Second Chance

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Chapter seven - Preparations

*Kiara's POV*

It's been 15 days since I entered the Alpha's house. 15 days of stress. 15 days of hopeless snooping and 15 days of maddening boredom. I've been trying to keep calm and wait for the right time but True keeps howling inside me and I don't know why. I've been trying to find information or dirt or anything but it's been really hard these days. Especially with what happened last time. I was cleaning Diane's room and I grabbed a letter on her table. Her mother saw me but she didn't see me. That makes no sense... I know. Well as soon as I got to my room that day, I ran to the bathroom. Fortunately, I was the only one there. The letter was really starting to irritate my boobs. Yes, I hid the letter in my bra...but I did what I had to do. What's done is done. I've tried asking True what her problem is but she doesn't reply me anymore. Last time I asked she just grumbled but I could've sworn I heard her say "...bonded to a stupid human." I guess she just needs to have a run or something. But I can't because they think it's too risky for me to leave the house. By they, I mean Melody who lately, has been watching me like the way a falcon looks at it's prey. And it's like Diane has been tied to me. She's always asking for fashion tips and the worst part, the worst part is she never says thank you. I don't know if she doesn't get that even a simple "thanks" would suffice.
In short, I'm cool.
Stressed but still cool.
I lay in my bed until a pounding feeling found it's way into my head. As soon as I realised what it was, I relaxed my body so the pain would go away. Luna Melody was mind linking all servants.

"All of you meet me in the ceremonial room right now."

I groaned silently. What the hell did she want now? I was already tired enough and now she wanted a meeting? I got off the bed a few seconds after my roommates left. I took the letter out from under my bed. Just in case this was an inspection, I couldn't take risks with something like this. And then not knowing where to put it, I put it in it's very first hiding spot. My bra.

I rushed out of my room, running down the halls and gripping the railings tightly in areas where there were stairs. In no time, I was at the meeting spot. But unfortunately, I was late.

"Well, well, late again, are we?" Melody asked as she saw me.
Everyone turned around to look at me. If you noticed, she said late again. Turns out I'm a perpetual late comer. And guess what? I don't give a fuck or a shit. I'll be as late as I want. But sadly, my pride failed me this time as my cheeks turned red. Red as though I'd been slapped hard. Well I'd already looked like a pomegranate so why not just say something as bad? I was so going to hate this. Okay, here goes.

"I was in the bathroom, madam."

"Really?" She asked in a high pitched voice that screamed sarcasm. "Doing what?"
Oh goddess...this bitch is testing me. And she is going to get it.

My mind screamed "none of your damn business bitch" but as soon as I was about to say it an overwhelming scent filled my nose and calmed me down immediately. Unfortunately, it left as soon as it went.

"Easing myself, madam." I replied gently.

She knew how enraged I was even under my façade. Her smirk was gradually turning to a grin. She was about to speak again when her face went white. Normally, her eyes were grey but now, they were blue. It showed she was being mind linked. After a few seconds, her eyes went back to normal and the colour came back to her face. I didn't know what she heard because it was obviously a private link but whatever she heard sure as hell scared the shit out of her.

"The reason I have called you all here," she began. "Is because there will be a ball in the next two weeks. The Alpha from the Crimson pack will be here to sign a treaty and that will lead to our alliance. As from today, preparations are to begin. Good day."

"Good day, Luna." We all replied.

As soon as she was out of view, I satisfied my need to roll my eyes.

A moment later, Dwayne showed up holding a piece of paper. As he smirked, he passed it to one of the servants who in turn passed it to another who stapled it on the work notice board. It was our shift for the next two weeks. I had duties on 10 of the 14 days and they were going be heavy duties. I just had to accept my fate. But not when my "fate" was being tampered with. I was given more duties than even the highest earning staff. Melody obviously had something to do with this. No wonder her son was smirking like an idiot. I hate them. I hate their family. I hate that I have to pretend to submit in my own pack. Pack mates should fear the Alpha and Luna, but not be brainwashed or over fearful. "I'll kill them" I promised myself. "I'll kill them all."
Incase you think it's because of the work I'm this angry, think again! But I won't lie that makes me angry as well.
An unmistakable scent made it's way towards me. "What does she want now!?" I thought.
"Hello Kia", Diane said.
I rolled my eyes before I turned around.

"Hello Lady Diane." I replied.

"Kia, it's an emergency! Seth is coming over today and look at me. I'm a total mess! Just come into my room and dress me up."

"Sorry Lady Diane, but the Luna has given us duties to perform and due to the long list of duties I have I will not be able to help you. Sorry again, my lady."

"Duties, Schmuties. I'll tell my mother to reduce your duties. Now come help me!"

I thought about her statement for a second and then my brain started turning. This might just be a win-win situation for both of us. I decided to try my luck with my next statement.

"Once again Lady Diane, I'm sorry but I cannot leave this position without fulfilling my duties."

Almost immediately, Melody's scent was wafting in the air. Not long after that, she came into view.

"Mother!" Diane yelled.

"Yes, darling" she said with love but as soon as she saw me, her face darkened.

"You!" She said as she pointed at me. "Why are you not fulfilling your duties? Are you not aware of how many they are?"

"Mother, that's the thing" Diane cut in. "Her duties are just too many and you'll just have to reduce them because she's coming to help me with something!"

"Help you?" Melody chuckled.

"Yes mother, help. Seth is coming over today and she being the only one with fashion taste in this whole house, will help me."

"Diane, have you completely lost your mind? How could you ask for help from a slave!?"

"So, that's it then, mother. You don't want me to look beautiful."

"You always look beautiful when you leave the house everyday, darling."

"Well how do you think I'm always looking beautiful!? Who do you think helps me!?"

"You...She...What!?" Melody stammered.

"Yes, mother. She's been dressing me all this time."

"What's done has been done so that's that. I'm not changing shit."

"But mother...", she pouted

"No buts."

"Yes buts" came a voice. It was Alpha Kenneth. Wait...did he just say 'yes buts'? I questioned myself as I laughed in my head.

"Well, the girl has proven her submission to us. She's been here for almost three weeks without a reason to doubt her. Let me see that duty roster." He said to me.

"Yes sir." I walked towards the board, gently removed the roster and took it back to him. "Well, you will be relieved of three duties and they will be shared among the three highest paid workers."

"Oh, thank you daddy." Diane said grinning from ear to ear as she ran towards him and gave him a bear hug.

"Anything for my princess" he replied. "Now off you go Kiara, I believe a guest will be arriving soon."

She dragged my hand, racing towards her room.

Wow, what a chapter. This just screams be careful what you wish for. Kiara just wanted some time off to think, snoop, plot and a scheme but she got that and also got yanked into Diane's arms. Don't forget to vote this chapter and follow me for notifications and updates. But until next time,
Love you guys 🦋❤️

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