Second Chance

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Chapter three - Abducted

*Kiara's POV*

I heard loud gasps coming from the audience. They were in shock at my comment. I was confused on why they were shocked. He did give me a choice. And I picked my choice so I really didn't get what the problem was.
Actually...I did know why they were so surprised. People would literally kill to live with the Alpha's family. Funny how I'd already done that.

"Silence everyone!" Charles demanded.

There was still a bit of chattering heard from the crowds. Then Kenneth cleared his throat.

"The girl has spoken and as always I will keep my word to let her go free. Hopefully, she won't commit any more crimes."

"Thank you Great Alpha. I replied and then continued "I'll do my very best to keep myself out of trouble."

Ha! Best my ass. This motherfucker doesn't know what's coming for him.
I give him a smile along with my comment. Then he nods his head in approval.

The members started cheering and chanting "Hail, Great Alpha", "We love you, Alpha Kenneth", "Best Alpha".
Those whiny shits. They didn't know just how wrong they were about their precious Alpha.

I looked up to see Luna Melody watching me with visible disgust. She clearly hates me. She always had. Well guess what bitch, the feeling is mutual.
For someone like her, who'd gone through everything she had, you'd think she'd be a tad bit appreciative and not go around with so much hatred.
Alpha Kenneth has been running this pack for years...centuries infact. We werewolves age slowly so, he still looks like someone in his early thirties. When he started his rule, he waited a long time to get an heir. He never really got one. Turns out Luna Melody was unable to conceive. So, after waiting tons of years, they decided to adopt. But, once again, they covered up and the people saw it as their Alpha's ''kindness''.
They adopted three pups; two male, one female. There was a set of twins and a younger one. They were Diane, Dwayne and Calvin(in order of birth). The last one is two years older than me while the first two have five years over me.

The cheering continued and the Alpha's family made their way down into the arena.
Luna first then kids. But then, I noticed something, only Diane and Dwayne were present. That was something so odd. No one was allowed to skip something so special. They stood in a straight line beside the Alpha. They all looked at me with wicked eyes. What was it my mother always said? Yeah, she said "most times, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
I confirmed that statement a long time ago.

Come to think of it, Calvin was never present at my torture sessions when I was back at the Alpha house. I could confidently say that I'd actually never seen him physically. But why? I didn't know and I didn't care but some part of me kept yelling at me to find out why. I wasn't going to walk back into the arms of those who took away my future and then left me to die in a competition.

I knelt before them in gratitude. And then Alpha Kenneth spoke " You may leave."

"Thank you once again sir."

I stood up and then walked towards the exit on my way to plan my revenge. I started mentally grinning when the crowd started cheering for me. And as I was about to step out of the arena, I heard a loud voice from one of the pack members,
"What's your name?"

I smirked and turned to face the crowd as I said "Kiara. Kiara Crescendo"

And as I turned to take my leave I heard them chanting "Kiara, Kiara, Kiara".


It hadn't been that long since I got to my current position: Lake Dricora
I was taking a moment to wash all the blood, grime and sweat on my body. It was a painful experience. My wounds were taking a longer time to heal because I'd been malnourished a long time. I decided after my bath, I'd begin my hunt for food. I wasn't a rogue by the way. I was still a pack member. Just a bit secluded from the world. I finished my bath and then got dressed again but then I figured if I was going to hunt, why not shift? So I took off my clothes again and shifted.

*True's POV*
I was free again. Back in control and I felt good. Well good apart from the aches and sores in my back and legs. I picked up the clothes with my teeth and then begun my hunt.

I was walking around being careful not to cause too much of an alarm. Then, I found a good cave that I could use as my hideout. Very secluded but easy to find for me. All of a sudden, I felt like I was being watched by someone in the shadows. The feeling wasn't strong all the time, but when it was there, it was strong.

About half an hour later, I came across an antelope. It was in a forest like area so, it felt natural. I went down wind so it wouldn't catch my smell. Then when I was close enough, I launched onto it and latched my teeth onto it's neck. I dragged it back with me to my cave, had my dinner and then started to doze off.

Massive hands grabbed me and I saw a group of huge men holding me and trying to tie me up. I heard a voice commanding them and it sounded terribly familiar. I bit the hands of the first man who held me. Another came and tried the same, this time I didn't just bite, I chewed. He screamed in agony. A third pair reached for me and then I ran out of the way. I was almost out of the cave when I felt something so painful pierce through my fur. I became so weak I couldn't even stand. I saw faces becoming blurry and all of a sudden, everything was black. I felt hands reach out to me and drag me away.

This is getting hotter and hotter by the second😍😍. I'm sure y'all are excited to see what happens next. Can you guess who abducted Kiara? Comment your thoughts and please don't forget to click on the vote button. Please follow too.
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