He's After Me

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Chapter 7: Mr. Soulstealer & I

Unfamiliar - HRVY, Seeb, Goodboys



The sharp snapping of fingers in front of my face snapped me out my reverie.

My pant, as I slowly took in the office surroundings as well as the exception of this moron and his....okay, his lecherous requirement.

I jump, letting out a shocked shriek as I met an unfamiliar pair of grey eyes.

My eyes widened in panic when I realised that his face was only a couple of centimetres away from me.

Unfortunately, my body did not take the shock very well which resulted my hand connecting with his jaw, and an "UFF!!" from him.

Man, what I wouldn't do to trade my life with someone else.

He scrambled back to his original position as his eyes narrowed into slits, glaring venomously at my direction.

I suppressed another shiver which threatened to run down my spine.

As if last night's events weren't enough.

Wait....what is this a-hole doing here?!!

Please do not tell me that he is whom I think he is.

Fuck my life.

Why is it always me?!!!

"Minchia! What is happening?! Why the fuck are you here?!!"

"Look jackass, I have the same questions as you do! Why the hell are you here?! Where's Mr. Luciano?! Are you his goddamn son or something!!!"

"You're looking at him."

"WHAT?! No, no, no, you're lying. I refuse to believe you."

"Fine, think whatever you want. Just know that I'm Mr. Luciano, the CEO of Luciano Corporations."

I began to hyperventilate as I took a few steps back, my chest heaving with disbelief.


"Ahem!", came a small, whiny cough, but none of us payed any heed to it.

There is no way that he's the damn CEO. No, he's just messing around to drive me crazy and hand over my soul to him in defeat.

That is so not happening Soulstealer!

As I opened my mouth to shout back at him, the fake blonde moved close to him, like they were a power couple or something.

The audacity! Doesn't she have the commonsense not to interrupt when two people are arguing?!

But after taking a good look at his faces, I wanted to double over and laugh at the pair of them.

They looked so pathetic as she practically shrieked as she talked to him, and this moron, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

I turned away, as my shoulders shook in silent laughter, at his miserable expression.

"Tiffany, go put on some clothes. We can continue this later."

"But De-, I mean, Lucifer, I was so close. I was this close to my orga-"

, she indicated my pinching her index and thumb, but then I interrupted.

"Umm... don't you think this," I pointed at the both of them, "should be limited to the bedroom only?"

"Listen, bitch, does it look like w-"

"You listen, faux bimbo, or whoever the hell you are, you're too dumb to realise that you're the only bitch in here. Now go get dressed if you have atleast one ounce of respect left for yourself."

That instantly shut her up and she moved towards the bathroom in the left with a sulky "Hmph!", and pranced away, her 'things' jiggling.

A shivered as I tried not to throw up over his business suit made of blue soft silk, at the thought of the activities which were taking place in this room before I barged in like the fool I am.

Like I said before, he had good style and taste.

I shouldn't have come here. It's getting worse and worse ever since I ignored the foreboarding.

Now that I know who he is, I might as well take advantage of the situation.

There's no way he can send me back.

Especially not after the favour he owes to dad.

Death told me that he'd killed his secretary the day before, in the office.

It's easier to accept the shock of certain things after a good night's sleep.

"Why are you here, again?! Are you fucking lost or something? Did you tell anyone about yesterday's events?!", he roared at me as soon as the bathroom door closed.

"Excuse me, Mister, ever heard of the word 'please'? Try putting that in a more polite way and then you might get some answers."

He incoherently and ran his hand in his hair frustratedly, multiple times before he forced himself to calm down.

With his expressions neutral, he took a deep breath and started:

"Look woman, why the f-"

"Do you want answers or not?", was my calm reply, as a small smirk played on my face.

"Madonna! Fine! Pray, tell me, why are you here? Did you tell anyone about yesterday's events?"

"That's more I like it! Good going, De-"

A harsh glare from him told me that I should tread carefully.

"Okay, okay. I'm here for the interview. As for your second question, no, my mouth is sealed regarding yesterday's 'events'."

He relaxed for a visible second before he stiffened again.

"Interview? What interview?! There's no-"

"There's no point in denying, Devil. I'm not the one who is going to succumb to your pathetic lies again."

His mighty chest heaved, releasing a breath.

"I can't believe my luck! Please don't tell me you're the Ms. Matthews who was supposed to be here for the interview of my personal secretary.", he replied with a stricken look as he ran his hand is hair once again.

Oh yes, he is so screwed.

"The one and only."

Before he could reply, the bathroom door opened with a dull "bang", and out emerged the frustrated little faux blonde.

She twirled her hair and shot him a look of pure desire but he had no intention of noticing her.

Her look said more along the lines of

"Gag me", which made me want to run to the nearest restroom and laugh my guts out.

I pursed my lips and forced down the loud laugh which was going to leave my throat if this continued any further.

I knew he was a player the moment he walked in. I know better then to fall for his unworldly looks.

He had no need of using his so-called 'charm' girls.

His followers on Instagram belonged to a rave party.

"Tiffany, get out! I'm in no mood to deal with you. Later.", he waved off in a dismissive manner.

The blonde's eyes darkened (under the blue contact lens, of course), "Then you won't be getting the blowjob I promised.", she turned to me, "As for you, I'm Ms. Tiffany, Mr. Luciano's personal assistant.", she regarded me like pond scum and threw me a smug smirk.

"The emphasis on 'personal' was not necessary.", I gave her a fake smile as I directed my hand to the door, "The door is right there, Tiffany. Have a wonderful day!"

Her face immediately turned red with anger and it took me everything not to burst out laughing at her caked-up face.

As for him, he rolled his eyes and I saw a ghost of a smirk lingering on his face.

"You're going to regret this! No one gets away after disrespecting me!"

"Really, woman, what makes you think I'm disrespecting you? You're simply reminding yourself that you're insignificant to me.", I eyed from her short, short mini-skirt till her blonde head.

She fisted her hands until they turned white, paler than her skin and immediately walked out of the room, ashamed.

All this while, I could feel his eyes boring into my skull.

I turned to him, dusting my red skirt and pulled my coat in a professional manner.

He may have won the match, but I'm winning the game.

"So, where were we? Ah, yes, I'm Ms. Matthews. Now, about the secretary's post again, I hope you remember that you owe my father. Or, should I remind your immortal ass once again?"


Minchia! - Shit!

Madonna! - Oh mother of- (I know you understand, I won't have to continue ;-) )


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