Second Chance

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Chapter twenty seven - Goddess

*Kiara's POV*

I raised my head into the sky, giving the howl of the Alphas. Then, I ran forward, aiming for Kenneth. I was on a mission from hell, the devil became the master of my heart and goddess help the soul that tried to stop me.

I killed wolves all in my path, male and female, young and old. They all deserved to die. They had aided Kenneth, the evil that I was trying so hard to rid them of. He was killing them, killing their economy, basically eating it from the inside but yet they sided with him and he killed Calvin, the love of my life, my second and last chance at love. They would all pay.

As I got into position, Kenneth only a few feet away from me, I heard a voice inside my head. Someone from my side of the war was trying to communicate with me. I shut out the voice and closed in on Kenneth who stood fearlessly clearly satisfied with his own son's death and saddened about something else. I noticed that he kept looking at Calvin, that made me even angrier until I realised he was looking at what was only a few feet away from him, a dead body, Dwayne's dead body. That seemed to calm and straighten me a bit. My mate had died but at least he had died fighting. He fought a battle and he won and now, it was up to me to win the war.

I took Kenneth who was still silently mourning his beloved son by surprise. I leapt onto him and made sure he died a slow and painful death. I tore out his eyes and peeled of the skin on his head, I bit at his hind legs, breaking both thereby disabling him and disallowing him to make any further movement. He howled out multiple times and soon, his followers gathered around us, watching. I took a second to look back and unfortunately, he took that as an avenue to attack by breaking one of my hind legs. I fell down to the floor only a few feet away from him.

“Yes, Calvin killed my son but I'll kill you. I'll kill you or die trying, Kiara. You should have just died in that Decima or at least in the cell. Then, none of this would have happened. Innocent lives would not have been lost but your defiance, your stubbornness, it has cost many their lives. You should feel ashamed. You have killed fathers, mothers, sons, sisters, daughters, brothers, uncles and aunts of innocent wolves. How does that make you feel? You can kill all you want but this memory will forever haunt you because you will never be like me.” He said.

“You're right. Lives have been lost today but not all are innocent. Majority were on your side. If anyone should be haunted, it should be you because you were the one who led them to their deaths. It was your defiance not mine and yes, innocent lives have also been lost but they were willing and ready to fight on the side of justice so they will never be forgotten. Also, I will never ever be like you.”

A sudden burst of energetic rage filled my mind and the only thing I wanted was to kill him. I had wanted him to die painfully and I also needed to do it quick because I was in a very bad condition. I yanked out his spine and then broke it right in front of him. Unfortunately, he couldn't watch me do it. I felt exhilarated as I looked to the crowd of wolves watching me, who one by one, began to bow to me. Kenneth was dead, they'd accepted my leadership and the war was officially over.

I howled out, showcasing my power as expected of an Alpha and in unison, they all howled back with not one howl out of tune. Satisfied, I limped back to Calvin and laid my head on him. Tired, devastated, dejected, in despair. Those were the only feelings I had at the time.

I mind linked Seth and Jackson and told them to carry Calvin's body. I couldn't even bear to look at his body anymore. Maybe, this was what was meant to be. Maybe, I was never meant to have a mate. Maybe, I was meant to rule on my own or get myself a choice mate. Honestly, I didn't even know. All I knew was that I was tired and I needed accurate rest.

Still in wolf form, I walked into the building, followed by the others. I shifted at the front of my room door and as bloody and injured as I was, I walked into the bathroom, into the bathtub, turned on the shower and sat. I sat and I cried. I screamed and shouted, the pain finally setting in. For all I cared, the water would drownlI cried my eyes out until I thought they would bleed. I cried for what felt like ages until finally, I decided to turn off the water. I had no more energy in me so, I lay down in the tub and slept.


I woke up in an all to familiar place with my mother and other five women before me. I was on the floor, surprisingly dressed in a pure white flowing off the shoulder, high-low hem gown. I brought myself to a standing position and looked at each and every one of their faces but there was one I couldn't even dare to look at because she was too bright.

Just then, a thought came to me and I gave into the urge to ask.

“Am I dead?” I asked.

“No dear, you're not” one of the women answered.

“Kiara, we brought you here because we need to talk to you.” My mother answered.

“ need to talk to me. W...why?” I stuttered.

“It’s not something that can be explained.” She replied.

“What do you mean,‘It can't be explained’ ?”

“Well...” She started.

“Dear child, please sit. There is so much you need to know in so little time.” The bright woman finally spoke.

“O...kay” I said, feeling the power emanating from the woman. I replayed her sentence in my head and I remembered that she asked me to sit. I was just about to ask her where I was to sit when I felt my hand touch something hard but awkwardly soft and I turned back to look at it only to find a chair. An actual chair. I was starting to get creeped out. Amazed, fascinated and whatever other word could be used as a synonym? Yes.
Creeped out? Also yes.

“Just so you know, I can hear your thoughts.” The bright woman said, laughing.

“Oh” I said, mortified.

“Yes, now let's get down to business. Shall we?”


“Kiara dear, just like your mother already said, we've called you here to talk to you. Not many people have this privilege and honestly you're the second in centuries to ever come here.”

My mind began to race with so many questions that I knew only she had the answer to. I wanted to ask her but as I thought I got the courage to ask her, another question seemed to pop up. It was a never ending stream of questions.

“Oh my. One at a time please dear. It's messing with my head.” She said.

At first I was confused but then I remembered that she could read minds.

“Oh, okay... mind reader. Got it.” I whispered to myself.

“So, who was the first one to come here?”


“Well, you did say that I was the second person to come here in centuries. So, I want to know who the first was.”

“Well, that's easy” She said with a light laugh. “It was your mother.” She finished.

“Ohh” I said. Then I continued, “But what brings people here? Sorry, I mean why do you bring people here? And what exactly is this place?”

“Well, the only people that are allowed to come here are those of exceptional character. Those whose destinies can be said to be greater than the universe. Those that have been chosen for reasons unexplainable to man. My dear, when the time is right, you will know exactly what this place is but that is not the matter at hand. We, as a council as you may understand, have sensed your distress and have come to offer you a proposal.”

“What distress? And what sorta proposal are we talking about? I am so confused right now.”

“Have you forgotten so soon?” One of the women asked.

“Oh, no, she's been here too long. She's starting to forget about the world below.” My mother said.

I heard loud gasps from the other 5 women and noticed a somewhat sad look on the brightest woman's face.

“What? What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Kiara, your body is not meant for this place so, you're not meant to stay here too long.” she replied.

“So, where is my body meant for?” I asked.

“You know what? Let's forget the questions. I'm going to talk really fast now so please, try to keep up. Okay?”


“You lost your mate, Calvin in a war against his father, Kenneth and his followers. You're the one I blessed. The only True Alpha of this pack, the Lynx pack. Your mother used to bring you here whenever I gave her permission to. But now, you have to make a decision. It's either you keep seeing your mother, in the sense that you get to see her anytime and anyday based on you and then you lose your mate or you bring your mate back and never see your mother again. When we send you back to your body and you remember, all you have to do is focus your mind and energy on whichever one of them you want to keep. Whichever one of them's face we see, we will give you. Okay?”

“Okay. Even though I don't understand what you just said.”

“Don’t worry, it will all be clear when you're back inside your own body.”


“Goodbye my dear, I love you.” My mother said.

“Byee” I replied her.

“But wait, who are you? I asked the bright woman.

“If I told you, you wouldn't believe.” She replied me with a smirk.

I stood up and found myself in my body again.


I woke up in the bathtub feeling strangely refreshed and somewhat purified and a terrible headache overcame me. I struggled for air with my head pounding extremely hard. Almost immediately, a flood of conversations entered my head and everything became crystal clear. My visit to that place, our whole conversation, the bright woman. Wait, the bright woman, who was she? I decided to forget the questions and focus on my decision.

I could either choose Calvin or my mother. Such a hard choice, yes, I loved Calvin but we hadn't mated and we weren't officially a thing. It's not like I was ever going to but if I ever needed to, I could get a choice mate but my mother on the other hand, she was my irreplaceable😂. She was my everything. She practically brought me to life. Ughhh, it was so hard to pick but I made my decision and pictured them in my mind. I focused for sometime until I felt it was okay to stop. I willed them to come to me and when the door opened, my heart skipped random beats as I saw my mate, Calvin, the love of my life standing before me.

“Calvin” I said, running to him, tears welling in my eyes. He was still bloody and injured but he was dressed in some khaki shorts and a black shirt. I held him tightly not caring that I had showered and he had not.

“Thank you goddess” I whispered and a familiar voice replied with a
“You're welcome.”

Then it all made sense to me. Oh shit, I'd been talking directly to the actual moon goddess.

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