The Damned

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Kiss Me Take Two


"How did you manage to find the garden? How did you get through my enchantment?" I ask storming into her room. I tried to shower and cool off but I am still curious and angry. Her beauty hits me in the gut stiffening my cock once more. Not that it has been limp since she has been around.

She has eaten. I was told by the staff that they cleared away all the food and blood bags. I felt happy and she has a bit more colour to her cheeks. She doesn't look miserable, why do I feel jealous? It was Riley who made her cheerful again. I want to wipe the small smile from her lips with mine and then make sure it is only put there again because of me.

"Tell me." I scowl down at her standing closer than I have in days. Finding some peace being this close again.

"I didn't do anything. I left this room and followed the scent of nature. You did not state that my being here means i have to stay within these four walls or am i mistaken?"

The way she tilts her chin stubbornly is magnificent. She has her fighting spirit back or is it that she has finally spoken to me. Either of them releases some of the tightening inside my chest. I want to reach out and play with the soft curls of her light blonde hair. I want to slip my fingers through the strands as I meet her lips. Finally. Something that I feel like I have waited a lifetime for.

"You are lying." I say furious. So angry at everything she makes me feel. How much I want her, how much I've missed her voice and stubborn little chin and those luscious lips that haunt me.

"Is that a statement from knowledge or again I'm guilty of it by association with those you believe are liars?"

I clench my teeth. "How did you do it?"

I lean so far down that our lips are barely an inch apart. Her eyes that gray burning into me, I could sink into them and see all the mistakes I've made. Yet her heavy breathing matches my own. The fierce tug between us pulling us both that breath closer.

"Tell me you want it. Tell me to kiss you now pixie and I promise when I do you'll forget everything else. You will even forget you hate me as you beg me to fuck you. Which I will of course." God how much i want her to say. Need her to. I only need the permission once then I'll take her willing small but luscious body whenever I want. Which will be all the damned time. "Have you touched your sweet cunt each night thinking about me? Thinking about how my mouth, fingers or cock would do such a better job?"

"Once I give you permission you'll think I forgive your actions. I don't. Speaking with Riley and my time in this room have given me clarity." I tighten my jaw as she speaks. Barely hearing a word as the cold blood in my veins pumps around rapidly. "You have your reasons for hating my family but I believe you are wrong."

"Taking you was necessary I would not hurt you. Not mentally and not in a way you would not enjoy." Is she not happy to finally be away from Dustin or did she enjoy the sick games he liked to play?

"I am not talking about taking me. I am talking about your mistake about my father."

I scoff. "How so pixie?"

"I don't doubt Dustin capable of anything. I assume whatever he did was truly heartbreaking for you and I am sorry on his behalf. Because you will never get one from him. But you are wrong about my father's involvement."

"You have no idea what you are talking about." I say standing back tall and towering over this small pixie. She may believe her father innocent but she is wrong.

"You may truly believe I am wrong but I know my family. If Cadence had done something to your Ali you would not know it was him. He is efficient and creative. He does not act maliciously, ever. Well in his early vampire years maybe but he has always been honest with me. He is not behind whatever sick thing happened to your soulmate. The only people hurt by your kidnapping me are my father and myself and I assure you both are innocent."

She is wrong. She has to be wrong, i have spent nearly a hundred years with this anger no matter what confusing things she makes me feel. The doubts she sets in I cannot change my mind now. All the proof leads to Cadence wanting to kill councilmen to be able to take a better grasp on them. With that he would be beyond controlling.


I see it in his face as he takes in my words. Nothing I say is going to make him change his mind. How is it I feel closer to this man then I have to anyone else. Yet between us lies the fact he has kidnapped me to hurt my family. Dustin is despised but Cadence loves him. He cannot see the fault there and only wants to protect him, to raise him. Even though after all this time he still has no control over him. But how can I not admire his love for him. The unconditional kind that any child would want from a parent even secondary as Cadence is for Dustin.

"I needed to say it. I know you wont change your mind and how can i blame you when you did all this…" I clasp my hands together in front of me, my nails biting into my palms to stop me from saying. You took me to avenge her. You don't truly want me do you? But i know it is futile. I want this man and some unnatural force pulls at us. He cannot lie about his arousal for me because I feel it whenever we are together. "To take revenge for you soulmate. With that being said i wont be a used as some sex toy. If we sleep together I wont have you leaving my bed with the look of horror, because I am the enemy in your mind. If you want me you need to prove you have seperated who I am to them beforehand."

His eyes that were looking down to the floor now meet mine. The green so deep now. A flash of an image comes into my head. So damn real. Me and Dimitri walking hand in hand out on the lush green lawn. The sun shining down on us as he hesitantly takes steps. I smile at him as I lead him with fingers entwined.

What the hell was that?

"I understand your doubts…."

I interject. "No you don't because you have all the power, but when it comes to my body. That is mine. I will not have it played with like some used sock you might masturbate into."

He smiles and my god if my knees didn't want to weaken but I stay standing perfectly straight. Roald Dahl books could be balanced on my head right now. Each piled neatly on top of each other none would even wobble. Not that this man, Dimitri isn't knocking my world the opposite way each time we are around each other.

"Well i wouldn't describe it like that."

"No you would just feel bad after. I want truths from here on out even if your intentions are not right. I deserve it. So could you honestly tell me you could sleep with me now and not feel guilty or ashamed afterwards?"

I watched his smile fall but his eyes stayed focused on mine. He wants me just as much as I do him. Such a tightening in my womb and warmth between my legs. I know if i leaned against him now those large strong arms would lift me from the floor and his tongue would finally be dancing with mine. I know I would see stars. I just need to have some boundaries. Starting with sex. I won't deny kissing once i have the reassurance of no sex until he and i am sure. I think if i finally had sex with someone. No that's wrong it's him. If his body left mine whilst I still felt his come falling from between my folds and he looked horrified at himself. It would be mentally worse than ten years of Dustin's abuse. How and why? I don't have answers but i know i need to protect myself from that. Till then it will be torture and fun all at the same time. He will not take my virginity nor bite me but I will experience other things.

"I cannot." He finally says and it stings. It feels like a venom was just injected straight into an artery pumping rapidly throughout my body. It was the answer I needed though.The truth. He was honest with me and I see it pains him.

His pupils dilated with lust a deep line between his brows at his frustration to all these feelings. I understand. I am just as confused. His hair swept over to the side. It's like I can feel the tickle of his beard in my fingers.

So I do it. I reach up and run my small slender fingers through the coarse hair of his beard. He inhales deeply and slightly leans into my touch, his eyes never leaving mine. I take a step closer to him, if i breathed deeply my breasts would just touch his low rib rage. The hardness of him is such a large contrast to me. His bronzed cheek looks darker against the paleness of my hand. I slowly move my hand up and run my index finger over the deep line between his brows and down his stern nose. Finally landing in the centre of his lips. The silence between us is nothing. Our breathing is uneven, our eyes locked into a battle neither able to back down.

"When i give you permission to kiss me it is only that. I am not giving permission for anymore. You will not do anything else without my permission." I say and he simply nods my finger moving against his warm soft lips as he does. "If i want it to go further i am capable of asking for it, but sex is not happening. Not until i am sure that neither of us will regret it the minute it is over. The second after we have finished the mind blowing sex that i am sure it will be."

I speak as though i know that it will be mind blowing and i've never even done it but with him. I know it will. I know every dirty word he has ever spoken is only a tenth of the things he has probably thought about doing. I know we are going to end up giving in to all these dirty temptations. By god i want to even right now but i need it to be on my terms. I need to keep myself from being broken by this man. The only man who probably has the ability to truly break me. So strange that it can be someone you barely know but feel like you've spent a lifetime waiting for.

"Kiss me." I say confidently even as butterflies set off in my stomach and a pool of need settles in the thong i am wearing beneath the summer dress.

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