Second Chance

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Chapter one - Decima

*Kiara's POV*

The battle horn sounded and the first four prisoners were let loose. They circled each other until one of them with blonde hair and brown eyes who I knew as Marshal made the first move towards the thinnest one, I never knew his name so I called him skinny. Not to his face anyway, just, you know, in my mind when I thought about how I was gonna take him down. But unfortunately, I didn't get to be in his team.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Megan asked

"Just feeling sorry for Skinny over there. He'll be dead in less than a minute"

"He's already dead"

Then I looked and saw that Skinny's head had been bitten off by Tara, one of the contestants. She'd shifted and then given Skinny the fatal blow. I looked at her and she stared at me straight in the eyes.

"Sad stuff" I murmured

"Hehe, now she's gonna get it" Megan chuckled



I turned around and saw the last prisoner, Conner creeping up behind Tara. He was a really good fighter but he made one mistake. He went to her when she shifted. I'm so shocked he's that stupid. Anyone and everyone knows a wolf's sense is enhanced when they shift. Tara turned around and with the look in her eyes, even Conner knew he was dead meat.

"You idiot!" Tara exclaimed "you really thought you could sneak up on me!? I'll rip you apart!"

And as Conner was in the process of shifting, she bit off his head exactly as she had done to Skinny. Then as she was revelling in her victory, Marshall came out of the blue and finished her off. Marshall was the only left prisoner therefore, he was the winner.

"Looks like we're up next" I said to Megan

"Yeah, looks like it" she replied

"You're scared?"

"No, I'm not scared. Are you scared?" She replied but I was pretty sure I noticed her voice wavering

"The actual fear is not being able to proclaim your fear" I said

"Where'd you get that from? The newspaper?" She said as she chuckled

"My mom taught me that when I was eight"

"Oh...I didn't realise... I'm...uh... really sorry" she stammered

"No, it's okay. She might have been murdered but when I talk about her I don't want it to seem like a sad thing, you know? Because I believe that she's with the moon goddess...resting."

Megan was the only one who knew about my secret. But she kept them as her very own.

"Now are you ready to go kick some ass?" I asked

"Hell yeah. Remember the plan?"

"Ugh...Yes" I groaned. She'd practically reminded me about 5 times now

"Prisoners, you may enter!" Said Charles with his booming voice

We all walked in in a straight file. I, Megan and two other prisoners named James and Tanner. Tanner was the biggest, James the fastest, Megan the strongest but I...I was the best. They didn't know it, but they would come to know. I didn't just fight physically. I fought with my body and my brain and True was also extremely intelligent so let's just say I was blessed.

"This is going to be so easy" said Tanner

"Don't count your wolves before they shift Tanner" Megan replied.

"Ohh, but you won't even shift before I can rip you apart" he replied

He went in for the first strike but Megan immediately blocked his blow. James who had already shifted came out of nowhere and tried to get a shot at her but just as planned, I defended her by deflecting his attack. I shifted and threw him back about 5 feet. He landed on top of one of the poles surrounding the stadium and was impaled. Unfortunately for him, the tips of all the poles were coated with wolfsbane. He died immediately.

"One down, one more to go. Then you, I suppose" Megan said

"You know I was just about to say the same thing" I replied

We'd both shifted and now our wolves were in control.

I suddenly heard a voice and then realised it was coming from within me. It was my wolf, True who was trying to communicate with me.

"What?" I asked

"Watch out you idiot"

I immediately noticed Tanner coming at us with brute force. Megan was still trying to regain her strength from the fight as her wounds were healing up. I pushed her out of the way and then ducked as Tanner got to us. I slid and lay down and then raised my knee up as I kicked him "where the sun don't shine". He felt the impact and as he fell down I immediately rolled out of the way. Megan (in her wolf form by the way) came and finished him off.

Then it was just the two of us.

The moment we'd both been anticipating but not really looking forward to.

"This is it huh?" I said

"This isn't the time to be sentimental or funny in any way. Finish it so we can get our revenge." True said to me

"Well, it was nice knowing you." I said to her

I'd been talking to her and she hadn't been replying me. I was getting pretty annoyed

"Really? Silence? That's what you're going with?" I said

"Sometimes even silence is a great weapon" she said "we haven't even started fighting and you're already getting racked up"

"Well it's rude to not reply people, you know?"

"Yeah, I know" she said as she ran into me.

I was caught off guard by her sudden attack but I quickly regained my balance before I hit the ground.

Since she started fighting I'd been looking at all her moves...memorising them.

"Left kick, Right punch, Left punch, Fake kick..." I recited to myself

"I'm really sorry it had to end this way babe

"Oh, go fuck yourself"

"Maybe after you're dead"

We fought for what felt like hours, slashing kicking and punching but I never made a move. I just dodged, tiring her out.

"Are you weak now?" She asked

"No," I replied "but you are"

I came forward with all my strength as I rammed into her claws forward and then with a quick move, pulled out her heart.

She was dead.

I wasn't.

I won.

She didn't.

It was all over.

Or maybe it wasn't.


I just love this😩What's gonna happen?😬 Comment what you think really important by the way.

Love you guys🦋♥️

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