anything goes wrong. One mistake, and I won't hesitate to make her life a living hell. You know me very well, don't you?", an involuntary shiver ran down my spine at his words which held a dark promise.

I kept my mouth shut since I know better than to speak at this happy note.

"She's riding with me. I don't trust you.", he spoke with gritted teeth, his jaw clenched.

Without a single word, I followed suit after Devil got onto his bike.

Death huffed in annoyance and shook his head before he got onto his own bike.

"Hold tight, I don't want to pick up your remains if you fall off the bike. Before you open your talkitive mouth, I know you have questions."

"If you know me that well, and why don't you answer my ques-"


That was all he said. It mad me shut up instantly. That word promised answers. Grave ones by the tone of his voice.

Grave answers which I won't like.

With that delirious thought, he brought the engine to life (how ironic), and I held on tight to his jacket, holding on for dear life.

I prayed to whatever god out there enjoying my dilemma to get me out of this mess ASAP.

And then, we became one with the shadows, bending time and speed.


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