Second Chance

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Kiara, an 18 year old girl who everything was taken from fights back. Her parents, siblings and mate are all killed in one way or another. Out of anger and pure hatred for the criminals who committed such actions, she swears revenge on them. But first, she must fight for her own life in a Decima. And why does the Alpha keep hiding Cal from the world? Will she be able to figure out all the uncovered secrets and get herself a second chance mate? Find out this and more in this mind blowing story: SECOND CHANCE

Fantasy / Romance
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This is my story and under no circumstances, I repeat, No circumstances is my work to be plagiarized in any way. I have complete rights over this book and nobody should try to steal it from me.

I do not appreciate even the slightest bit of my storyline or writing style being copied on this app or any other app.

My work is not to be copied or even translated. If I want a translation, I'll do it myself or get someone to do it for me if I need to.

And there should be no negative criticism in the comment section. Do not argue with or insult other commenters. It gets on my nerve and trust me when I say you don't want to witness my anger.

And if you've noticed, each chapter has a song attached to it. I'm not just an author, I'm an artist and I do everything with music (lol) so, my advice is to play each song as you read the story so as to get the real emotions cause, hehe, this story is the real deal😹😌

Without further ado, enjoy this beautiful story, Second Chance


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