Second Chance

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Chapter fourteen - Mate

Okay y'all. The unknown character is Kiara's mate. Just so you know, by the way. And FYI, a lot will be revealed in the chapters to come and hopefully, there won't be only Kiara's POV anymore. Anyway, I'm sure y'all just want to get into the story so...

*Kiara's POV*

"Mate" we both said.

The owner of the voice stepped into the light and I felt hot all over. Was it his brown hair, his broad chest, his pink lips, was it those muscular arms that I just wanted to run into or was it those bright stunning eyes? I didn't know which I loved most but everything about this man captivated me. He looked straight into my eyes and I gladly stared right into his. He looked away from me and was back in business.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Dwayne taunted.

"Stay away from my mate, Dwayne" my mate said firmly but gently. He didn't want to fight him.

He was a peacemaker. Huh. Hot and peaceful.

"Aww, come on bro, I was just about to have a little fun with her" Dwayne replied.

My mate let out a growl in annoyance. He didn't like being toyed with. Another interesting fact.

"Come on, Calvin, we were just having fun"

Wait. Calvin??? Calvin was my mate. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my shit, shit, shit. What the hell!? I was mated to a slimy, arrogant, hot, jerky, asshole? Why did the moon goddess keep being so cruel to me? Did she think it was fun to toy with my life!?

"Back off" Calvin growled out.

"Dad gave me orders to deal with the slave" Dwayne said.

"Well, where the fuck is dad?"

"Right here son" a voice called out.

Damnnnn, these people were obsessed with dramatic entrances. Alpha Kenneth stepped into the cell and stared me down.

"It's nice to see you come around, Calvin" Kenneth said.

"Yeah, I'm just here to get what's mine" Calvin replied.

"Get what's yours?' Kenneth asked with a look of utter confusion.

"The slave's his mate, dad" Dwayne said through laughs.

Cal growled again. He was obviously getting more annoyed each second. Probably because his idiot brother kept calling me a slave.

"What?" Kenneth asked.

"You heard him, now please release my mate" Cal said. "Look dad, I've never asked for anything from you and you know that. Anything I've ever received from you, you willingly gave to me. Now, for the first time ever, I'm going to ask for something. Please release my mate"

Kenneth sighed in defeat before he said
"Dwayne, release the girl"

"What? Dad! You can't ask me to do that"

"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, now release the girl"

Reluctantly but speedily, Dwayne untied me from the chair and a huge fury overwhelmed me as he patted my head as if I was a dog. I stood up immediately and hit his neck with my elbow. He went down flat. Kenneth looked at me with surprise and I stared blankly at him. Calvin had a perfect smirk on his face. Not too weird not too cool just perfect. How was I still complementing this guy? He was one of the bad guys. Well, he's related to the bad guys. He might be and then he might not be. Ughhh, there was still a lot of shit I didn't know.

"So, how'd your dinner go?" I taunted Kenneth.

"Horribly, which is what you were going for wasn't it?"

"You caught on quickly"

"I knew you never submitted, just thought you'd stop making trouble. Guess that was a stupid idea"

"You're stupid"

"You know I could kill you, right?"

Calvin let out a low growl.

"How come you even let me go? I'm so confused"

"Well, you're his mate, so..."

"So, you just let me go!?"

"Yes, because you will behave yourself! And you will do as I command but if your mate cannot keep you in check then I'll have no other choice than to kill you. But don't worry this time it'll be swift. I've tortured you so much but you still haven't changed and I'm tired of wasting my time on you."

I laughed out as loudly as possible. I laughed like I'd never laughed before. I kept laughing as we were walking but unfortunately for me, the floor was freshly mopped and still a bit slippery. I slipped and would've landed hard on my ass if Calvin hadn't caught me.

"Thank you" I said meekly

"You're welcome. But I think we need to talk about a lot of things. I'll fetch someone to get a bath ready for you and then, you can come meet me in the garden."

"I can make my own bath, thank you very much" I replied as coldly as possible.

"Well, I certainly meant no offense...yo... I...just...Just forget I ever made that statement"


"Yeah. Um, would you like me to walk you to your room?"

"Nope" I said nonchalantly. "Bye" I added.

I walked back into my room and got into the bathroom as quickly as possible. I mean, I acted like I hated him but the thing was no matter how hard I tried, I could never hate him. I was eager to get to know him. Stupid mate bond. Ughhhh.
But just then, a thought slithered inside my head.
What if I rejected him? I didn't need a mate. Besides it might be a trap.
He's definitely a bad guy. I made up my mind to reject him as soon as I saw him next.

I turned on the water to have my bath. I did so and left the bathroom when I was done. I re-entered the room and I saw the most amazing things. I saw a beautiful mini dress and a pair of sneakers. And just beside the dress was a note with a rose on top.

"I just thought I'd drop something off for you. Don't know if they're your size but looking at them, made me think of you. We really don't know each other but please just accept this gift. Calvin."

They were both my exact size when I put them on. Now how could I ever reject a guy like this?

Awwnnnnn now we know that Calvin is Kiara's mate. This chapter know what? Tell me what you think of this chapter because it's kind of unexplainable for me😍😍 writing this chapter was so tiring tbh😔😂😂I don't really know what I'm doing sometimes, but it works out.
Love you guys🦋❤️

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