Second Chance

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Chapter twenty five - Hidden

*Kiara's POV*

Kenneth was here.
His followers and army were here.
The war was here.

Just the thought made me shiver. I closed the window and ran back to our planning room only to find everyone in the same state that I was - in shock. Almost as soon as I opened my mouth did Andrea snap everyone back to normal with a shout of "hey!" I walked towards her and asked her,
"What do we do?"

"We get you prepared" she replied.

"There isn't enough time for that we'll never make it" I said.

"Kiara, if there's one thing I know that got me here today, it's never saying never"

I looked into her gleaming eyes and sure enough, I found the hope I was searching for.

"Okay" I said. "Let's do this"

"Good" she replied.

She grabbed mine and Calvin's hands, who had just arrived and she ran. Suddenly, we skidded to a stop as she shouted towards the room. "Diana and Seth, you know the plan best. Get everyone out of here and into their positions. I'll be back soon"

Diane nodded her head and closed the door of the room. Hand in hand with I and Calvin, Andrea continued running until we reached the kitchen. She sat down on the floor behind the counter and waved us over to her. We walked gently and quietly, trying not to cause any noise.

"Now look here, the plan is very simple if you pay a lot of attention to what I'm saying. It's good you're both rested and energised for this so, you'll be at your best. Chances are when they get into the fight, they'll be after you, both of you. So, we're all going to go into the fight first then when it's time for you to come, we'll signal for you to do so. Like I said earlier, for you two, energy is key. You need to be at alert and you need to be strong at all times both physically and mentally. Are we set?"

"No" I said.

"What!?" they both asked.

"I understand the whole energy thing but I can't leave my people to die while I hide behind a kitchen counter. I'm sorry but I just can't do it."

Andrea let out a sigh before she said, "I know you're not okay with this and you probably never will but it's for a greater cause."

"People will die Andrea and I'll be here hiding behind them. It's not going to happen."

"Look, whether you like it or not, whether you're there or not people will die. All these people, these men and women, they're here because they want peace to reign. They're here knowing that there's a 70% chance that they won't make it out alive. They're here, willing to lay down their lives for their pack, for their Alpha."

Her speech almost had me in tears and of course, every little thing she said was true. I had no other choice than to succumb to the plan and so, I did.

"Fine. But it doesn't mean I'll like it."

"Honestly, I didn't expect you to."

"In fact, you wouldn't be you if you did." Calvin said, finally speaking up.

I gave him a smile as he put his hands on my shoulders and pressed lightly. I looked up to him with adoring eyes and smiled.

Andrea stood up and I saw her eyes flash a different colour. Her tone and expression shifted and it was an all too familiar one. Her wolf was taking over and she was excited for the kill to come. My only prayer was for her not to die in battle. That would break me completely.

“Alright, I have to go now. Please stay hidden until you hear the signal. Bye”

“Bye” Calvin replied.

“Be safe” I said with fear for her visible in my eyes.

“I will” She said while placing her hand on mine reassuringly.

She was up and out of the kitchen before I could say jack. Almost immediately, I heard a loud growl and I knew that it was hers. I turned myself in a 360 direction so I was face to face with my mate.

“Calvin, I'm scared.”

“I know. I can sense it.”

“Oh, God.” I said as I put my head on his shoulder.

“It's okay, it's okay. You don't have to worry. It'll all be fine.”

“What if it isn't? What if everything goes wrong? What if...What...?”

“Hey, hey, hey. Slow down, okay?” He said with his light musical laugh that brightened up my heart immediately. He pulled me close and hugged me and his breath tickled my ear.

“Everything will be alright.” He whispered into my ear, assuring me.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until I heard a loud growl from Andrea. Could it be? I should calm down a little. Then, I heard one from someone who I felt was Diane. They were my pack members so, I knew these things. I heard one from Jackson, Seth and finally, one from Andrea again. In total, five growls. The signal Andrea had given me. I remembered her telling me,

“When it's time for both of you to come in, you'll hear exactly five growls. You'll know who they're from automatically because you're the pack Alpha and also, they will be more pronounced than other growls. Immediately you hear the signal, you're going to come in and give it all you've got until we win this thing. We'll help you but you're going to have a bigger job to do because you've been training more and you'd be well rested...”

“The signal.” I said to Calvin.

“Let's go.” He replied and grabbed my hand. We started to run through the halls on our way to the blazing battlefield.

My people had called me and I was on my way. Look alive bitches, a Queen is on her way.

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