The Damned

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The Kiss


"Kiss me."

Finally. My heart pounds harder than it ever has before at those two simple words falling from her mouth with a confident tone. She knows that she wants me. She knows I am going to be buried inside of her at some point. Even on some level I respect her decision of holding back. I don't even feel that she is only trying to protect herself but also me. Strange that little pixie feels like she needs to protect me but it sends another shocking and confusing feeling surging through me that she wants to.

Innocent act isn't something I ever thought I would be attracted to. I like women. Even after Ali i haven't been celibate but they are always ready and waiting for me to take them. Hot and needy like myself. Emery is different in every sense of the word. She shocked me the moment she walked into that room. Not only for everything she stirred up inside of me but the way in which she held herself. Her confidence and beauty are so unique in all the years I have walked earth. I have never seen someone like her. So perfect, for me. I hate it. I hate thinking it but it rings so true in my head that denying it has become difficult.

"I will obey your rules pixie. I will only kiss you until you ask for more. But I do not play fair in things I want." I lean almost speaking against her lips and though her eyes are wanting to close in anticipation she looks at me.

"I already know that, I am your captive after all."

With that I close the last gap between us. My lips meeting hers. If I thought the build up might have led to disappointment I was wrong. Her small hands snaking round my shoulders and into the hair at the back of my head. Our lips opened in unison, unable to wait another moment to taste one another and by god when her tongue met mine halfway demanding and gliding against my own. I swallowed the moan from her. Her taste was sweeter than I imagined it could be. My eyes fall closed even as I want to force then open. Afraid if i don't watch her she'll simply disappear.

I angle my head to deepen the kiss as a hand reaches for her ass. She doesn't protest instead lifting and hooking two slender but strong legs around my waist. Fuck. My other hand holds her jaw, my thumb slowly moving back and forth against it. Almost in a sweet tenderness that I didn't know I was capable of. Unlike my tongue that dominates hers now, moving her to my tune and tasting every inch of what she is finally allowing me. There is no tenderness to the way I hold her ass so tightly in my large hand that she would be bruised before healing. No sweet gesture to how forceful her back hits the wall and I push my pelvis forwards so that the thick rod between my legs can push against her.

I have never felt so frenzied. So damn in a moment that nothing mattered. Not revenge. Not half the council being wiped out. She moans into my mouth as I push harder into her silk centre and I bite down on her lower lip. Loving how heavy her breathing seems to be. How her fingers tighten around my hair and pull at the strands almost painfully but fuck if it doesn't make my cock leak.

"I'm going to kiss you. Every inch of you." I say against her cheek before glancing over her mouth again. She growls when I don't welcome the tongue she urges forward. "I'm going to kiss you until you're so wet for me. Your clit so swollen one shift of my cock against it and you'll come apart screaming my name."

God I want it. I want to kiss every inch of her. Sink my teeth into the soft tissue of her neck and breasts, between her thighs just grazing them over her clit before slipping my tongue home. Instead I kiss her jaw and down her neck as she throws her head back arching her back and pushing her hips further into me.

"So sweet. I can smell it but what I wouldn't do to taste your sweet pussy with my tongue. You wont allow that though will you pixie?"

I torture myself more than her as she shakes her head even as she moans when i slip a strap from one shoulder kissing along it. Following the path of her collarbone as my hand goes up and I push a finger into her open mouth. She welcomes it and unlike last time she doesn't bite me. She sucks it and I growl against the round soft tissue at the top of her cleavage. Pulling my finger out of her mouth and placing my hand around her neck. Is it in my imagination when she moans my name?

"Dimitri." She gasps quietly in such a husky voice I doubt she would recognise it came from her.

I have to stop. God I don't want to. I want to stay kissing her for days. Years or maybe even centuries but i wont be able stop myself from fucking her. Tearing at her tiny underwear not even unzipping my trouser properly before plunging balls deep inside of her. Spreading my knees and letting her body be held up by my cock inside of her.

Instead I kiss up the side of her neck and meet her lips again all whilst still holding her neck with a grasp hard enough to show who's she is. Not hard enough to hurt or scare her. When our lips meet I take my time kissing them at every angle from corner to centre before lightly licking the tip of my tongue over her bottom lip before the top. Only when I finally have my fill do I plunge within her mouth again. If I had doubts that there is a chance Emery was my soulmate before, they have been wiped away as our tongues move in a way that would take years to master. Her moan was the most mind blowing thing my ears have ever heard. Her lips and tongue are the most addictive substance I've ever tasted. I'd give up food and blood to continue to have this. With that knowledge I gently kiss her lips one more time before resting my forehead to hers as we both breath unevenly. Her fingers take minutes to loosen their hold in my hair and we both seem reluctant to let each other go.

So many questions form in my head and none do I have answers to. Emery. When I am around her I am in a constant state of arousal, confusion and a mess of feelings, one of those being guilt. When I am not, all I am doing is thinking about her.

Ali was different so different. It was all lust the way she held herself in a room confident but in a way so different to Emery. She was confident in her looks in the way she was desired but Emery is confident in the fact she is a lady and a princess. Poised so elegant, like an untouched fairy. Ali was certainly not untouched. There was no build up. The night I met her she was in my bed and her wild ways had me hooked immediately. Had I mistaken powerful lust for my soulmate? Emery in my arms right now makes me think it is so possible.

"I had to stop." I say my breathing is finally normal again but my mind is still a mess. My cock still damp from the pre-come and my chest is still feeling tight from what we just shared.

"Thank you." She says in such a sweet voice that I cannot help but lower my mouth to hers again. To kiss her tenderly not entering her mouth but just feeling those soft luscious lips against mine. She kisses me back with a tenderness I do not deserve but I will take.

That's the truth though isn't it. I will take everything from her. Everything she has to offer because i am selfish because i cannot see beyond my own cause even if it is to her downfall.


It had been mind blowing. When he had finally set me to my feet on weak legs and stepped away from me. He had looked torn. As though he wanted to run to the door and as far from me as possible but also like he wanted to pick me back up and never let me go. He can read me but I gain some joy in the fact I can read him just as easily.

"So little princess are you ready to tell me all your secrets?" Riley says, smiling down at me from in the boxing ring he leans against the ropes. He has been moving around practicing his steps and I have sat on the bench watching him.

Yesterday after the kiss I didn't see Dimitri again and he didn't go to his room. I know because mine is joined to it and I didn't sleep a wink with how hot my body was for something I couldn't rid the need of.

"I thought you knew everything Riley." I smirk back.

"O usually I do. But you are an enigma. Nothing comes up a match to you in a human life and it looks like one day you just came to be a part of the royal vamp family." He climbs out and walks over sitting beside me. "No accent so you aren't from another country. So give me something."

"There is nothing to give. Before coming to the London home I had no life." It isn't a lie. I try to avoid doing that even at difficult questions. I don't want to catch myself out. "Why so much interest?"

"Because Dimitri has had me looking into your family for years and there was never really anything of you. Yes you came to every appearance but nothing else. It makes you interesting. Plus you have gotten into his head enough for him to have me re check Cadence."

He is checking into father again? Is that to try to prove himself wrong or right?

"He won't find anything. Father is smart. He wouldn't do a half job and leave himself an enemy and for whatever else he is suspicious of, he is wrong."

Riley shrugs. "Difficult to make an opinion. You know them but you call him father you truly think he is rather than just your sire. You may be biased in opinion."

"Then tell me what has he supposedly done? What is he going to do that is so terrible it warrants stealing his daughter?" I watch him closely to see if he is about to tell me. He smiles and lifts a brow.

"Your smart little princess but i never make mistakes."

"Well you do or Dimitri wouldn't have found you nearly dead." I smirk and he laughs.

"Ok I don't make them now. Cheeky." He stands up rubbing his large scarred hand in my hair making it a mess of curls falling over my face. "I cannot tell you of Ali. It is not my place, if you want that information you'll have to ask Dimitri himself. The other part. I have no reason to hide."

He puts his hand out and I take it and stand. He then loops it through his arm which is slightly damp from sweat. If i had been the proper princess i am meant to be i would tell him that's rude. But i don't mind him being a bit sweaty. He works hard and that is evidence to it.

"News of your father's close relationship with a lot of the council has been circulating for years. The red sky. The blood rain. Whatever name we want to give it. That has given him an opportunity." He walks looking forwards as he speaks. "He plans to have some of the councilmen killed. The ones in which don't follow exactly as he pleases and sometimes will rule against things your father would like."

"He wouldn't. Smart, convincing definitely but he is not foolish enough that any plan he made word would get out about."

"Again your opinion could be biased. Information, transactions of it I have proof of myself. There are plots to overthrow the councilmen that don't follow his rules. With them gone. Cadence does not like the society of vampires. He likes only the ones that can benefit him."

"That much is true and I will not deny. He is a snob. He looks down his nose at people who deserve our respect. The ones that protect us and fight for us. Keep order to an unseen world for the humans." I say speaking completely honestly of my opinion. "But he is not foolish this much you should take my opinion on. He would not leave a trail or proof. When my father does something he would have nothing left behind and I can prove it."

If this is the only way to help them but also prove father innocent i'll do it. He would be furious of course but it's necessary.

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