He's After Me

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Chapter 6: A Hairy Affair

Bad Boy - Tungevaag, Raaban ft. Luana Kiara



I tried not to scream with thrill and enjoyment as he sped up the bike, ducking and swerving along the alleys.

We literally became a part of the shadows.

The bike melted into the darkness, jumping from shadow to shadow.

This is one hell of a bike, alright.

I make (really) lame puns.

My fingers dug into the jacket as I leaned closer to his body, since I have no such wish of being converted to Janine mince.

"It won't hurt to wrap your hands around my torso, you know. I have no intentions of wearing a torn jacket.", came his deep voice as his hands fisted the accelerator.

"I cut my nails every five days.", I replied nonchalantly.

"You're a lot cleverer than I thought.", it was only then I noticed that his accent had a slight edge of Italian to it.

How do I know?

I'm learning a few curse words in other languages.

It's nice to be different from the rest.

I kept quiet and ignored him.

After a few more minutes, I began to feel somewhat sleepy. The cool air blowing over my face and the warmth of his body did nothing to keep me awake.

All that was missing was a blanket.

And then, I could curl up ag-


Where the fuck did that come from?!

I shouldn't even talk to to him, let alone sleep against him.

I'll be damned. That came out wrong.

"Why can't you keep your hair to yourself? I've had my dinner, thank you very much."

I huffed in annoyance and gently tugged at my hair and pulled the long tresses to the side away from his face, before he started with the sass.

He answered my questions even before I could ask him about this Mira woman and her location.

We were traveling in one of LA's shady neighborhoods.

The broken mailboxes, the untamed grass of the lawns said it all.

He stopped right in front of an old, double cell house, and the large windows were curtained by dark velvet sheets.

"We're here. Mira's a soothsayer. Apparently, her predictions always turn out to be true."

I notice that my hands and body were resting comfortably against his hard, muscular back and quickly drew away from him.

I swung my leg and got off the bike, and when I stepped away, a sharp sting in my scalp made me hiss in pain.

"Dude, what the hell?! Let go of my fucking hair!! Do you hold a grudge against me?!", I practically shout at his attractive face.

"Mind. That. Tongue. Think twice before you open that damn mouth of yours. It's your silly hair which is very fond of my leather jacket!"

He began to pull hard at the strands of hair which had wound around the jacket's button and tore my scalp in the process.

"Ow!!! Has your commonsense taken leave?! You crazy prick, do have any idea of how hard it is for me to maintain my hair?! I don't want to turn into a bald eagle! OUCH!!! Stop that!"

I drew close to him which made his hands go slack and rest against the petrol tank.

I squinted in the darkness and somehow managed to undo the hair which had stubbornly wound around the button near the neck of the jacket.

I took in a breath as I undid the dark hairs wrapped around the silver button in a clockwise motion.

The woodsy smell of leather, cigarettes, spice and citrus made me gulp in realization.

In the flurry of undoing my hair, I had not cared about the lack of distance between our faces.

My breath hitched as I raised my head only to meet his hypnotizing gaze and my hand grew still.

My heart hammered away merrily in my chest when his grey eyes lingered on my lips for a few dangerous seconds before looking back up.

At the same time, I willed my legs to take a step behind, but to my surprise, his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to my original position.

A loud gasp left my lips when his callous hand came in contact with my skin, sending a wave of sparks and shivers down my body.

I have to check if he somehow managed to fit a shiver machine inside my spinal cord during that silly binding spell of his.

"Wait. There are a few more hairs stuck to my button. Undo it. First, your attempts at tearing my jacket, now, this."

If he felt the sparks like

I did, then he was doing a wonderful job hiding his emotions.

He ignored my gasp and began to undo the hair himself, mumbling under his breath.

"Obstinate hair. Just like you. This stupid as fuck, accidental bond ain't making this any better."

I tried not to take another look at his ungodly face, especially when small, dark tufts of his hair tumbled down his forehead from his long top undercut.

I looked away, flustered, when his eyes gave me a scathing look which warmed me to the bone.

Wait.....what sort of bond is he talking about?

I felt alarmed at the direction my thoughts were taking me,and quickly got rid of those unwanted ideas.

Damned hormones will make me rot in hell one day!

Just then, the sound of an engine sliced the silence, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Death smirking broadly at the two of us.

His eyes twinkled with a distinct smugness as I gave him a glare which screamed, 'don't smirk at me unless you want to be murdered'.

"I think we were supposed to be inside by now."

If looks could kill, Death would be buried 100 feet under a freaking volcano.

"No shit, Sherlock. If it weren't for this mortal's untameable hair, we could've already left by now.", I jumped when I noticed that he was waiting for us, standing by the old door, whose swampy green paint had chipped off in many places.

Yuck. That color is supposed to be Voldemort's signature color or something.

Devil opened the door and let it close as soon as all of us were inside the dimly lit room.

In the middle of the empty, wooden floored room, there was a large, tent-like structure made of violet coloured velvet material.

It looked like a soothsayer's stall, the one we see in each corner of a carnival/fair.

"Welcome.", said a velvety, feminine voice.

Great. Even her voice was velvety.

"I was waiting for the three of you to arrive. Especially you, my dear."

I watched as a figure clad in crimson

robes saunter towards us. She was tall, and had confident strides, even though the robes looked heavy as if they were weighing her down.

"Look woman, I have other places to be. Cut the introduction and start speaking."

"Ahh, Devil, crude as always. Don't you think that you should be a little more polite when someone is doing you a favour?", and then, her amber eyes moved between the both of us and her mouth formed an 'o' with understanding.

What in the universe is wrong with these undead creatures?

There's something they're not telling me.

"Mira, we have another impending matter over our heads. So if you could tell us, we'd be glad to leave you alone.", Death spoke, showing that he wanted to get over with this.

Mira's eyes dimmed only for a split second and then she sighed.

"Very well, my benefactors. I am sorry for the poor introduction, but as you already know my name, I will begin with the prophecy."

She stopped and I saw her eyes moving between the distance between him and I.

I wanted to pull at my hair.

Why isn't anyone telling me what going on?

I am standing in a creepy stranger's house along with even creepier but two sinfully gorgeous men.

Devil frowned and ran his hand in his hair and gave her a cold look which could freeze anyone right then, and right there.

"Out with it, woman. I'm done with your useless talk! I have other places to be. Do you want me to-"

"No, no, Sir. That will not be necessary, Devil Sir."

"Then get on with it already!"

I felt sorry for her. Maybe she owed something to them as well.

She took in a deep breath and outstretched her hands.

I watched with horror as her amber eyes rolled up into her head until we could only see the whites. Her voice came out fuzzy and unworldly, as if she was hosting another being.

"The Armageddon has begun! And you, innocent angel, have a key role to play! Sine quibus impossibile prope terra salutaris!"

She hasn't even begun the prophecy and I'm already on the hit list.

I have to officially kiss my normal life goodbye.

Saving the world should be fun.


Sine quibus impossibile prope terra salutaris! - Without you, saving the Earth is close to impossible!


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