Second Chance

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Chapter twenty - Please

*Calvin's POV*

I watched my mate leave my sight and enter into my room. I’d thought she’d left me forever. If she had, I probably would’ve killed myself. I’d also fantasized us running into each other’s arms when I finally found her. I thought everything would be over and we’d move on with our lives but this was an extremely different turn out. My first mate (even though she rejected me) was my first chance at love. After she died, I felt like I'd lost my whole world. I felt like my heart had been snatched out of me and then I met Kiara. Someone I’d known for only a day and had asked to be my girlfriend. The moment she glared at me so coldly it felt like my heart was crushed and stepped on over and over again. I mean, it's literally been just a day. I met her today, we had our picnic today, she fainted today, she woke up and asked to see Kenneth today and it’s only been a few hours since I’d asked her to be my girlfriend and unfortunately, I managed to break her heart. Honestly, the saddest part was that it was Daphne who kissed me. If only there was a way to tell her or show her or something but no, there wasn’t.

I decided I would find a way to tell her or try to explain the truth to her. I walked through the halls and got to the door of my room. I placed my hand on the door knob but then thought over my actions. I decided she would be tired and probably already sleeping. I didn’t want to bother her so I went to one of the guest rooms. As soon as I got there, I quickly opened the door and locked it from within. I left the key in the lock so that no one would be able to open it with another key. I turned on the lights and lay on the bed.

I closed my eyes for what felt like hours but was just a few minutes. I opened my eyes and groaned. I couldn’t sleep. Then I remembered I hadn’t turned the lights off. I got up from the bed and went to turn them off. I returned to the bed in just a few seconds and lay on the bed once again. I closed my eyes but still couldn't sleep.

Thoughts of the day started to rush into my head. I smiled at some thoughts and grimaced at some. How could everything have gone so wrong in less than 24 hours? Just then, I remembered something my mother had told me about two years ago. She said if a person couldn’t sleep, it meant someone was thinking about them but she also said it only happened when someone had found their mate. So in my case, that meant Kiara was thinking about me. Right? No, she was mad at me. She couldn’t be thinking about me or could she? I decided to find out.

I got up and out of the room. I walked straight to my room and placed my hand on the knob. At first, I hesitated but then I forced myself to regain courage and open the door. I had to know if what my mother said was true or if she was just lying to me, as usual.

I opened the door and steeped in quietly. I knew she would hear me or sense me in the least. She was a wolf, it's what we wolves do.

“Why even try when you know I can hear you?” she asked.

I smiled at her comment but she couldn’t see me. She had switched off her lights.

“Trying never hurt anyone” I replied.

“What are you even doing here?” she asked me. I hadn't replied her first question but she was asking me another.

“You brought me here.” I said. I decided to try my luck and believe that what my mother said was true. I didn't know for sure, I just wanted to try.

“I did no such thing.” She said as she rapidly stood up from the bed and switched on the lights.

“I didn't mean it literally. It''s mother once told me that if a person couldn't sleep, it meant their mate was thinking about them. I wasn't sure if it was true so, I thought I'd confirm.”

“Oh really?”

I walked towards her bed and knelt in front of her.

“Yes. Kiara, I know your mind doesn't believe me but you can listen to everything else. Your heart, your soul, your wolf. Kiara, I'd never do something like that. I...I love you.”

“You, you do?”

“Yes, Kiara, yes. I've been trying to make you understand that. I love you. I really really do.”

“Oh God, I've been such an idiot.”

“No, you haven't. You've just been confused. Maybe I rushed things a little and it made you doubt my loyalty and all that but I just need you to know that I love you.”

We looked straight into each other's eyes and I saw tears building up in hers. A few seconds after a tear rolled down her cheek, I felt a few tears falling from my eyes and soon, we were both crying.

This would make me look kinda “weak” in front of other guys but honestly, I didn't give a shit. I was in love with Kiara and so was sh...wait, she never did say she loved me. So how was I sure she actually loved me?

“Kiara?” I called.


“ you love me?” I asked.

I waited a few seconds but there was no reply. I waited a little longer but still no reply. It was almost a full minute since I asked if she loved me but she still hadn't replied and just when I thought she was about to reply me, she stood up from the bed and walked towards the door. She opened it and held it that way.

“Calvin, I think we should both get some sleep. It's already so late and I'm really tired.”

I got up from my knees, a bit embarrassed by what just happened but walked towards the door anyway. When I got to the door, I walked towards her to give her a hug but she declined and then replied with a kiss. We both whispered the word “Goodnight” into both our ears.

I left her room and walked into mine content even with everything that happened. She might not have said she loved me but that kiss was enough to say that everything was fixed.

I am really short for words right now but all I can say is I admire Calvin's sensitivity. Not every guy can be soft and comfortable with it. He's a great guy really. Just hope he doesn't end up kissing another girl😂😂💔 Don't forget to vote, comment and share😚
Love you guys🦋❤️

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