Second Chance

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Chapter six - Infiltration

*Kiara's POV*

Twelve days ago, I was being scrubbed with silver, eleven days ago, I was taken to the healer and then I called it quits on my rebellious behaviour and chose to submit to the Alpha.
Yeah, right, like I'd ever submit😂😂.
And now here I am today, enjoying my beautiful lunch that is much more than bread and water. I might've scrubbed the floor but eh, I've been through worse. I even managed to do a little snooping around today. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything.
I am probably the weirdest weirdo in this huge earth. How can a person snoop around and find nothing? Well, actually, that isn't all that happened.
For the first time in days, True actually spoke to me. I was soo happy. Then we started talking, I told her how I missed her and how I was still mad at her for logging out on me like that and I told her how I'd submitted to Alpha Kenneth and gotten into the house. The moment I mentioned submission, she was yelling like a crazy old lady. I managed to calm her down though and then I explained that it was only just for me to get to my current position. She was impressed actually and then she told me to go snoop around. I started my snooping adventure but I got nowhere and if I continued like that, I'd probably get caught. So we just agreed to stop.

"Kiara!" Diane called.

" moment of peace and quiet just had to be ruined like little miss perfect."


She can yell a little longer. I'm almost done eating. She can wait a few more seconds.

"Ki...oh I swear to God when I find her." Then I heard her storming through the hallway swearing as she walked by.

"Oh shit, shit, shit" I said. I quickly put on my shoes and ran out of my room. Then I looked at myself and noticed I wasn't wearing my apron. I ran back into my room and grabbed my apron. Struggling with it on the way.


"Yes, madam?" I said as politely as possible and then stepped out clean and shiny as expected. I put my head down always as a sign of utter submission. I'd admit it was ridiculous. In fact, it was utterly ridiculous.

"I've been calling you for ages. Where on earth where you!?" She yelled while shaking.

"I'm sorry madam, but I never heard a thing. Maybe I was outside at the time. It was only when I came in a few seconds ago that I heard you and came as fast as I could."

"Whatever. Just follow me into my room. I need you to do some work there for me."

"Yes, madam."

We both walked solemnly into her room and soon we reached our destination. I memorized the path so if I ever needed to snoop around in her room, I would know where I was going because this was literally the first time I'd stepped inside her room.

"Now, what I want you to do is tell me which shoes to wear seeing as you're probably the only one in this house with any fashion sense."

Her statement shocked me. Like, completely took my breath away. Like whattt!? But then, I'm not surprised. I do have quite the fashion sense. But the fact that she could even ask me. Okay, calm down. I'm not ready to plan my revenge yet so I could still make her look good.

"What's the occasion, madam?"

"Well, I'm going out on a picnic with my boyfriend, Seth. So nothing too exquisite and nothing too dull either. I want it to be just right."

"Okay then, madam. May I see the dressing you've picked out?"

"Well I really couldn't decide yet. I was hoping once I got the shoes I'd have the clothes."

I saw a pink flower patterned, short sleeve top, a pair of knee length shorts and two light dresses. They were all beautiful clothes I had to admit. But then, something caught my eye. In her open wardrobe, there was a thigh high denim skirt that looked so perfect with the flower top.

"Well," I begun. "I might suggest you take this top, pair it with this skirt" as I went into her wardrobe and brought it out "and complete it with these sneakers."

"Wow... I guess I did make the right choice calling you." She walked briskly into the bathroom and changed and then came back out. "While I'm gone, clean up this mess and make sure everywhere is clean and tidy. Bye for now." She finished and left the room.
She couldn't even thank me. That was just plain ass rude. I started snooping around and I found a letter in her bedside table. The pack...well not the pack, the Alpha's family was holding a meeting with some of the other Alphas. If the meeting went well, an alliance would be formed. One that would last for centuries to come.
I love my pack and I want it to have shoulders to lean on in case of attacks and all that shit but I also love the werewolf society and I'm definitely not going to allow another pack to be doomed by allying with my unfaithful pack.

"What are you doing here?" A voice asked from the door. It was the Luna.

"Good evening madam. Lady Diane asked me to come clean up her room after she left." I replied.

"Oh, okay. Get on with it then."

"Yes, madam."

I started to pick up the clothes and fold or hang them one by one. I turned my head just a little bit to see if she had left. She hadn't unfortunately. I finished folding and hanging and put them in the closet.
She was still there.
I swept and dusted the corners in the room.
She was still there. I was getting really pissed off.
I picked up the mop and was about to start mopping when she finally left.
"Phew", I thought.

I picked up the letter on her table and made my way out of the room. Immediately I stepped out the door, Melody asked from beside me: "What have you got there?"

"I'm so fucked", I thought. Keep it cool, keep it steady. Just asct natural.

"Nothing but the mop and broom, madam." I replied.

"Really?" She asked. "Are you sure?"

"Yes madam."

"But I could've sworn I saw you steal a letter from my daughter's table."

"What? Me? Never madam." I replied.

"I guess I'll just have to confirm that." She said. "Show me your pockets."

I did as she told but she still kept questioning me over and over. She said to take off my apron, shoes and even dress. I complied without hesitation and she finally left me alone.

"I guess I saw wrong. But don't think I don't have my eyes on you."

I bowed, grabbed my cleaning supplies and then scurried across the halls.

Phew. Almost got caught but as usual, luck is shining on her side. And True is back in the game😍. It's pretty obvious they're both getting really pissed off and now Luna Melody is on her back? It'll take a miracle to get past her😔. Don't forget to vote and comment. Follow me if you like.
Until next time,
Love you guys🦋❤️

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