Second Chance

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Chapter twelve - Dinner time

*Kiara's POV*

Just yesterday I'd tried to kill Jackson, an idiot who revealed that he was the one who followed me and got me kidnapped. I swear if it wasn't for Diane, I'd have made him watch as I ripped his spine and heart out and then, I'd rip his eyes out too. But when I told Diane all that, she told me not to talk like that. That it scared her or something. Heh. But at least she couldn't tell me not to think about it. Right? Of course not. I would think of a million and one ways to kill a guy and no one would know but he was still a Beta and I wasn't quite ready to leave this place.

Anyway, after the whole Jackson thing, she brought me to her room where she tried to calm me down. Even though just her showing up did just that but I wouldn't tell her that. In fact, I couldn't. It was too touchy and lovey and mushy and honestly, that just cramps my badass style. I loved Diane, but she was the touchy one. Not me. Then, I helped her find a dress for the dinner with the Alpha from another pack.

Oh, yeah, the other Alpha arrived a few minutes past midnight and was ushered into his designated suite. He came with his Luna which meant that their Beta was left in charge of the pack. They seem like nice people but I can't help but think that Kenneth will corrupt their minds and fill them with greed and unnecessary fury. Which is why I have to disrupt the dinner.

The decorations were already set and the roster was being made. That was a bad thing. Normally, people volunteered. I was going to volunteer. I talked to True today since she decided to show up.
She said, "If I wasn't picked then I should get the hell out of this place and begin our master plan somewhere else"
But I just have to be picked. I have to. Then it hit me, Diane. She'd do anything for me, even get me on that list.

I left my current position in search of my friend, taking the stairs two at a time until I got to her room. I knocked the door five times so she'd know it was me. It was what she called "our secret knock". But what still baffles me is how it's a secret when people can see and hear you do it but it's Diane we're talking about here, corny old Diane.

"Hello Kiara" she said as she opened the door.

"Sup?" I asked

"I really don't know how to reply to that" she said blankly.

"Since when do you not know?"

"Since I had to start learning my current affairs and acting like a proper Alpha's daughter"

I laughed out at her comment.

"It's not funny, Kiara. If you're not here to help then you can just leave."

"Girl, don't be like that"

"In fact, why are you here?"

"I'm here because I need a favour"

"Okay, what is it?"

"I want to be on the list of servants for the dinner"

"Okay. Weird but okay"

I looked at her skeptically and she stared blankly at me then we both burst out in fits of laughter.

"Thank you" I said

"You're very welcome" she replied "Now come help me with this shit" she replied

"Thought you were learning how to be proper. Proper people don't swear"

"I've abstained enough today. I needed to let it out"

"Yeah, right" I said and then burst out laughing again. "You know what? I think you should let it all out. Just in case."

"Great idea" she said and then she burst into an array of curse and swear words of all magnitudes.

Time flew by as seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours. Three hours to be exact. Diane did as she had said and got me on the list. Don't know how but she did. After that, I helped her make her hair laid out her dress on the bed. I wasn't serving her, I was just being friendly. She'd gotten me what I wanted after all. And now, I was in my room putting on my apron and tunic that was designated for working servants.

I walked briskly out of my room and into the line in the kitchen. There were servants picking up trays which they would serve. Each tray had the name of the owner of the dishes on them. The girl in front of me started to tremble immediately she saw her tray. It was the visiting Alpha. Just to begin my plan, I decided to switch with her. I got the Alpha and she got Diane. She was pleased with the deal I'd made her.

We all filed into the room carrying our respective trays and then we went ahead to stand as we were taught. A little to the left of the person to be served and then a step backward. When Alpha Kenneth walked in, and sat down, the others did same. This was in respect of the hierarchy by the way.

The visiting Alpha walked in a little later and just to show respect, they waited for him to enter before they started to eat. I'd wasted almost half a month and it was at this moment I remembered I didn't have a plan. Shit.

How was I supposed to stop this whole gathering without a plan? I felt so stupid but then, I didn't even know what was going in again so, I decided to pay attention. Kenneth's servant just served him his food which meant that I was just in time to regain concentration. Alpha Kenneth had been served, now I had to serve the other Alpha. Then, the Lunas were served and then Diane and Dwayne. Because as usual, the last kid, Calvin, was no where to be found.

The dinner had begun and I had no plan. Honestly, I was fucked.

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