Second Chance

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Chapter five - Master

*Kiara's POV*

My daily dose of torture had just begun. Yesterday, I was injected with a lethal mixture of silver and wolfsbane. Just like always, not too much to kill me but just enough to "put me down" as they said. Today was a punishment for my "behaviour" yesterday. I might've killed a guy. Derek to be precise. He was my "personal torturer" as he called it and also the guard in charge of my cell. But not for no reason. I'm certainly not as bad as them. He made the mistake of his life. He literally tried to rape me. No one has ever touched me since Eric, my late mate died. And no one would for the rest of my life. That was the real reason they injected me with something so lethal.
Today, my arms were being scrubbed with liquid silver.

"Do you feel the burn?" Dwayne asked me. He was the one scrubbing my arms. "This is a punishment for stupid prisoners like you. As these are the arms you used to kill that man, these are the arms that will feel the pain."

He was wearing protective gloves so the silver wouldn't burn him. I shook my arm and just as planned, a little bit of it splashed onto his face.

"Bitch!" He yelled as he scrambled away from me. They could keep me here as long as they wanted but I sure as hell wasn't going down without a fight.

"Payback is a bitch" I said.

"I might not be allowed to touch you in any way I'm not told to, but trust me when I do, I will end you." He spat.

I looked at him hatred and thought "What a waste of good looks."

"Yeah right, and trust me, you will never be permitted to. So you might as well just keep telling yourself that." I retorted.

"What is going on down here?" Asked Luna Melody as she walked in.
She was absolutely horrified when she saw her dear son's face. I will never get tired of seeing that look on her face. It was the same look she had on her face yesterday when she saw the Derek on the floor. I blinked for a second and when I opened my eyes, she still had the same look on her face. Then, I burst out laughing like a complete maniac.

"Do you find this funny?" She questioned me.

"No, your excellency" I said as I calmed down. "What I find funny is that look on your face." I finished and burst out laughing again.

"You have hurt the Alpha's heir." You have committed an act of treason and yet you're laughing!?" She questioned. "You said you wouldn't break but yet, you did. You broke mentally." She said with venom and satisfaction lacing each and every word.

"Look here Luna bitch, I never broke, I'm not broken and I will never break for anyone. Especially not your psycho family." I said with an equal amount of venom.

"That's what you think. Only time will tell and trust me, when I say you will."

"What is it with your family and asking for my trust?" I asked. "I honestly don't get it. I will never trust you so why keep begging for it!?"

"I don't know what you're talking about but my family has never and will never seek to beg from a slave like you."

I growled loudly at her comment. No one dares to call me something so weak as a slave.

"Fuck you" I said.

"Come along son, let me go get the healer for you dear." She said as she gently grabbed Dwayne who was still reeling from the pain. Such a baby!

And as they left, the door to my cell was closed and I was once again left in darkness. The second they closed the door, I started to cry. Everyday for the past two weeks, the moment they left my cell, I cried myself to sleep.


"Get up, prisoner!" A voice yelled at me. He was the replacement for the one I killed.

I got up a little too quick for my current situation and fell right back down.

"Come on guys, apparently we'll need to help her up." He said to two other guards outside my cell. "Easy does it, there we go."

He seemed really nice and True didn't seem to find anything wrong with him.

"If only you'd just do as they asked then you wouldn't be this bruised. Even if it was just for a little while, they'd feed you and clothe you and you wouldn't have to go through all this major trauma."

He had a point, I'd give him that but I'd never submit to them. Ever. They'd come to take me to the healer. Before my next week of torture would begin. They wanted to give that effect of cut her, stitch her and then cut her again. Sadistic pieces of shit.
On the way there, I couldn't stop thinking about what the guard had said. I was thinking too hard, I gave myself a headache. In between the stitches and balms, I found the strength to ask for some pain reliever. My voice was so coarse from all the screaming and yelling that I could hardly hear it when I spoke. I stopped thinking and let the medicine do it's work. A half hour later, I was all done at the healer's place and all ready to go. And on my way back, I managed to keep thinking but not too hard I'd hurt myself again. Then just as we reached my torture house, it came to me. I knew my plan and how to go about it.
I was going to do exactly the opposite of what I'd planned to do. In exchange for my service and submission, they'd feed and clothe me just like the guard said. I'd also be given the chance to leave that irritating cell and I would walk freely in their home. As a servant, yes. But I'd do it just long enough to regain full strength and then I'd start to think about my plan to end their evil reign. The van I was in pulled up at the rear end of the building which I was used to by now. Just as the doors opened, Alpha Kenneth marched up to me with his backward smirk. I tried my best to look as submissive as possible.

"Are you ready for the next week of pain?" He asked.

"Please sir, have mercy. I've been really stupid for a long time and have paid for it each time."

"Oh, really now?" He asked.

"Yes sir" I replied with my head down.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm 100% sure sir. I'm ready to serve you Master."

That did it for sure. That one word, "Master" was my password and ticket into their home. My plan was officially in motion.

Things are really falling into place for Kiara. And it looks like luck is shining on her side. All she has to do is pretend to submit. What could possibly go wrong? But until next time
Love you guys🦋♥️

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