Second Chance

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Chapter nine - More preparations

*Kiara's POV*

I was currently scrubbing the floors of the ceremonial room and my arms hurt like hell. I'd been doing my duties for about five hours now without a single break. Actually, I had duties the whole day and that wasn't the end. But fortunately, our twenty five minute break was in ten minutes so I could just endure a little. I kept scrubbing for a few more minutes before I felt a tingling sensation and True took over my mind. She didn't shift or change my appearance. Just my mind which was kinda strange.

*True's POV*

I felt relieved to be out. I'd been locked away for too long. Any longer and I'd have lost my mind. Everybody knows once a wolf is lost, the human too is lost. Kiara might be a bit foolish but I still love her. I might seem mean or uncaring sometimes but I do. But it's hard to explain myself to her. Now I'm the one scrubbing floors. Well, both of us. You know what? Nevermind. The most important thing is that these are my thoughts and she can't have them. But also, she now sees how it feels like to be locked away. He heh.

Suddenly I feel something tugging at me, mentally. She's trying to take control. I push her to the deep end of my mind. Giving myself more personal time and delaying her in taking control again. This felt bad, well, I felt bad. But then, this felt good. Freedom at it's finest. A wonderful scent filled the air around me and I was about to howl when Kiara took control again. How the hell did she do that? I took control again and then thought my actions through. I was about to howl when she came back. She literally just saved both our asses. If she didn't come back, I'd have howled out loud and gotten us both into trouble. She's a true life saver. But this is my time.

I finished scrubbing my part of the floor and almost immediately, it was time for the break. I walked briskly into our room and lay on the bed for half the alloted time resting our aching muscles. Then our stomach rumbled and I went back to the kitchen to satisfy our hunger. As soon as I got to the kitchen, I realised I'd started to become a little selfish and so I let myself feel vulnerable as Kiara regained control.

*Kiara's POV*

It felt good to be back. Back to myself with the ability to think and worry and all that. But now was not the time. Now was the time for food and I wasn't going to waste any second of it. We all sat on the chairs round the counter as the chef served us our meals and we ate to our fill. We were all pretty worked out and most of us ate like our lives depended on it and by most of us, I meant me. I ate like I was living for the food. Then one of the other servants gave a loud burp and then patted his belly. We all laughed and almost immediately, another burp came but it wasn't from him, it was from another person, then came another and another and soon, almost everyone was doing it. It was a burping fiesta. We all laughed heartily as we let ourselves relax and energise.

"What the hell is going on in here!?" Demanded Melody as she stormed in her whole body shaking, livid with anger.

The whole kitchen went silent. I was trying so hard to be submissive but this witch wasn't being helpful in any way. I was annoyed at the fear she put in all the servants. They all bowed their heads shaking like leaves on the verge of falling from the tree. I calmed myself down and followed suite.

"I believe I asked a question. Or are you all suddenly dumb? What was happening in here!?"

Suddenly, a loud burp was heard. It came from the door. We all snapped our heads only to see Diane standing there comfortably while patting her stomach. She did it again and sighed loudly.

"I don't get what the big deal is, mom. I mean, you burp all the time." She said dragging the "all".

The Luna turned her head towards the girl. Her face flushed pink with anger and embarrassment. Immediately, she left the room but not before deciding to prove she was the wicked witch of the west. She decided to cut off our break and put us to work that very moment. Immediately she left, and was out of earshot, we all groaned. We were all tired and in severe pains from working our asses off.

I decided the earlier, the better so I decided to get up first but my muscles said another thing entirely. I whimpered silently in pain as I struggled to walk out of the room only to be met my Diane.

"Thanks a lot" I said coldly.

She was my friend but she'd made the mistake that had cut off all our breaks. I was literally struggling to stand. But I tried my best and got to my next post of the day. I was meant to wash the hundreds of dishes that would be used for the upcoming dinner. Thankfully, it was a five man job. Which meant, one person would wash all, the next would rinse, the third would dry, the fourth would arrange them neatly and the last would package and store.
I was the first of five to get there so I could pick my part to play without having to argue. I picked washing so that immediately I was done washing for them, I could leave in peace.

I heard footsteps coming and remembered the others would want to wash too.

"Dibs on washing" I yelled.

"Yeah, whatever" one of the four left replied. "I'm rinsing by the way"

They next two filed in and called their preferred duties until the last one came in and saw all four of us already there.

"Oh, shit" he said. Turns out it was the dude who started the burp fest. I laughed at his comment and he gave me a smile.

"Oh my Goddess. No fucking way. Burp guy?" I laughed out.

We all joined in the laughter and he let out a burp in recognition. We laughed again and then moved to our respective positions in order to get on with our work.

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