The Damned

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Blood Lust


"How can you prove it?" Riley asks, coming to a stop and turning to look down at me.

"It may be better to get Dimitri here as i explain. Better than doing it twice."

He nods and does as I advise. Within half an hour the three of us sit in a living room. Dark now and they sit next to each other staring across at me waiting for me to begin.

"What proof do you have that Cadence wouldn't have slipped up and that we are wrong?" Dimitri asks. His tone says he doesn't believe me and i doubt anything i say will make him but i have to try. Because the councilmen will still be at risk even with me gone.

"I was never human." I blurt out, which is so unlike me because I always think before I speak. They look at each other and then me rather confused.

"Explain?" Riley says.

"I was created in a laboratory. I don't know all the details. I know Cadence cannot birth children. They would never share details but a lab is where I lived. I remember as young as stumbling around trying to get to my feet. They would do regular blood tests on me. On my 18th birthday I stopped aging, I remember being woken by it. It was a week after that father finally took me home." They both look at me confused so I continue. "They tested my abilities but I never really had much control over anything just showed strength mentally and physically. I was also very agile and flexible but that's nothing special. So you see father can hide whatever he wants. He hid creating a child and it was not the first attempt. I overheard them saying they were lucky they finally got one to work because they had almost none of the other source left."

"The other source?" Dimitri leans forward asking.

"I can only assume the other part of my DNA. Things that father has said have made me believe that I am not normal. He is strict on the fact I must never be bitten. Never get a cut. So being clumsy would be out of the question."

Dimitri sits back seeming to think for a moment. Riley gives me a small wink I think trying to reassure me.

"There is no way to prove this." Dimitri says standing but I speak.

"Do you have a cell that could hold you?"

"Of course but why?" He asks, turning and scrunching his face in confusion.

"Because i have tasted my own blood and i know you'll need a cell. So which one of you will be tasting it?" I ask but Dimitri growls. "Well then I assume you and Riley can take notes."

Standing I straighten my blouse and wait for them to lead the way. They take a moment but they do. Leading through the corridors of the fortress till finally down some dark damp stairs. They circle round in almost a dizzying manner. Finally the dungeon itself is light and obviously new. Ready for a prisoner. Is this where he would have put me?

"Riley if you wouldn't mind just whilst i have an open wound could i put you in a cell?"

"Is this all a way to get out of here. I can assure ..." Dimitri sayes in a stern tone.

I interrupt turning and glaring at him. "If I wanted to try to escape your enchantment doesn't work on me. Would I not have already done so?" When he doesn't speak I nod towards the cells. Riley steps in first unreluctant and ready to trust me. Dimitri hesitates but then steps in staying close to the bars but not touching it. I assume the metal is one that would burn our skin. The cells slide closed at the press of a button in my hand. "Actually i might leave you here."

I laugh and so does Riley but Dimitri's eyes bore into mine daring me to try. A promise of what he would do if I did. A shiver runs down my spine and not because I am afraid.

"Hold your hands behind your back, bend down and tilt your head opening your mouth." He does as i say i fit my slim arms through the bar and just above his mouth i stick my sharp pointed nail into my finger. Pressing hard enough to draw a single drop of blood.

Before it even drops onto his tongue my arm is away from the cage and I am in the centre of the room. Licking the excess blood and the wound sealing. I turn to Riley first who has his hands tightly on the bars even as they sizzle and smoke comes from them. I can see him fighting it and once the smell seems to fade he steps back holding his hands.

"Mother fucker." He says and I watch his eyes return to normal and i press the button to release his cell door when he nods.

Finally turning towards Dimitri his eyes are wide. His head was close to the bars almost touching them. If I had thought he could look scary before I was wrong. His eyes are hungry but not in the sense of fucking me. His chest rises and falls, his nostrils flaring as he tries to smell me.

"Boss man." Riley says, stepping forwards but I put a hand on his forearm.

"Blood lust. Only documented to make us out of control for one other species." I say my eyes are not leaving Dimitri's. Even as they are completely black almost reminding me of Dustin. It's when they slip away from my neck and to the hand holding Riley's forearm, he snarls and his fangs are revealed.

He is still in there? How is he fighting it? Even now able to be jealous of me touching Riley whilst he wants to suck every last bit of blood from my body.

"Well I'll be damned."

"We already are." I try to smile even as I test my theory sliding my hand down Riley's arm towards his hand. Dimitri followed with a sound coming from the back of his throat like the devil himself.

"What are you doing? Trying to make him fucking worse?"

"No but somehow he is feeling something other than blood lust. I want to test the theory. It shouldn't be possible. He should be so consumed…"

"But he's jealous of you touching me. Smart princess." Riley smirks at Dimitri but he doesn't look and then he shocks me. I jump when his hand meets one of my cheeks gently then his lips meet the other.

"Mine." Dimitri roars.

Riley and I turn looking at him and step away from each other. We wait and wait. Until Dimitri doesn't stand with black eyes just watching me. No blinking, no breathing for actual breath but more sniffing the air to try smell me.

"I am glad you locked me up. How do we not smell you all the time?" Riley asks as we sit on the bench together still waiting for Dimitri to return from the blood lust.

"I can only assume because of Cadence's genetics. He is very old. He has never told me how much so other than over 300 years. His sire was many years older than that, he says. Told me his sire was one of the first. So the vampire DNA in me stems from that which is strong but the other must be…" I don't say it because i cannot prove it but can only assume.

"A fairy. I've heard when vampires first came to be we almost wiped out fairies. We couldn't stop the blood lust that would overtake us and rather than turning any we would suck them dry."

I can only nod to Riley's words. It's lovely to think I could be sucked dry if I one day get a paper cut at a ball full of vampires.

"How long have you known your part fae?"

"I don't know. I guess i have always assumed but i can't prove it without doing this to someone so i never wanted to test the theory. Not until now." I look at Dimitri and he isn't sniffing the air but he still watches me with black eyes. Gone is the green that I have grown to look for from the moment I met him. "You can see why I wouldn't trust someone to bite me."

"I can but it's a shame. Fucking and biting come hand in hand with us guys. It brings about more pleasure that you'll never be able to experience."

I shrug. "Not unless I wanted to die as I orgasmed."

"Why would Cadence create a daughter and have her part fae?"

"I don't know. He already had Dustin when they began and when he had me he stopped trying for more. I was enough. I don't know if he plans on marrying me off to someone as a gift …" Another growl from Dimitri who must still be taking everything in. "Or plans to just keep me locked up forever. His love is unconditional but he also is overbearing. He wouldn't be happy with me telling you both these things. But I had to. You can see now. He hid me for 18 years and the failed attempts for many more. If he was doing this then he wouldn't mess up."

Riley nods his head biting his lip in thought. Looking down and up again before standing.

"You ok watching him? If you need me there is a panic button on the control, i would be here in seconds." He asks.

"Sure. He isn't going anywhere any time soon."

Riley leaves and I get myself comfortable trying not to look at Dimitri. Strange that even in this state he is somewhere in there.


A drop of her damn blood made me want to drain her. I wanted to sink my teeth into her neck and rip a chunk off to be able to swallow her blood quicker. But then the idea of ripping at her delicate skin kept me standing stark still. I couldn't help but sniff the air for the sweet scent. Not only of her blood but the vanilla she smells like. The reminder that one doesn't come without the other.

I had to hold my jaw tight as I watched them. Every sense inside of me heightened. My eyesight has never felt so strong my hearing so far. I feel like I can hear the owl swoop from the tree outside towards a waiting mouse that doesn't see it yet.

Riley kissing her cheek made me want to rip the bars from the wall and throw them at him. The way her hand had touched him so familiarly does she like him? They sat speaking so easily. The way she said her father might want to marry her off had my chest hurting and I felt like rocking back and forth. Feeling as though I was going crazy. The need for her blood overwhelmed me but I was not able to overcome the feeling of needing to be with her. To protect her and claim her as mine. So I stand, jaw tight and painful, waiting for the feeling of being a risk to her to pass.

"Emery." I say, hating that i need to wake her but she has been asleep now for a while and i know i am well past the blood lust i just experienced.

"O, how long have you been, ok?" She says sitting up quickly and wiping at her eyes.

"For some time but it was better to be sure." She nods at my words and stands up holding the remote in her hand looking unsure whether to let me out.

Is she afraid of me? Or still contemplating leaving?

"I have no reason to trust or ask a promise from you but I believe I deserve something in retribution for what you have done by taking me." She doesn't meet my eye as she speaks but I don't respond so she continues. "I wouldn't want this information to get out. It would put my father in a position that wouldn't be fair and I would forever be in danger of having to prove myself. Giving my blood only to watch them insane probably imagining tearing me to shreds or sucking me dry. It isn't something i want to do. Will you give me your word?"

"You can have my word on the fact you trusted me enough to tell me. I would not want people to chase you for what you are either." She looks up at me but stays standing too far away for my comfort. "But you are wrong. I did imagine them things but only for a moment. Not even that in fact. I wanted to scream at you as you touched Riley. As he kissed your cheek. The only reason I held tight was because I was controlling myself."

"How could you control yourself? Riley held the bars just at the smell of it?"

Because i couldn't hurt you in such a way. Not someone so perfect. Not someone who is mine. But i don't say that. Instead I shrug.

"You don't have to fear me pixie. I had control then but did not want to risk letting it slip by getting into an argument. You can release me now."

She bites the inside of her lip and seems to form an idea that brings a smile to her lips.

"Or you could spend a short while being a prisoner and see how it feels." She smiles broadly, blowing me a kiss and skipping up the damn stairs.

I stand watching the back of her. Well I watch her ass sway as she skips away so happy with herself. Shock and amusement at her actions.

"See you very soon pixie."

I smile pulling out my phone and texting Riley. Once I get out of here I am going to kiss that little pixie into next week.

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