Second Chance

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*Kiara's POV*

Prologue (Silence by Marshmello ft. Khalid)

And so I stood, watching the cheering crowd.

Watching the gladiators.

Watching the referees.

And finally, watching the monarchs at the high seats. The same monarchs who had my parents and siblings killed, murdered my mate and in short, took away everything I had ever known and loved.

They sat there, laughing and mocking me, waiting for the battle to begin, so I could face my own terrible death like everyone else.

But no, no!

I wouldn't please them, they wanted me for a maid and personal slut, but I constantly refused and rebelled against their wishes.

I wouldn't please them then, I wouldn't please them now, and I wouldn't please them ever. They would know and unfortunately for them, they would come to realize the hard way, that I am not for anyone's pleasure. They would pay for what they did. For each and every person I loved that they killed, I would get my revenge, I swore it.

I looked at them. Each and every one of them. Those wretched bastards. The royal family of the Lynx pack. The royal idiots that messed with the wrong girl. I promised myself and my wolf, True that we would exact our revenge on them, in this life or the next. We would bring royal pain down onto their royal asses. It was a certain promise.

Because of them, True and I would never be complete. They took away our mate and destroyed our future of happiness and as I cried angry tears, I said to myself,

"I, Kiara Crescendo promise myself that I will exact my revenge on the royal family of the Lynx pack and no soul on this earth will stop me."

That was a personal promise that I would surely fulfill. No matter what the world threw at me, I would do it. I honestly didn't know how, but I would.

But I couldn't do it now because there was a rule that during every Decima, no participating wolf could come close to the Alpha and other seated high personalities.

By the way, a Decima is an ancient battle designed by an Alpha King years ago. It's a battle where a group of wolves who have been picked have to fight to the finish and by "to the finish" I mean till all wolves except one are dead. And by "picked", I mean punished with it. Obviously, with the definition above, you should realise now that it's dangerous shit.

But in my opinion, it's a sickening event organized by idiotic shit-faced leaders who think they can just kill whoever they please.

To them, and about 40% of the crowd watching, it's just a game. Like a movie they can just sit down and watch with popcorn and slushies or something. And when they see someone looking victorious or something they release more warriors onto them because they feel like adding more drama. They're like the directors or producers and the whole thing is some dumb play. I mean they could as well sit in their thrones and yell "action".

Damn, I'm funny. I'm practically laughing to myself because I just made a joke in the midst of all this shit going on. I mean, if there was an award for laughing and cracking jokes in the midst of serious times, I would sooo win it.

"What's so funny?", asked Megan one of the competing gladiators, who I had actually formed a kind of friendship with. Well, not really friendship, it's sort of an alliance as she calls it. Basically, we both agreed to have each other's backs until we were both left and then we would fight till one of us died. I think she only agreed cause I'd have her back and then she'd have a better chance of winning. But she doesn't know how badly I have to win. From my revenge plan to my love for life, dying wasn't really an option either.

"Nothing, just thinking about how I'm gonna kick ass out there", I replied

"And then have your ass kicked by me", she retorted

"Keep telling yourself that", I snorted

"Yeah, that's the thing, I will, and you better not break your promise out there. We have each other's backs, alright?"

"I won't if you don't"

"Well I won't"

"Okay then"

We both watched with intensity as the four referees dressed in midnight blue robes (our pack colour, by the way) walked into the stadium in a single file. They all walked until they were under the royal's seats and knelt with one knee as they all chorused

"Alpha Kenneth, Luna Melody and all members of the royal family of the Lynx pack, we greet you well"

Then Kenneth, with a slight nod of gratification, greeted them too.

The leading referee, Charles, walked away from the line and into the centre of the stadium and said,

"Members of the Lynx pack, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Pack's first Decima in decades. It is no secret that the ones who will fight are here for a reason. They are here because they have disobeyed the Alpha's orders in ways so great that could not be forgiven."

He gave a dramatic pause so that his words would sink in. Then he continued.

"They have brought this great punishment upon themselves and so, they will punish themselves by fighting to the death. This Decima has been approved by all other pack Alphas and so, once again and finally, I welcome you to the Lynx pack Decima."

"My lord, Kenneth", he said as he looked to the Alpha.

Then, with his Alpha commanding voice, he said:"Let the Decima begin"

And at that moment I knew, that nothing was going to remain as it was just a few seconds ago.

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