Second Chance

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Chapter thirteen - Back to cell one

*Kiara's POV*

It's been two hours since the dinner began and I still had no plan. It started at 7:00pm and it was to end at 12:00am, midnight which meant that I had less than three hours to get a plan and ruin this dinner one way or another. But it had to be done neatly, so I wouldn't be suspected.

Gradually, it started to come to me. I didn't need something big, all I needed was to give the Alpha the true details about the pack and hopefully, he would deter from trying to make an alliance. But how in the world was I supposed to do that? I had no idea, but I knew each that time was running out.

*Unknown's POV*

They're trying to form an alliance with another pack. But I know that's not the truth. They'll slither into the pack and take control of it. They'll have more property, more servants and they'll be richer than ever. They've done this before and they're planning to do it again.
I won't allow it.


*Kiara's POV*

I was still dry. No plan, no instinct, not even a single idea. The terms and conditions were being laid out and each Alpha was stating the rules and regulations of their packs. Different things were being discussed and I was able to pick up a thing or two. The major thing was that the other Alpha, had no heir. He had about three daughters and he didn't believe in feminine rule. Such a dick. And to think I'm trying to save his pack.

Still no game plan. Alpha Kenneth has proposed a union. From what I've learnt, the other Alpha's name is Ty. Ty seems confused because obviously, Dwayne will be Alpha named Alpha once he is fully ready. He should have been named Alpha at nineteen but apparently there was an issue that nobody wants to talk about. Kenneth says he's talking about his other son, Calvin.
Confusion is floating in the air around Ty. He's almost dumbfounded which means that he doesn't know of Calvin. He only knows of Dwayne.

I have no clue what is going on but I know that if I don't act fast, the deal will be sealed and Ty's pack will be doomed. Ty has asked me for a refill. I still have no plan but I do what my mind tells me anyway. I pick up the wine bottle and pour some into his glass. Just as I'm about to hand him the glass, I spill it all over his clothes. He shrieks in anger and his Luna and every other person present is in shock. I apologize to him and then, offer to dry him off with one of the table napkins. But if I dry him off, he'll calm down and the spill will be for nothing. I decided to try my luck again. I pick up the napkin and secretly dip it in a bowl of stew before rubbing it all over his light blue tux.

He stands up and grabs me by the neck, choking me and then, Diane yells out loud.

"Stop" she says.

The Alpha's eyes begin to glow, he's loosing control and I'll be dead before I know it.

"Tyler, stop" his Luna says as softly as possible. "Please" she adds.

"Alpha Tyler please do not be offended. Problems like this will be dealt with accordingly"

He settles down but not before hitting me hard across the face.

"Dwayne, my son, take the slave to her former quarters" Kenneth says with a sly smirk.

"And get a proper slave to serve Alpha Tyler" Melody adds.

"Diane, follow your brother and make sure the problem is dealt with. That is your job for the rest of the night"

Okay, I fucked up. I fucked up big time. I replay Alpha Kenneth's statement and realization dawns on me. I force myself to get up and I make a run for it. Dwayne and some other guards chase after me. I double my speed and soon I'm at the staircase. I take the stairs three at a time. I'm almost to the front door. Unfortunately, I trip and fall down hard on my head. Dwayne catches up to me and grabs me by the hair.

"Serves you right, bitch" he says and he snaps my neck.


I woke up to the smell of urine and sweat. I was back to "my former quarters" as Kenneth called it. I was back to my torture cell. Oh God, my neck hurt. I was tied to a chair and on instinct, I tried to move but to no avail. I looked around and saw Dwayne walking towards me.

"Welcome back, sunshine" he said.

"Dwayne, do we have to do this?" A voice asked. It was Diane.

The moment she came into view, my heart shattered. All the times we'd been together, talking, laughing, playing dress up, eating ice cream. We'd even pranked the chef once or twice. All that love, was nothing.
I was so stupid, so foolish to think she cared about me a tiny bit. Why did I believe her? Why did I choose to trust her? But nothing could change my fate now. What was done was done. She'd played me and I'd been the perfect little slave. I'd fallen into her trap.

"Hey! I'm in control here, so we're going to do what father wants us to do. Okay!?" He yelled back.

"Okay" she replied sadly. She was still trying to play me? Huh. She must think I'm so stupid.

"Good. Now go get the silver bath and the gloves and scrub."

She left the room with her head down without another word.

"I've been really bored lately and now that you're back here, it's officially the best day ever"

I spat at him in the face and he hit me.

"You keep testing my patience."

I repeated my actions.

"You bitch!" He yelled. His eyes were changing colours which meant he was loosing control.

"Go ahead" a voice said. " Say it again, I dare you" the owner of the voice came closer and stepped out of the shadows. True howled joyfully inside me and as two green electrifying eyes came into view, one word rolled of both our tongues.

"Mate" we both said.

Oh my Godddd😩😩 Kiara's mate just showed up and it looks like shit is about to get realllll😍😍😍. Who do you think her mate is? Is he related to the unknown character? Comment your thoughts down below and don't forget to vote and follow me for notifications. I'm sure y'all loved the triple update.
Love you guys🦋❤️

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