Second Chance

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*Kiara's POV*

Just last night, Calvin had asked me to marry him. Who knew that weddings came so quick when you were an Alpha. I'm getting married today and oddly, everything was here. From the dress, to the shoes, the jewelry, it was all here.

I had just finished taking my bath and maids upon maids were filling my room but I literally sent them all out because I would not have anyone dress me up. When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of my mother dressing me up on my wedding day. She was dead and unfortunately gone, yes but I would not let even dreams of her be washed down the drain. So, if she wasn't here to dress me up, nobody would dress me up.

I picked up the dress and effortlessly got into it. It was a blue ballgown dress with a heart shaped armless look. I had gotten into it but then, fixing it was the problem. It had to be strung in a zigzag from behind. I tried and tried until I realised it was of no use. I felt tears running down my face when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly wiped my tears and said,

“Come in”

The person opened the door and shut it as quickly as possible. It was Diane, apparently, she had come to check up on me and I, I was an idiot who needed urgent help. My wedding was in less than two hours and I hadn't gotten shit done.

“Oh, goddess. What are you doing?” she asked.

I started sobbing and unfortunately I began to cry.

“What's wrong?”

“I can't explain it. It's just...”

“Hey, hey, look at me, it's okay, it's fine. It's going to be fine. I don't know what exactly the problem is but I know you and I know they you're not the type to shed tears so, when you do, it's usually for a really serious matter. You know what? I don't even want to know why you're crying because talking about it will only make you tear up the more. Just try not to think about it, okay?”

“Okay” I said already wiping my tears.

“Promise?” she asked once again.

“Yes, I promise” I hugged her with so much gratitude.

“Now, sit so I can glam you up for your wedding.”

I sat and she strung my dress for me. A few minutes later, she started my makeup, finished it, put my shoes on and styled my hair. In roughly about two hours, we were done.

She grabbed my hand and we raced down the halls and towards the ballroom where the wedding was to take place.

As soon as the door opened, the orchestra had already started playing the usual wedding tune. I walked, one step at a time making sure not to rush or be too slow at the same time. About ten steps later, I was done walking down the isle and I was face to face with Calvin with only the priest in our middle.

He spoke for a while before he said,
“Now, it is time for the couple to take their wedding vows”

I looked at Calvin and he looked right back at me. I mind linked him and told him why I was extremely nervous. It had been just hours since he proposed to me and I hadn't prepared shit. He started snickering and soon enough, I joined him. The audience looked at us like we were crazy but then I decided it was time to stop. I cleared my throat and Calvin told me that he would go first.

“Kiara, from the moment I saw you and rescued you, I was a goner. I was sure that you were the one the rest of my life would be about, I knew that this would end up happening and nothing would stop us from being together again. Your heart, soul and beauty inspire me to be the best person I can. And on this day in front of men and the goddess, I pledge my undying love to you in sickness and in health, in richer and poorer, for better or for worse till death do us part.”

His words melted me and before I could even start talking, I had begun to cry. I heard “awws” from the audience.

“Calvin, the moment that I saw you, I felt so attracted, I mean I had never felt so attracted to anyone in my life. But then, I found out you were Kenneth's son and then it was like there was a drain trying to suck out all of the affection or something but then you, you showed me that family doesn't matter, that people can make their own decisions on how their lives turn out whether they turn out good or bad, right or wrong. You made me see that no one can decide our destinies, except us. So, on this day, before men and the goddess, I pledge my eternal love to you in sickness and in health, in richer and poorer, for better and for worse, till dea...naa, even death can't do us part, so lemme take that line again. For better and for worse, in this life or the next.”

I looked to the audience and saw Diane wiping her eyes over and over and then I noticed that she had used so many tissues which were all over the floor around her. I laughed at her, tears still in my eyes.

“And now the rings?” the man said. Then be started, “Do you, Calvin...”

“Priest, with all due respect sir, can we rush this thing because my feet are killing me?”

The audience and my mate laughed at my comment.

“Well, with such heart melting vows I don't see why not. So, just put the rings on one another.”

We put on the rings and then both awkwardly uttered the words “I do” and then laugh at each other.

“Well then, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Calvin lifted my veil and then I caught him by surprise by leaning in and kissing me first. He kissed me until we heard the priest clear his throat about five times.

We looked at the priest and laughed. Then the priest said,

“With all due respect, get out of my church and go have fun”

I took off my shoes and Calvin grabbed my hand as we ran out. The congregation followed closely behind us. We ran until we got back into the mansion and then I remembered something.

“Quick, we have to get to the closest balcony.” I told Calvin.

He grabbed my hand and soon we were at a balcony that was closest to where the people were.

“Okay, girls are you ready?” I asked as I shook the bouquet of flowers in my hand.

There were loud screams coming from the crowd and so, I took it as a yes. I turned my back to them and then I threw it. I turned immediately to see who got it. My eyes lit up when I saw the receiver. It was Diane. Suddenly, Seth came out of nowhere and said,

“Well, this just makes things easier for me.”

We were confused at his statement until he went straight to Diane and got down on one knee. Before he'd even asked her, Diane had said yes about six times. I and Calvin laughed at her.

I lost everything, but then I gained it back in such a way I had never expected. I saw my mother even after death, though I won't be able to do that again, I saw a sort of father figure in Ty, who would come later for the reception, I gained a best friend, A Second Chance mate and I had the wedding I had dreamed of. I had everything I had ever wanted.

“Everything?” Calvin, who was obviously listening to my thoughts asked.

“Well, not everything, there is one more thing” I told him.

“Your wish is my command” he said.

And you know what I said? I said,

“A baby”

“There's nothing more I would want to give you right now” he said.

“What!?” I said, laughing as he carried me, bridal style and we ran down the hallway and into our room.


OMG Guyssss, this is it, the end of this amazing book, Second Chance.😍 Thank you guys for all the support from the very beginning, thank you for liking, commenting, sharing and most of all, thank you for actually reading this book.😍😍 We've come a long way together for it to get to this point but I'm afraid we have to stop here😂
Love you guys so, so much🦋♥️

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