Second Chance

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Chapter fifteen - Lady Kiara

*Kiara's POV*

I stepped out of the room and made my way out of the mansion and into the garden. I hadn't been out here in ages. This used to be my morning chore spot but after you know who died...well, I guess you remember.

The garden was maze like. It had winding ends and each line was a different flower on it's own. They were beautiful to walk along but in the dead center, it was the justmost beautiful sight to see.

I walked towards the maze of flowers, looking for Calvin. I'd searched and searched and I couldn't find him.

"Calvin? Dude, where are you?"

"Keep looking"

I kept looking and started to feel frustrated

"I still can't see you" I groaned out.

"I see you took my gift"

"Where the hell are you?"

"You look really pretty"

"Answer my question!"

"Calm down, woman" he said with a slight laugh. His laugh was beautiful. It was so beautiful it lifted my heart.

" I close?"

"Hot" he replied.

"What now?"

"Oooh, cold" he said

I started to wonder and then I had a sudden theory I knew what he was saying. I decided to test my theory by taking a step forward.

"Cold" he yelled

I took a step backward.


Then I figured what he was doing. He was trying to play a game of hot and cold with me to help me find him.

I took another step backward and turned left.


"Okay" I mumbled to myself.

I turned right and he yelled hot. I kept walking in that direction until I got to a point where the road split in three. I took the road at the right.


I took the middle


I took the left turning,


"Calvin!" I yelled.

I took the middle turning.

"Hot! Or is it cold?"

"Dude, this is so not funny"

He laughed at me. I groaned in frustration.

"Don't be a lazy wolf. Now come on and look for me"

"Just tell me where you are!" I yelled.

"You're really pretty when you're angry"

"What?" I laughed out.

"It's true. But your laugh, your laugh is simply breathtaking"

I laughed again. I kept laughing as I was walking. But once again, the world was against me and I tripped on a rock. Then it happened so fast I couldn't explain it. I tripped and fell, well I was falling but then here I was, in my mate's arms, once again, saved by him. He laughed and then I resumed laughing.

"Do you always trip?"

"No" I said.

"So, you don't always trip but you suddenly start tripping when I'm there? Oh, oh, I get it. You're tripping for me, right?"

"Idiot" I mumbled

"Just for you, just for you"

"So, are you going to tell me why you asked me to come out here or what?"

"Well, I wanted to get to know you better"

"So, how do you plan on doing that?

"Well, I have a little picnic set up at the centre of the garden. Then we could retrace our steps and walk around the garden or go out for some food or relaxation or whatever the hell you want to do"

"Okay" I replied.

"Then let's go"

We walked towards the centre, hand in hand. For someone who I didn't know, it felt oddly right. Then True started telling me how it'd be better when we had a child in our middle. I told her to stop immediately. I didn't even know this guy and she was thinking about kids? That was just too creepy to handle.

We got to the centre and sat down on the checkered napkin laid out on the floor. It was an amazing view. He opened the baskets and there were all sorts of foods, snacks and beverages inside. I looked inside the basket amazed at how many different things were inside.

"Hungry?" He asked


"It was obvious. You kinda...have a...little drool on the side of your mouth"

"Really?" I asked. "You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm really sure" he replied.

He stopped and looked at me and we both burst out laughing. He was a real charmer. Always able to change the mood. I liked that about him.

"So, tell me about yourself" He asked

"Well, I'm Kiara, I've been in this mansion for a month and a few days and some of those days were spent in the cells where I was constantly tortured. You know what? Let me rewind. At first, I was happy and content with my life. My parents were still alive, my mate was too. I was just me. But then, your father killed everyone I ever loved and made me watch. He forced me to bow but I resisted and he named me a prisoner and I was forced to compete in an actual Decima. I won obviously, I was last man standing or in this case, you'd say last woman standing. Then, I was free but I wasn't. I was kidnapped and brought back here where I begun a life of torture until I agreed to submit and then last night, things went wrong and I ended up in the cell and then I met you and here we are"

He looked at me in shock and amazement. He was obviously flabbergasted.

"Oh and thank you for letting me have my monologue"

"Yeah, you're welcome"

"Wait, so you're the prisoner they said caused a lot of trouble"


"You killed Derek?"


"Why? I mean, I get that he's an idiot but why? I wanna know"

"He tried to rape me"

Calvin growled loudly and in just a second, annoyance was written all over his face.

"Calm down, dude. He's dead, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, but I still have the right to be annoyed"

"Okay, enough talk about me. Tell me about yourself. You might've been adopted into this family of psychos but something inside me keeps saying you're not like them"

"Well then, keep trusting that something. It'll help you a lot"

"Yeah, you still have an introduction to make"

"Oh, I almost forgot about that.
I'm Calvin, I'm the youngest of Alpha Kenneth's children at the age of 19. I'm not a mean heartless psycho. I do not attend any activities in their honour and do not partake in the torture of prisoners. I've been averse to their whole plan since I could read and understand words clearly. I haven't been out for so long that some people don't even know about me. Yeah and my mate died but it was nothing like yours. She was sick. Really, really sick. So sick, it killed her. Well I thought I'd have the heart to spoil their dinner when I smelled you and your agony and I was there in a flash. Then I got you out of that place and here we are"

"Wow" I exclaimed

"Yeah. And oh, thank you for letting me have a nice monologue"

"Idiot" I said as I laughed.

"Umm, one more thing I want to know" he said.

"What?" I asked. I was currently stuffing my face with sandwiches.

"How old are you?" He asked.

"Why do you need to know?" I answered his question with a question.

"Just to know if we're legal" he said with a wink.

I laughed until I realised I was choking. I couldn't breathe my throat was filled with sandwiches and there was no way out. He understood what was happening quickly and came to my rescue. He helped me get it out of my system as I bent over a nearby wastebin. Then he picked up the hose and washed my face with it. With his bare hands!

"You really don't have to do all this"

"I would do anything for you, this is just merely one of the least"


He said he'd do anything for me. My heart was currently skipping beats. I would've leapt for joy but I had to keep calm.

"You still haven't answered my question" he said on our way back to the mansion"

He'd ordered some servants to pack up the rest of the food.

"And what question might that be?"

"I asked for your age"

"Well, how old do you think I am?"

"You look like a 45, 50"

"Well, you look 93" I said

He began to chase after me. We both ran freely through the halls.

"Kiara!" A voice called. It was one of the chief servants. "No running in the halls!"

"That's Lady Kiara to you" Calvin replied.

"Even if we don't get married or anything for now will you be my girlfriend? We'll change the bad to good and right the wrongs that have been made. Please?"

"Okay. I'm 18 by the way, I think we should be legal" I said and gave him a peck on the cheek which he returned with one on my forehead.

"As from this day", he said with a booming voice "This woman here shall be known as Lady Kiara. Oh and yeah, she's my girlfriend now" he finished with a grin and my face was as red as a pomegranate.

"Lady Kiara", I said to him. "I think I like the sound of that"

This chapter was reallyyy long. Most chapters should be this long but I try to make it short. This time, I decided to let it all out. And is Kiara tripping for Calvin?😂😂Or is it the other way around?😏Oh and dear reader, please keep voting and feel free to comment all your thoughts on this book. We've officially reached half of the book😍😩🦋♥️😚 I literally don't have shit left to say so,
Love you guys🦋❤️

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