Second Chance

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Chapter sixteen - Mother

*Kiara's POV*

As I walked through the hallway, guards and maids greeted me with the new title Calvin had put in their mouths. It was new and you'd think it was every servants dream to have the kind of turnaround I did. But honestly, this was not my jam. I didn't even know how to reply to them. I looked at my mate with a panicked expression and he laughed at me. He actually laughed at me. I was so tired at that moment that it seemed like everything was in doubles. I'd just thrown up a while ago and now all this attention? I knew that I couldn't keep walking so I decided to look for a way to draw Calvin's attention.

I tugged at his wrist the moment I felt my legs failing. Luckily, he got the message and caught me just before I hit the ground. He adjusted me in his arms before continuing his walk through the hall and as I closed my eyes, I let a wave of black wash over me.


I found myself lying on the floor in an empty room. The illumination in the room was incredible. It was almost like I was in Heaven. Wait, am I dead!? Maybe I died and I'm currently in some sort of waiting room. Maybe a lot of people died today and this is like a reception where dead people wait till they're called for judgement. I can just imagine an angel in a white suit talking to me like: "Miss Crescendo, the Almighty will see you now"
Oh my God, I'm an idiot. There's basically no one here.
I stood up and walked around a little before my frustration overwhelmed me.

"Hello?" I called out.

"Hello?" I tried again. "Is anybody here?"

"Calm down dear, it's just me" a familiar voice replied. A voice that brought tears to my eyes.

A beautiful woman walked towards me. She was wearing a lilac coloured dress that flowed around her making her look like a queen. Her hair was let loose and the curls bounced freely around her shoulder and neck. She smiled at me and that alone was enough for me to run into her arms.

"Mom" I cried out as I grabbed onto her.

"Darling" she said to me.

We looked at each other even with tears streaming down both of our faces.

"Am I dead?" I asked her.

"Of course not" she replied as she wiped her tears away. "This is a dream but it's very important you remember everything I'm going to say. Are you ready to listen?"

"Yes mother"

"Good. Kiara, you are a very special young woman and you will be the one to rid these innocent people of the evil that controls them. Your mate will play a prominent role in this quest but someone else will play a crucial role in it. You have to forgive that person but in time you will get to know who I'm talking about. You must gather only people you know are loyal to you. Strength is not from the outside look, it comes from inside the heart. Do not take any of them for granted. If you do this well, these people will be with you throughout the rest of your life. They will help you, guide you, heal you and protect you. In times of need they will gladly lay down their lives for you. You will help these innocent wolves and you will be known as their saviour"

"What? How? This is too much. How am I supposed to do all of that"

"I believe in you and so will they. You just need to believe in yourself too"

"But mom..."

"That is all I can say. And if anyone tries to hinder you, remind them that you are the daughter of an Alpha. No one can stop you my child. No one"

"But mother..."

"Just believe Kiara, just believe"

And with those last words she left me and I woke up.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and a beautiful sunset and someone in the shower? Wait, hol'up where am I? I sat up immediately, my mind racing in a frantic manner and suddenly, my head started to ache badly. I'd gotten up a little too quickly. I lay down again and relaxed.

"This shit is so comfortable" I said as my head sank in the pillow.

I relaxed my brain and gradually, I remembered everything. I remembered meeting Cal, me tripping, my shower, the clothes, the garden, our hot and cold game, me tripping again, us talking, me throwing up, him asking me to be his girlfriend, him announcing me as his girlfriend, me fainting and then this. Wait, it's barely been a day and I actually agreed to be his girlfriend? What am I, crazy?

"Crazy in love, that is" True chuckled

"Dude! Can you not say shit like that? It's creepy"

"It's meant to be! You know what, suit yourself however you like but I'm not letting you let this one go"

Our conversation ended after that statement.
I decided to take a look around my surroundings. I walked around and based on the pictures and clothes lying around, I decided it was Calvin's room. I picked up one of the shirts to sniff it. It was his scent. I held it close to my nose and walked back to the bed. I placed the shirt on my face and closed my eyes as I fantasized about him.

The bathroom door opened and Calvin stepped out. I panicked and threw the shirt under the pillow and did my best to act natural.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing" I said hurriedly.

"Yeah, we'll both just pretend I didn't see you putting my shirt under my pillow."

I stuck my tongue at him and he repeated my actions. We laughed as I got up from the bed to give him a hug.

"Okay, like this is something you see everyday"

"I had a dream, Calvin. A dream about the fate of this pack. Do you want to free these innocent lives from the evil that controls them?" I asked him using the same words my mother had used.

"Of course. What do we do?"

"Wait what?"


"I mean, that was so easy. It's your family we're talking about. Adoptive family but still..."

"I know you want to take down Kenneth and Melody and I'm more than willing to help. But there's something I should tell you"

"What is it?"

"I'm not adopted. I'm their actual biological son"

Wait, whatttt!?🤪 Okay, it might be weird when I make these kinds of reactions of when I'm the writer but people who know me personally know how dramatic I am. 😌I mean I'm extremely DRAMATIC 😂😂I just can't help myself sometimes. Anyways, don't forget to vote, comment and follow me for update notifications.
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