Second Chance

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Chapter twenty nine - One night

*Calvin's POV*

I looked at Kiara, shocked and astonished that she really made that statement out loud. She was brave and she always had it in her but the fact that she did it, even with a smirk! I'd underestimated her and I felt so ashamed.

“A party?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, a party.” Kiara said as calmly as ever. “I want to throw a party, to celebrate the dead, the living and also, to let off some steam after that whole war thing, you know?”

“B...” Andrea said although she was interrupted by Diane.

“Oh come on, Andy, let the girl throw a party. She's the Alpha. She can do whatever the hell she wants!” Diane said overly excited.

“Calvin? What do you think?” Kiara asked me.

“I think it's a great idea. Plus, it will be a great way to socialize with the Pack members so they know that you're not some stuck up, two-faced Alpha like my father was.” I said.

“I totally agree with Cal.” Seth said, finally speaking up.

“Well, you are right. It would be a great way to socialize. Okay then, let's get started on the planning.” Andrea replied.

We all left the room with our plan set, we would not inform the pack members about the planning. Since the building was on an almost deserted island, it would be sort of a beach party. Just us, the sand, the cool breeze and waves and the moon.

We entered Andrea's extremely large store room and found the materials we needed for a party. The streamers, ribbons, even a canopy with iron supports. We piled them up outside and then, Diane and Seth went into the kitchen to help the cooks there so the food would be made as quickly as possible. So, it was only I, Kiara and Andrea left. We started by making the tent. First, we fixed the covering top on to the iron supports then we lifted it up. Unfortunately, we failed at that. There were four supports and only three of us so, we had Kiara mind link Seth and tell him to come help us. He arrived in no time and soon, we raised up the supports. He sped back to the kitchen to help them out and then we continued with the decorations.

In two hours, everything was set and ready to go. We raced back into the building and into our respective rooms. I got into the room and Kiara jumped me, literally.

“Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I just missed you I guess. Every single moment of the day we're usually busy with one thing or the other, it's just usually work here and there and finally, even if it's just for half an hour or so, we finally get time to be alone.”

“You're right actually. And I did miss being with you.”

“I know right”

“What do you mean “you know right”?”

“Well, I'm your favourite person. What do you expect?”

I laughed out at her comment. It was a fact though.

“You know I'm right.” She said.

“Well, answer me.” She persisted.

“Okay, okay, fine, you're right.” I said.

She grinned widely and I decided to tease her a bit. So, I added,

“Just this time though”

“You...” She said as she picked up a pillow and threw it at me. I picked another and threw it at her. We went back and forth until we found ourselves standing and jumping on the bed, screaming like little children.

“Okay, okay, I give up and you need to too. We have just about twenty minutes left and we honestly shouldn't waste any more of it.”

“Fine” she said, annoyed that we had to stop but it wasn't my fault, we did have to stop. I threw a towel at her and she grabbed it without a problem. She smiled at me and walked into the bathroom. I decided to set out a dress for her to wear so as to save her the trouble of looking for a dress. I grabbed a black and flower patterned, spaghetti strapped, V line dress with black sandals for her feet.

In just a matter of time, she came out the bathroom and I met with her at the entrance. I had grabbed a towel from the rack so, I just walked into the bathroom.

I turned on the water and opened the cupboard just above my head to get my “secret” liquid bathing soap. I poured it into the tub which was full of water and scrubbed my body till I was sure I had gotten rid of any sort of sweat or grime on my body. I got up and out of the tub and back into the room.

I looked at the bed and saw that she had laid out clothes for me. It was very like her to reciprocate such actions. I looked at the clothes and examined them. She had laid out a white top, dark blue jeans and my dark blue crocs.

I dried myself, put on the clothes and stepped out of the room. I walked around for a minute or two, looking for Kiara before I remembered that we had all agreed to meet back at “the planning room”.

I walked there and found everyone there, waiting for me. I was literally the last to get there.

“Oh, I'm really sorry for being late and having to make you wait for me.” I said.

“No problem bro, in fact, you're right on time.” Diane said.

“Okay then, let's get this show on the road.” Kiara said.

I grabbed her hand and gently placed it in mine. We all walked outside and Kiara mind linked everyone in the pack to come outside. In just a few minutes, they all came outside and their eyes lit up. I looked to my right and saw Kiara who was almost in tears because she had achieved her goal by making them all happy.

We ate, drank and danced until we were sure we were tired. Then, Seth made a joke about how Jackson was missing out on all the fun and all. We laughed and laughed and then we kinda walked away until we got to the edge of the water, still laughing at his joke. Kiara, for the second time today, tripped and almost fell but luckily for her, I was there to catch her. I caught her and pulled her to my chest before she lost her balance again. I took her right hand in my left one and we looked into each other's eyes purposefully.

I took my eyes of her for a second and then looked again. This time, it was like she was the only existing being on the planet. Everything else had faded away and all I could see was her. I could see the wind blowing in her face and hair, the stars and moon shining directly above her like they were her creations, like they worshipped her. She was extremely beautiful and in that moment, she said the last thing I'd expected to hear from her, something she had never said to me before. She said,

“I love you.”

My heart leapt at her words and I had no choice but to do the same. It wasn't even about choice. I said it because it was true. I saw her eyes water just a bit and on instinct, I leaned in, until I felt our noses touching

And then I said,

“I love you, Kiara, I really do. And I hope there's never anything or anyone that threatens to separate us ever again.”

She gasped and I thought it was a little too much. I was about to ask if I was too direct until she kissed me. I had kissed her before but I don't think it had ever been this intense. But then again, it wasn't really her I kissed since True was in control that time. We kissed for what felt like hours until I felt her hands tighten around my head, grabbing my hair in locks. After a while, I pulled away and she looked at me, breathless. I picked her up bridal style and carried her into the building.

We reached the room and I opened the door effortlessly. I dropped her gently on the bed and looked at her with a look of concern. She knew what was coming next and luckily, she granted my request. I kissed her again and then moved down to her neck. I felt my fangs retract and as gently as possible and also without hesitation, I bit down on her neck.

Sooooooo, that happened😂 I know in normal werewolf books with mating scenes it's supposed to be a smut, sexual scene or something but that's just not my specialty. Like, I don't know how to do it😂 I've never read it before, so, I think you understand me now😭😂I'm sure the last two paragraphs were terrible af😔buttt, I'm trying my best 😂Just accept me like that, I'm not a romantic soul😂🤲🏾Anyway, there's only one more chapter left till the epilogue🤩
Stay glued to your phones😂
Love you guys🦋♥️

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