Second Chance

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Chapter two - Error

*Kiara's POV*

I stood there, at the centre of the stadium, watching everything around me. I was in shock, just as much as everyone around me. I'd killed to survive. I'd won.
Not that I didn't think I wasn't happy, don't get me wrong, I was and not that I wasn't grateful to the moon goddess. I was shock. I started getting a little confused. I was waiting for the moment when someone would shout "She's mad" or "She's gone insane" because here I was in the midst of all this rambling in my own head. I mean, who does that?
After that, I started to feel agitated, waiting for someone to come out and announce that I'd won so I could start planning my revenge on those stupid royals. Thinking about them makes me angrier everytime.

Then Charles came out, walking towards the stage. Every step he took was an increase in my excitement. But I couldn't start grinning like an idiot, so I decided to play it cool.
He stopped and then started,"Members of the Lynx Pack, you have all witnessed the battles that took place here. From the beginning till this very point."
I was so excited. I was waiting for him to announce me so that I could get on with my life. But then his next words crushed my hopes.
"Now, it is time for the final battle to take place in order to determine the winner. It is my greatest pleasure to commence the final stage of the Decima."

Honestly, I'd never been so confused in my life. I stood there, stuck in my position, unable to decipher what he'd just said. I was still trying to understand what he meant by "final".
All of a sudden, True shifted, took control of me and rolled out of the way.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Saving your life, idiot". She retorted." What are you trying to do? Get yourself killed?"

"What are you..." But then I saw what had just happened.
I'd totally forgotten about Marshall. The wolf who'd won the first round while I won the second. I had made a huge error. A fatal mistake that if not for True would have cost me my life.

"Oh,shit" I said

"Yeah, no duh"

"Look, I'm sorry okay, I guess I zoned out and lost concentration"

"You can' know what, we'll have this conversation later. There are bigger problems at hand" True finished.

There was no denying it. My wolf was pissed.

* True's POV*

Once again, Marshall charged towards us. I was ready for him. My head was in the game.

I rolled out of the way immediately he reached my position. And gave him a kick in the back. I didn't have time for his shit.

"You bitch!" He screamed

"Tired?" I asked "or Scared?"

"Dead?" He asked.

For a second, I was confused but then I realised he wanted me to say no and then he'd say he would kill me. He was a smart guy, I'd give him that. But no one on this planet could be as sarcastic as I was.

"Cat got your tongue? Oh, sorry, I forgot the dead don't speak"

That actually made sense! I couldn't take it anymore.

"That's it!" I screamed

No living soul could be as sarcastic as me. He was going down.

"Nobody uses sarcasm against me, nobody!"

I charged towards him with all of my strength and then put my claws forward. I pulled out his spine and then crushed his heart. Once again, I'd emerged as winner. I was tired of all these games. I gave Kiara control again.
Well, I was trying to but she wouldn't let me.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked angrily. "First, you zoned out and now you won't shift?"

"Dude, if I shift I'll be naked. As in completely naked." She replied

"So, what's so wrong in being naked?"

"Uh...I don't know...everything. How and why would you expect me to be naked in front of hundreds of people?"

I rolled my eyes at her comment.

I caught Alpha Kenneth staring at me and I stared right back at him. It was a sign of disrespect but did I care? Hell no.
Then I went as far as to mouth the words "It's me bitch, here in the flesh" in a way that no one except him would see. He understood and then looked away as if nothing happened.

Charles walked briskly to the stadium and then stopped a few feet away from me and started his final speech of the day (well I hoped it was)
He started "We have all witnessed the battles that have taken place in this stadium and have borne witness. On this note, I will leave the rest of the talking to our great Alpha, Alpha Kenneth."

"Great people of the Lynx Pack. You have all been patient and have seen the outcome of it. This girl has emerged winner of the Decima and her life is proof of it. Therefore, I would like to give her a gift."
He hadn't finished his statement but I already knew I would hate what he was about to say.
He continued "I would offer her two things; a position in the pack, in my house specifically or the ability to roam free."

"Girl, please choose your choice" he said as he looked at me with a smirk on his face. He was handsome I'd give him that, but they say beauty comes from within and within, he'd probably be uglier than the ugliest ogre.

"Before I choose, I'd like some clothes so I can shift please" I said

Then he clapped his hands and two maid servants came with fresh clothes for me. I went into a private part of the stadium and shifted.

*Kiara's POV*

I regained control and put on the clothes Alpha Kenneth had sent for me. A purple top and black leather jeans. Surprisingly, they were my size. I took a deep breath and walked back out.

I stood a few metres away from him as I replied: "Thank you for your kindness sir, but I'd prefer to go free"

I'm just loving this more and more. Kiara is so brave, cool, geeky at times but still, she's a charmer.
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Love you guys🦋♥️

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