Second Chance

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Chapter eighteen - Daphne

*Kiara's POV*

"I know Kenneth. I know why you killed my family."

They were all frozen in their seats. Unable to move, speak or even blink. I liked the effect my words gave them. It egged me on and so, I continued.

"My father was not related to you, yet he was the next in line to be Alpha. The moon goddess blessed him and moved the leadership from your family to his and when you heard about it, you knew the people would overthrow you and take him instead. So, you killed him, then killed my mother because you thought she'd spill the secret. Then you came back for my brother because he would still have the blessing to be the next Alpha and then for unknown reasons, you killed my mate too. Well let me tell you something. My brother was never a danger because he was born before my father got the blessing. I however, was born after. I'm the Alpha you wanted to kill. I've been here all along."

"Kenneth, what do we do?" Melody ask.

"First things first, I'm going to ask you to shut the fuck up!" Kenneth retorted. Apparently, he was pissed. I looked at all of them bickering with a smirk on my face.

"Well, Kiara, we know you won't want to take the position so, here's what will happen. Dwayne will take the position of Alpha over at Alpha Ty's pack and Calvin will marry his daughter, Daphne and be the Alpha here and then we can give you maybe $10 million dollars to leave this place, start a new life and I swear to the moon goddess no one will come after you and if you don't feel like leaving, we can make you a noble here and you'll forever be known as Lady Kiara." Kenneth said.

They were trying to make a deal that made everyone happy. I would go or stay and be free from people trying to kill me, Dwayne would be Alpha at Ty's pack and Kenneth would step down and Calvin would take his rightful place. Everyone would be happy. But at what cost? Ty's pack would be endangered and I'd lose my mate yet again. I would also disappoint my mother. It was all so confusing. I didn't know what to do but yet, I did.

"I've made my decision..."

"Wait! Kiara just wait. Before you say another word, I need to speak too. Father I am not, I repeat, I am not getting married to Daphne. I've found my mate. Why can't Dwayne marry Daphne? Why me? I'm not going to go through with this. Kiara, you have no reason to even make a deal with them. It's your rightful position to be Alpha of this pack. Not me, not Dwayne and certainly not him. Think about it, Kia. Please" Calvin said.

"Well, duh" I replied him as I laughed.

The telephone on the table rang and Kenneth was forced to pick it up.

"What?...Okay...Okay...Yes...Really?...So?... Alright, send her up. Well, Calvin, Daphne is here and you need to see her. This conversation is adjourned till she leaves. At the end of the day, Kiara will let us know her decision."

I nodded my head in acceptance of the decision and grabbed Calvin's hand as we walked out of the room. I had a gift to plan and he had a girl to talk to but strangely I wasn't bothered by it.

"You're going to send her away, right?" I asked him.

"Of course, Kiara. I'll see you later though. Bye"

"Yeah, bye" I said as I walked through the hallway thinking of a gift for him.

*Calvin's POV*

As I walked through the halls, my only thoughts were about Kiara. It'd only been a day and I felt like she was everything to me. Some might've said it was just the mate bond but it was more than that. My first mate and i didn't work out. When I told Kiara what happened between us and how she rejected me, she was shocked. She said she couldn't comprehend how someone would reject a mate like me and trust me, that wasn't what made me fall in love with her. She was just so precious to me, I couldn't bear to lose her and now my parents were thinking of setting me up with some girl I didn't even know squat about but I'd already made up my mind. As soon as I saw her, I'd reject her and move on with my life with Kiara.

I walked into the place room set up for our introductions only to find she wasn't there. Suddenly, I heard a cry close to one of the staircases. There was a girl sitting on the floor holding her foot. She had blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Daphne wasn't here so I might as well help the girl. I walked towards her and asked her what was wrong.

"Hey, umm I see you have a problem there. What happened?"

"Well I was walking back and forth on the staircase and at about the fifth time coming down, I slipped and sprained my ankle"

"Ouch!" I commented. "Here, let me help you"

She put her arm around my neck as I helped her walk down the stairs. We got to the infirmary but sadly, there was no one there.

"There's no one here. What am I going to do now?"

"Well, I think I've sprained my ankle enough times to know how to take care of this. I'll do it myself"

"Oh, okay" she replied meekly.

I went to one of the cabinets and brought out the first aid kit. She wasn't bruised so I just took out a bandage and wrapped it carefully around her foot. I touched it again and she touched my hand at the same time. It was strange but I didn't mind her actions because I already had a mate so it didn't bother me but then again, I'd never seen her here before.

"Umm, I've never seen you here before"

"Yeah, well I was supposed to see Alpha Kenneth's son, Calvin today. I was waiting and he didn't show so I started pacing and I sprained my ankle"

Her comment left me in shock.

"You were supposed to... wait, you're Daphne?"


"Well I'm Calvin"


"Well, thank you for what you did. It was really nice"

"Yeah, no problem. So, about our meeting..."

"Well, I was thinking we'd just do basic introductions"

We talked for sometime and got to know each other.

"Yeah, I just wanted to say after all you did I'm more than ready to go through with this. You're a really great guy, really cute and when you bandaged my foot and I touched you, I felt insane sparks Calvin. I think, I think I'm in love with you." Daphne said

"I'm really flattered Daphne but I don't feel the..."

I was about to tell her I didn't want her when she smashed her lips onto mine. I was disgusted and immediately broke away the kiss but what I saw at the doorway of the infirmary left me speechless. Just a few feet away from me, Kiara stood there and the colour of her skin and the look in her eyes tore my heart away from my body.


What the fuck just happened here?😭😭😭 I'm like sooo heartbroken. I feel so betrayed😭 Okay. Question for you readers, you're all obligated to answer. If you were Kiara, what would you do at that moment? Engage in the comment section 😉 Don't forget to vote please🤲🏾

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