Ghosts of the Mind (On Hold)

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/2/ Introduction

\ House’s View \

A fog rolls in on this otherwise sunny day. The fog engulfs this 5-acre property, with a green house and treehouse off to the side. The trees surrounding the property on the country road has become invisible behind the wall of fog that encompassed the world around us. The family inside looks out curiously as to why the fog had rolled in. They murmur to each other, unsure if the power will be affected, especially with the young children that are there for a sleep over. The child’s parents stay calm and keep going about their business.

The children continue to play and laugh unaware of what happened outside. They giggle, skip around and play hide and seek as the day wears on. I can feel the presence of the car beyond the fog watching me, the house, as everyone else is clueless to the potential threat that will close in. The parents go around locking up the doors that were unlocked and the windows that they had open slightly to let in the cool foggy air.

They corral the young children upstairs to the child’s bedroom. The little one’s got ready for bed, go bathroom, brush their teeth and then lay down in the sleeping bags they brought. The parents wish them good night as they turn the light out and close the door, before heading to there own room down the hall. They lay down for bed and fall asleep easily. The children take longer to fall asleep as they talk about what little kids talk about. Before long the house falls silent as the fog gets thicker around the house, causing an eerie calm and quiet that isn’t normal for the night.

The car still waits on the road watching us as the night wears on. It creeps up the lane to the house, the trees around the property making it seem denser and even more quiet as the car encroaches on us. Quietly they turn the car around before opening all the doors as four come out of the car. They approach the house quietly. One with a gun in hand as the rest have random objects. They get to the door and quietly unlock it. A ripping sound pierces the quiet of the night. The men look at the guy with stern looks as he rips the piece of tape from the roll. He just ignored their stares as the door is opened and places the tape on it so it will be easier to leave.

They enter the house, sweeping the first floor, making sure no one is there. Two stand guard at the stairs as the others check the basement. When they came back up, they grab some knifes from the block on the counter. As quietly as possible they tore pieces off the roll of tape so that everyone could be muted, not that anyone could hear the screams out here with neighbours few and far between. Once the last piece of tape was ripped off, they cocked their ear to see if anyone had stirred. The house stayed quiet.

They ascend the stairs to the upper level, knowing this is where everyone is peacefully resting. With having 6 children in the room they knew they had to tape there mouths quickly before it alerts the parents. The children of course once touched in their sleep, they woke up with fear and try to push away. The men hold them tight as they all get tape put on them and brought to the main floor. The men tape their hands and feet so they can’t escape. The children all whimper behind the taped mouths with fear of what’s going on.

Two of the men go back upstairs to get the parents, as the other two watch the children as they huddle together afraid of what’s going on. Pee envelops their noses as they are frightened as the men show them the knives in their hands with big grins. One of the men snarls lightly at them making the girls whimper again and try to hold there hands up to there faces in fear. The other man just laughs as they cower before them. The other two men come down with the parents, mouths and hands tied with tape as well.

They get pushed into chairs, afraid themselves but trying not to show it in front of the children. The men tower over them all and snicker between themselves. They bring up the knife to the parents and lightly run the tip across there arms, causing the skin to pucker and split faintly. The mother winces as it stings. The father keeps a straight face.

The scent of pee becomes stronger as another child pees themselves. Three of the men grab a child and roughly pushes them against the others making them scream behind the tape. The blades of the knives hitting them roughly, causing the metallic scent to swirl with the pee. It causes them to get rougher and cause them to bleed more. The parent’s look on unable to do anything as the children get roughed around and try to move away.

A man grips one of the girl’s hair and runs the knife up her stomach the length of her body. Her insides spew out and blood sprays across the wall. Once at her collar bone he slits her throat so far that her head almost falls off. Every single child scream and tries to flee, which causes the men to kick each of them in the stomach. They cry and whimper as they each get slaughtered, blood spraying all over the room.

Each laying on the floor in a heap of flesh and bone, the blood seeping into the rug. The stench causing the mother to gag slightly behind the gag as her child dies and the others, they were watching for the sleep over. She cries over the death as the father tears up himself. The men smirk at the parents, there knives covered in blood. They take the mother and push her to the ground as they rip her clothing off her body.

The father grunts to them, trying to get up. A man pushes him back into the chair and holds the knife to his throat. The man just sits there as the tears spill watching as they kick and cut his wife. They undo their pants and one by one they each have there way with her causing her pain as they penetrate her. The man cuts the husband every so often enjoying the pain he’s causing as he watches his friends rape the woman.

After each had there fun and their seed flowing out of her, they stand by the husband and watch as the last guy has his way with the wife as well. Enjoying every second of it. He motions for them to hurt the husband. She watches as they each plunge their knife into him and he screams as they keep doing it. She cries out more for the pain he’s going through. They run their knives making long gouges in him before cutting his throat and chop of some fingers.

The woman cries with the loss of her child and husband as the man pulls hard on her and explodes his seed into her as well. He pulls out and pushes her to the side. He grins at her and all that’s been done. They did what they came to do. He grips her hair and slits her throat as the others grab whatever valuables they can. Leaving the house as fast as they can when they got everything they wanted.

They jump into the car not bothering with the door as they leave and race off into the night. They laugh and holler enjoying the high they are on after the fun they enjoyed.

It took a week before anyone even found out what happened and investigated. Took a month for everything to get cleaned up after the incident and am now sitting on the market for sale.

3 months later.

A group of teens break in because one of there parents is the real estate agent and wanted to check out the place. There isn’t much inside now with the police taking it for evidence, along with part of the floor from the living room. The walls have been painted over and the flooring replaced where needed. I just sit here empty, in need of fixing up as the paint is chipped on the outside and roof with a few holes in it.

The teens look around knowing what happened as they talk about it from the paper. A killing that was so brutal that they don’t think anyone will buy this house. One brings out the Ouija board and places it in the center of there circle as they each sit. 5 sit in the center at different points and hold the pointer as the rest sit loosely behind them.

They chant lightly as they hold the canter in their hands and ask it questions. Slowly the feel of entities manifests into the home, unaware to the teens. One by one the demons appear into the home as they ask different questions. They hear nothing as the teens in the circle around the 5 chants to help get the entities attention. They ask more questions and the last of them manifests. The demons grip onto the home enjoying their new freedom, likeing the space they have been called to.

Pride takes a step forward smiling as he rounds his shoulders back, puffing out his chest and stretching his neck. He sighs outwardly as the teens shiver with the drop in temperature. The candle flickers and as they ask if something’s their Pride moves it to yes. The teens shiver slightly, but smile thinking it was just one of them moving it. They ask how many they are talking to. Pride puts it to 7 and the teens slowly lose their smiles.

What are you one stammers out? Pride slowly spells out the sins. The children stop talking and go as pale as sheets. They grab the board as they all run out of the home. Lust watches them run with a faint smile before closing the door. They look between each other. They’ve found their home.

Teens on and off the next few months would venture in after hearing about how the house is now haunted. Some times its quiet, others the sins will cause them to run fleeing. It only took one time for them to show them selves that it was then left up for sale without any more intruders.

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