Second Chance

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Chapter twenty six - War

A/N: At a point in this chapter, point of view will change. I just want to explain properly to y'all before you start reading. We're going to start with Kiara then later, we'll switch to Calvin but we'll start his part from the very beginning of this chapter. Y'all probably confused now but I'll find a way to simplify it when you get there but for now, byeeee😗✌🏾

*Kiara's POV*

Hand in hand, we raced through the halls desperate to reach the field as soon as possible. True, who hadn't been in out in days was practically scratching my brain. I let her anger, worry, agitation and every other feeling wash over me without wasting another second and immediately, I shifted. I looked to my side to see Calvin who had also shifted. Guess "the big bad wolf" wanted to come out to play.

With us being in our wolf forms, we dashed out of the building and in accordance, jumped right into battle. We hadn't mated but I felt so in sync with him.

As soon as we reached what seemed like the centre of the field, I let out a loud howl. My people howled in return. They acknowledged my appearance and now, it was time to show Kenneth and his army what I was made of.

I ran towards a wolf who was attacking one of my own. I hadn't had a kill in ages and I was excited. I leapt into the air and accurately enough, I landed in a spot where ripping his throat was just a cinch. I did, anyway. I made my way through the field, ripping throat after throat, spine after spine; crushing bone after bone, well, I think you get it by now. I'd killed about a dozen wolves before I even looked around to see what was happening. The stench of blood excited my wolf more and more and my instincts became more primal. I heard a loud yelp and looked to my right where I saw a group of wolves circled one of my own. It was Diane. I rushed to help her my heart skipping beats randomly. I leapt at the biggest of the attackers and sunk my fangs deep into his back, dragging them through his back. By the time I had reached his tail, I flung out his spine in a quick movement and he fell down immediately. His fellow attackers were still in shock of what I had done and I took advantage of their stagnation and killed all of them in a short amount of time.

Diane, who was badly hurt, looked up to me with appreciation in her eyes then, I noticed something else - love but that love wasn't just ordinary love. I felt uneasy and started to back away slowly until I bumped into someone. It was Seth. Then, it all made sense. She was looking at Seth not me. I felt relief wash all over me.

Leaving them to be all lovey dovey, I went in search of my own mate whom I hadn't seen in about three hours or so, killing all of Kenneth's followers in my way. His scent grew stronger and I followed it excitedly. We hadn't mated yet so, his scent was my only means of tracking him. As soon as the scent was so strong that I could taste it, I got so excited but what I saw tore my heart out of my body.

There, on the floor, only a few inches away from me was my mate, hardly breathing, dying, almost gone. I rushed to meet him his fur going pale I howled out in despair. I and True were gradually losing our mind. I looked up and only a few feet away from me saw Kenneth, bloody and injured happy with what he had done. His eyes locked onto mine and a fire I'd never known blazed through me. In my moment if distraction, a reasonable amount of wolves had gathered around me, blocking Kenneth from my view.

The fire within me continued to blaze until I was sure it was out of control. I took my steps slowly, absorbing my environment. Watching, waiting. Until finally, the biggest wolf stood in front of me, challenging me. I lunged for him and tackled him to the ground. Without wasting any more time, I bit his chest and yanked out his heart. With his heart in mouth, I squeezed it and burst it. My mouth was filled with blood and fearlessly, I looked at the remaining wolves. The minor ones shrunk back, fear visible in their eyes.

I raised my head into the sky, giving the howl of the Alphas. Then, I ran forward, aiming for Kenneth. I was on a mission from hell, the devil became the master of my heart and goddess help the soul that tried to stop me.


*Calvin's POV*

I held Kiara's hand tightly as we ran through the halls. I kept running until when I felt Kiara's hand pull away. I stopped immediately and looked at her. She had shifted and she was no longer there. Well, her body was no longer there but instead, her wolf, True was there. I wasted no time myself and shifted into my wolf form.

In sync and harmony, we burst out the doors and leapt like cheetahs onto the battlefield. I was charged and ready for it. True, being an Alpha gave a loud howl and we, the people, her people responded immediately. I felt proud and honoured to be her mate.

Not quite long after that, she ran directly into battle and I mentally prayed for her because whether mated or not, she was still my mate and my girlfriend so, if anything were to happen to her, I'd be dead inside in a split second.

I calculated my movements, watching, observing, trying to figure out each and everyone's movement. It had always been my specialty anyway, I had just never done it on a battlefield. I watched the wolves closest to me, taking a note to only observe those with which I was five feet apart from. I kept doing that for a while watching, waiting, killing, just like a proper predator would. I felt just running into battle would get a person killed. Just then, I saw Kiara in the midst of a group of wolves, she was protecting a wolf I couldn't see. I was on the way to help her when I slowed down and stopped. Before I even took five paces, she'd killed all of them. She was a one-woman army and no one was well enough to stop her. I lunged towards other oncoming attackers before they could reach me, killing each and everyone and leaving none alive. I looked around until something or someone caught my eye. At first, I thought it was my imagination until I saw him clearly. Just a few feet away from me was the cause of the war, the leader of the opposing part, my father, Kenneth.

I had sighted the main cause of the war and the first registered person on the death list. I lunged for him and he sidestepped without the slightest problem. I organized and recollected myself and went back to my old methods of watching and waiting. Unfortunately, that didn't get me anywhere either as another broader but younger looking wolf attacked me from behind before I could react. Immediately I felt his presence, I noticed it was Dwayne. He grabbed me by my neck, obviously hoping to rip my throat. I shook him off and ran to where he was, first scratching at his eyes until I successfully pulled one out. He howled in severe pain and I used that opportunity to yank the other out. I wasted no time in ripping his throat. I looked at him with anger in my mind until my anger morphed into something else - pain, sadness, despair. I was dejected. I'd just killed my own brother and I felt good about it. Then, I realized he'd deserved it.

I was just about to turn around when a huge wolf tackled me to the ground and bit my leg, disabling me. I struggled to get up but he pinned me down and bit my throat, almost ripping it but then he left me alone. Just as he'd done to prisoners, he'd decided to torture me. Deny me a quick death by making every second of my remaining minutes a living hell. At least, I'd rid the world of one evil, Dwayne. Somebody else would end the other hopefully. I decided to use my last minutes to think about the things I loved most and then, I thought of Kiara. My loving mate, who surely would mourn me and hopefully avenge me. I smiled weakly and found myself growing weaker as I closed my eyes.

I don't even know what to say. Man is so devastated but hopefully, it'll all turn out well. Don't hate me for this though. I did what had to be done.😔
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