The Damned

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A New Prison


Three days and six hours I have managed to not mutter a word when he enters trying to talk to me. I keep away from him as though he carried a plague able to wipe me out. Mostly I do so my body doesn't react to him being close and gives him the satisfaction of it. I'm starving as I have refused everything brought. The blood bags piled in the room make it difficult for my fangs not to remain out and salivating all day and night.

I have stayed in the room pacing, furious. I believe him in his words the place is enchanted which has kept me from exploring. But I am done following his orders. I open the door I know leads into his walk through it trying to think of the things he could do to me. On the four poster bed silk sheets neatly on it and hanging around the top.

Out in the corridor I expect to find myself lost but instead I walk following the scent of fresh flowers and I find myself out in a huge open garden. A large lawn surrounded by dense trees and tens of potted flowers surrounding the exit.

It's beautiful and even though it is day time I look around to see if anyone is watching me and find myself completely alone. I walk onto the lawn and lay down basking in the sun. In a way no other vampire could enjoy, but I can. Dimitri could come and take me back inside but it would hurt him.


"So you say you have a handle on the situation, why is it that your prisoner is going to starve herself to a hollow corpse of a vamp before you even declare you have her?" Riley speaks as we work out together. I sired him after finding him on the brink of death. He was in his early 40's so most wouldn't have seen the potential in a thug but I did.

"I've told you i am handling it." Funny that, because I am not. Each day I try to talk to her. I try to be close to her not only to make her damn well eat but because my body aches with the need to just have her close again. Her cheeks have hollowed out and her eyes are sunken. She looks even paler though i wouldn't have believed it possible.

"Yeah because you seem to be doing so great. Has the little princess gotten under your skin? Must admit I've seen the photos and she is a beauty."

I growl and try to land a punch that he easily dodges. I don't want him looking at her mind at the idea of him thinking about how beautiful she is. Even as she is now. To thin only because I know what she was when I first saw her. Gone is the need in her eyes replaced by hurt and anger.

"O she got right to you ain't she boss man."

He jokes and I continue to try land blows but the agile bugger keeps moving about.

"That sweet mouth driving you as insane as it is m…."

Smack. I managed to land the punch and he got up with a smile and began the whole routine again.

"Enough Riley. Do not speak of her like that."

"Why because you have so much respect for her? Come off it. I told you we could find another way. Maybe just murder the pair of them but you where intent on taking her. Even when i could find no reason to bring someone innocent into this shit."

I grind my teeth. "She is the only way to make them feel what I did. With that Cadence is distracted. Taking her in such a public place he has set the alarms off already. The hotel is still in lock down. He is refusing to allow anyone to leave."

"Then he already knows you have her of course."

I smirk. "I was smart enough to make sure a few other people that Cadence doesn't see eye to eye with may have left early that evening. A few simple emails or phone calls were made. I will be the top on his list of course but no one knows where to find me and this is all to drag on the torture for him. Keep the process going whilst he cannot take advantage of the disarray at the moment."

"Speaking of which, the one who contacted me the night before the ball."

I nod. "Accept him back into the rangers. Decline his offer of guarding her here."

"I already did accept him back but he is determined. He says that working there and seeing the things he did has made him want to right a wrong."

To protect her? In the way he couldn't whilst there. She doesn't need protecting here. Not against me or my few people I allow here. She could be happy. What am I even thinking? Do i think this is going to be some sweet story where she falls in love with me? Hell i fucking kidnapped her.

Christ, I am exhausted from lack of sleep. Her being only through the door is ripping away at my insides.

"Allow me to talk with her. See if a different face will get through." Riley speaks softly with no hint of his previous jokes but the jealousy surging through me makes me glare at him. "Look you can keep going until she has corpsed herself so we can iv the blood her body needs to stay alive. Or you could let me try and become friends with her. She obviously doesn't want to be yours."

I grind my teeth together because I know he is right but I don't want him near her. He is charming in a sense of his ways and I don't want him looking at her. Fuck sake i wish i could have taken all this back but then i wouldn't have met her. Felt what she stirs inside of me.

"Well isn't this a surprise." Riley smirks as he turns his phone towards me.

"How the fuck did she get out there? It's still before dusk. I would be rather uncomfortable to go out there…"

"The guard who sent me the message says she has been laying out there for a few hours. How is she not uncomfortable? She may be ten years old and not burn quickly at all but the uv alone stings like a bitch after some time."

I shrug running my hand through my hair pulling at the damp strands. "I have no fucking clue. I have no clue anything about this damn woman." Then i say what i didn't expect to, but right now she needs somebody to talk to and if that can't be me. "Go to her. It should be dark soon and it is cloudy. You can manage the twenty minutes or so before then. It would sizzle me."


I hear him approaching but know it isn't Dimitri so it has me interested who else he would allow in his home. Someone trusted i assume. I tilt my head to the side on the ground and look up the distance to see a tall, dark haired and skinned man looking down at me. His hair braided from the front of his head to the back. He is broader than even Dimitri. Scars on his arms, hands and face that I can see already. The cheeky grin with his perfect smile doesn't make me uneasy but makes me think instantly I am going to like this person.

"Little princess pleased to finally meet you." He speaks as he sits down on the grass beside me and I sit up and continue to stare. "Don't worry about it, he knows I am here. Though I reckon he would be here himself if the faint sun now wouldn't sting like a bitch."

I look at him as he speaks. He is confident yet mischievous.

"How old are you?"

"42 in human years and nearly 30 in vamp. Still a baby like you ey." He smiles with a deep dimple forming on his right cheek. "I already know about you so I am not going to piss you off by asking. Even so young an hour would sting two hours would hurt like a bitch and 3.45 would be sizzling. Yet nothing not a mark on you."

"I guess I'm just so special."

"That you are." He keeps smiling but I just shrug. He sits peacefully for a few minutes before he continues. "I know it all looks a bit shit at the minute but look at the freedom. No one standing over your shoulder watching your every move."

God he is right. I hated being in the room and wanted to go walk but he said it was enchanted. Though I've managed to walk around freely. Free. Not in a true sense but it is somewhere new. Somewhere I've never been before and without anyone following me around limiting what I can do, where I can go.

"A question though little princess how did you find your way out here?"

"I just followed the scent of flowers." I give him a sidelong glance. He looks a little shocked but it's not as though I am lying. "He is your sire isn't he?"

"You are very intriguing indeed. What makes you think he is my sire?"

I roll my eyes looking down at the grass as it begins to grow dark. "Isn't it obvious. You are trusted by him enough that he let you out here. Doesn't think that my bad influence will rub off on you?"

"You are correct, he is my sire. Though not many know that."


"Why did he sire me or why didn't many people know?" He asks and I shrug. "Well for one it is somewhat for my protection and secondary it is for me to be able to work elsewhere when necessary. He sired me after finding me dying. I was beaten to within an inch of my life but I am not going to say I didn't deserve it. I lived a life of fighting underground earning money. Using that on drugs and women. Just to fight some more when i had gone through it all."

"That's why you have so many scars."

"Yes. A vampire life doesn't heal those from the past life. You well know we lived before it." Not really in my case but whatever. "Dimitri made it clear that he sired me but he wasn't in charge. He helped me get through the stage of blood lust and sex. As I am sure you remember, that faze is so difficult to pass." Again not really in my case. "Afterwards I was loyal to him by choice. He would have then and still now set me free at any point. He doesn't control me; he guides me."

"That is very sweet words about the man who is now my captor. Forgive me if i don't feel sentimental towards him."

To my surprise he doesn't try to defend him again he laughs. Loudly a belly rolling laugh and I can't stop the smile that comes to my lips as I turn looking at him again.

"I can see why his pants are all twisted over you."

I retort. "Yeah because it must be so difficult kidnapping someone."

"Look, I am not defending that his actions have upset you. You have every right to be pissed but be pissed and healthy will you?"

"He has told you i haven't eaten then and you've come down here giving me a pep talk to do so."

"I wouldn't say pep talk, I am better at the aggressive kind. So tell me about yourself."

To my surprise we talked. I don't give much away but we do talk. The sky has long been dark before we walk back laughing. My first impressions were correct about Riley as I now know him. He is funny. Intimidating in height at six two but he is friendly, cheeky definitely. I can only imagine how much he winds up Dimitri.

Somehow this short conversation is all I needed from him. Someone to actually just joke about with. He didn't pretend to care about me but wanted to get to know me. Didn't push when I avoided answering certain questions. He is right about the fact I am here whether I want to be or not. I may as well make the most of it. Use the little freedom I have in my new prison whilst it lasts.

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