The Damned

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Getting warmer


O my god. I can't believe i just did that. It is so uncharacteristic of me. Pushing my luck and behaving in a way I shouldn't. Should I go back? Damn but it felt good to give him some of his own medicine.

I stop at the bedroom door to my room. I should go back. I can't just leave him in that cell. It's wrong no matter how good it felt to take that little bit of his control away. Making up my mind I walked back into the hall straight into the hard wall of his chest. I know it is him without even looking up.

"Felt guilty?" His husky voice washes over me and his breath sweeps at the loose curls around my face making them tickle me.

"Not guilty but i thought it was indecent of me." I look up and meet his eyes which are green again. O god they are green, I almost sag into him a little.

"Don't worry you'll make it up to me." I know exactly what he is thinking. He gives me a chance to move away as his large hand slowly moves up my arm, shoulder and neck. Until finally it is at my jaw tilting my head that bit further back. "Is it possible to have missed your lips? One kiss but a week of wanting them. What are you doing to me pixie?"

I know he isn't questioning me more himself. He wants an answer and I have none to give not whilst his large hand holds me hostage and his eyes keep me there obeying him. Reaching up onto tiptoes, fisting my hands in his shirt and pulling at him to bring him closer. It's a confidence I didn't know I had. Around Dimitri though I shouldn't be surprised because I am a different me.

"Shut up and kiss me already." I say when he doesn't bend the rest of the distance immediately. Teasing me by being so close but not allowing me that taste.

He smirks and a small chuckle before he takes steps forward moving me back. I keep following his unsaid instructions even not being able to see where I am being led. I know it is within his room when he kicks the door closed. When the back of my thighs hit the soft bed my heart pounds and eyes widen.

"Don't look so nervous just kissing pixie. I will never take more than you want me to." He doesn't push me any further and I bite my lip considering it. He is being sincere, i know he won't hurt me or even push me though damn i wish he would. "Yes?"

I nod. He places his hands to my hips and lifts me as though I weighed nothing, putting me onto the bed. I shuffle back giving him room to climb on which he does looking monstrously big and predator like. Yet I am not afraid even as my head hits the pillows and he settles between my legs. His elbows caging my head in.

"Just kissing." He says leaning forwards but he doesn't kiss my lips instead placing a gentle one on my nose. My cheeks are next then my jaw which he follows the line of. He takes his time keeping it slow and like he saviors every moment. He has his knees wide and keeps his arousal away from me.

"Please." I say whispering. What for? For him to lay his body on mine. For me to feel the contours of his hard toned body above mine, making me feel like I am safe from the world. Or just damn well kiss my lips and make me so turned on like yesterday that i cannot think straight.

"Please what pixie? Is it this you want?" He shifts his knees outward forcing mine further open for him before finally allowing his hardened cock to sit against where I need him most. My skirt moving apart allowed only my thong to be covering my needy centre. "Or is it this you want?" I don't have a chance to think. Too busy gasping at the sensation of him against me to think straight. His mouth meets mine and it's like a star just imploded behind my eyes.

I tighten my fingers in his biceps lifting my hips to grind against his every move. His tongue meets mine and all hell breaks loose. We fight for dominance a dance as old as time but one that should be new to us yet he angles one way and the other. Swapping between, trying to deepen it. Trying to take more from one another.

When finally he moves away again kissing my neck I move my hands to the front of his shirt. Fiddling at the buttons with shaking fingers. I need to touch him. In the end I give up and grab either side before pulling, tearing at the shirt sending buttons cascading over me and the bed.

"Only kissing pixie?" He says breathless and husky but I respond by kissing his neck and chest. It has soft dark hair sprawled lightly across it which shocks me at how masculine it is. At how much I like it not being bare or smooth.

"Only kissing Mr Julious." I respond against his neck spreading my fingers into the hair on his chest. His growl deep in his throat only intensifies when I graze my teeth along his collarbone hidden behind his bulging muscles.

His body tense and quivering above me. He shifts his hips forwards grinding his hard cock against my clit and I throw my head back into the pillows again. Him taking the opportunity to bury his face in my neck kiss and sucking but never using his teeth. Not that i would notice. So turned on I am ready to just beg him to make the ache between my legs go away. Kiss me there, where I need him most.

"I am going to kiss you pixie. I am going to kiss your tits first and if you don't stop me at them I am going to move further down. I am then going to kiss your cunt and suck you clit into my mouth, I will go between doing that and thrusting my tongue into you. Tasting every delicious inch of what you have."

"Yes." Did I just beg him almost? The way it was so breathless so needy. I don't even recognise the voice myself.

He pulls at my blouse and tears the polyester with ease. He pulls at the centre of my bra tearing it right down the middle at its weakest point finally exposing my breasts to him.

"So fucking perfect." He takes one in his hands just watching as he leans up on one elbow. I cannot do anything but feel the ache. The need. The way my nipple gets the friction it has been crying for against his palm. "Your tits were made to fit my hand perfectly. You were made for me."

I don't take his words seriously because at this moment I'd tell him I thought he was god, even more so when his mouth lowers onto the other nipple and his tongue circles it before sucking gently and then much harder when I cry out.


So fucking perfect. She is so sensitive and her reactions, her moans so sweet and quiet yet when i took that nipple in my mouth and sucked hard enough to cause a bit more pain. She shook beneath me and arched her back pushing it further into my mouth.

God, I could kiss these tits all day. I swap my hands and mouth wanting to taste every curve. Alternating between kissing, sucking and pinching at those sweet dark pink erect nipples. By the time i am done they won't be soft again for days. Just like my cock. Unless she keeps moving beneath me like that. Wiggling her hips side to side up and down. God she is going to kill me.

"I am going to kiss down your stomach now and I am not going to stop until I land between your legs. If you aren't ready for that, tell me now pixie." Cause when i get there i do not plan on coming up until i've had my fill. Which i doubt will ever happen.

"Yes." That one simple word again. The word I needed.

I hold her breast in one hand not wanting to let it go. Pinching the nipple between my finger and thumb slowly rolling it between them. Testing what her limits are of pain and pleasure. I kiss her ribcage, I kiss the soft space of her belly. I even kiss her belly button wanting to cover every inch of her and when i finally land close to her sex. The one I have been filled with the scent of her arousal. Looking up one last time giving her that chance to deny me though god knows i don't even want to give her that chance. Her eyes meet mine. Her cheeks flushed mouth open, hair a mess around her face but she looks even more beautiful than any other time.

The door swings open. "Boss man. Holy shit." Riley says loudly before turning round facing the wall.

"What the fuck Riley?" I say covering Emery's body with my own. Furious he may have seen her perfect breasts. The luscious legs that are either side of my head and torso. She buries her head into my chest and sighs heavily.

"We need to talk." He says, still not looking this way.

"Couldn't wait?"

He coughs but stays standing. "No it cannot wait so i will give you two minutes before i come back here." He takes a step towards the door then stops again. "Sorry little princess, don't worry i didn't see anything though i'd happily turn round now…"

I growl loudly and so possessively because he won't be seeing her now or damn well ever.

"Get the fuck out."

Riley laughs and to my surprise pixie does beneath me. I lean my head back and wait for her to bring her head away from my chest and back down onto my pillows. When she does I wish it was back there. Safe and protected by me. Fuck what is she doing to me? Why do I want to stay here. Fuck whatever it is Riley needs to talk to me about but I know it is important or he wouldn't have came here.

"Find that funny? The fact he could have seen you?" I sound possessive but I cannot help it. I have to ask the question, have to know if she likes Riley.

"What are you on about? He made a joke and I find him funny. Are you really jealous over the fact I get along with Riley?" She looks confused.

"Fuck I don't know." I was never jealous when people looked at Ali. I liked the fact she was mine so they could look but not touch. Emery it feels like her body was made for only me, only my eyes and I need to get myself in check. "I am glad you have a friend here."

"You're not though are you? You want me to have only you really."

It's true in some sense but in another I know she wouldn't be happy with only me. I also love the way she sees right through my bullshit.

"You are right I wish you'd laugh at me. Found me remotely funny. Other than when you lock me in a cell. You found that pretty funny." She grins and I feel a tightening in my chest again.

"Won't he be back any second."

"Then I have a second to make the most of."

And that I did. I kiss her lips and press my body to hers. I swallow her moan and take advantage of the open mouth twinning our tongues and loving it more. How is each kiss more addictive than the last? With each one I get further from answers and closer to confusion. To be so consumed by her. But right now I don't care. Take me, swallow me whole and keep me inside of her because that is all I want. In fact I need it.

The kiss could have been two minutes or two hours but we are both so in it that time seems to not matter. All that does is her nails scraping at my back. My tongue in her mouth. Her hips thrusting to meet mine as I grind against her. The sweet moans muffled in my mouth. The grunts. I grunt? It is all so messy yet perfect but it's mine. She is mine.

"I said two minutes. I've given you ten but I will come in there boss man and who knows what I might see if I do." Riley calls out from outside the room.

"You fucking dare." I growl back, finally taking my lips from hers. She chuckles again and I attempt a glare but can't help smile as I look at her happy face. "So not funny pixie."

"Got to admit he loves to wind you up. It's great."

"Yeah so great I question why I saved him."

"Er I'll have you know not only because I am a fine piece of ass but also because I'm smart and can even beat you up. Boss man. A word. Little princess he will be all yours after." Riley shouts in.

"I need to deal with him. He isn't going anywhere, the persistent bugger." I say before kissing her quickly and tenderly. Because if I go in again properly I'm not coming up until Riley tears me from her.

"Nothing little out here. You want to see little princess?" Riley chuckles and then so does pixie. I glare down at her but her rosey cheeks and warm gray eyes have me wanting to smile. Not that i let myself.

"Something funny about seeing Riley? He doesn't mean his height you know?"

"Obviously. Afraid of the competition Mr Julious?" O she did not just say that. Ready to plunder her mouth and take everything away but then Riley clears his throat so instead I growl and huff before climbing off of her.

"To be continued." I say over my shoulder rearranging myself before walking out into the hall to a smug looking Riley.

"Somebody got a crush?"

"Fuck off. What was so big you had to drag me away right this minute?"

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