The Damned

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Am I Capable


Well whatever Riley had to tell Dimitri has kept him busy. Three whole days of busy. I have lunch and dinner with Riley sometimes and others I sit outside or read in the library. How this place can be such a fortress with stone walls that are cold to the touch, yet I find myself being almost cosey here. Getting into a routine. Other than frustration. I am so frustrated now that we've kissed, I want more. I need a damn good orgasm and nothing I am doing has worked. Which sets me on the course for today. Find Dimitri and have him. How much I haven't decided but I want him and that urge isn't getting better or more intensifying.

I workout with Riley which is fun. I can see he was a natural boxer before he had vampire abilities which help him. Enhance everything he already had. The small exchanges I have seen between him and Dimitri show a different side to Dimitri. It's like only Riley can get him to show that side of himself. Having given Dimitri all evening to sort his things I went on the hunt for him. Finding nearly every room empty. Deciding to throw a strop and go outside into the garden to look up at the stars.

To my surprise when my bare feet touch the grass outside I can hear faint and distant words being exchanged. One of them is Dimitri. He doesn't sound happy though. Looking around I focus and head in the direction of them. Two, no three. One of them isn't speaking but is close by. I can smell him. Hear his fingers tapping at the trigger of his gun. I leap into the large tree and thank the ability of being so agile now. Quiet and stealth are needed to get closer. Until finally Dimitri is in my line of sight. Two men pointing a gun at him. Different to any i have seen before and it has strange markings engraved into the metal.

"Did you come here to talk shit or kill me?" Dimitri says snarling and with a shrug. Not caring for his life at all his hand running over one wrist before returning to their sides.

"Tell us where she is? We are not here to kill you but hurt you." Obviously the man in charge speaks, aiming the gun just to the side of Dimitris heart.

"They are not taking her away. Not again." Not again? So they didn't kill Ali in front of him but took her from him? Strange I just assumed she had died or something drastic in front of him. Not that her being kidnapped isn't painful but he did that to me, yet here i come begging for orgasms. I could roll my eyes at myself but need to focus.

"You have two options Dimitri, you tell us now and we go get her without harm or you tell us after we shoot you. You already know what these bullets are and what they can do. So what do you choose?"

"Just shut up and get on with it already. Tik tok before the sun comes up."

Why is he tormenting them? He honestly wants to get shot. The absolute idiot. I finally am attracted to someone where there is this insane pull between us and he is a psycho. Kidnaps me but then I see his side and feel almost bad for him. Now he is ready to get shot rather than just give me back. Stupid man.

It isn't until I hear the click of the trigger. Dimitri doesn't even attempt to move from the bullet. Everything goes slowly as I see it closing the distance between the barrel of the gun and Dimitri's chest. No. Emotions wanting to take over but i don't stop them. Something in my head tells me to let go. So i do and the white light that blasts from my hands forming a ball that only seems to get bigger as it gets further away. With a precision to my aim I didn't realise I had the light large enough to take out both vampires. Which leaves me to jump down and before my feet hit the ground in front of Dimitri. I feel the bullet hit me in the hip and lodge itself in the bone.


What the fuck just happened? One minute i am prepared for the pain of lead mixing in my veins. The next, a bright light nearly burned the shit out of me and made me think I needed sunglasses in the dark. Turns the two vamps in front of me to ash. Then i smell it. Her blood. Everything happened so fast?

"Run." I beg her with the last words my mouth can say as my throat runs dry.

The smell of her blood intensifies and I am asking a bleeding woman who just took a bullet for me to run but I need her to. God please run pixie. I can't hurt you and with all this adrenaline i don't know if i will be able to stop myself.

Luckily she listens and runs. One minute there and the next she is gone. So strong. I stand tense until I hear running to my side. Another vampire is hunting her. I turn and take chase, catching him quickly. Closing my arms around his and sinking my teeth into the side of his neck ripping free a chunk. Spitting it to the ground before going in for more.

When I finally let my arms free of him his limp body slammed to the ground. Head barely held on. I cannot smell her. Has she left? Pain. I try to calm myself. She wouldn't leave. But why would she stay?

Riley. I told him to come slow. I need to make sure he doesn't come too far out and risk him smelling Emery. I cannot have him hunt her. I bolt towards the archway and he comes forwards looking at me stained in blood. My chin and beard covered.

"You alright?" He asks with a side glance.

"Yes. They found a way onto the property but couldn't get into the castle. Emery." I turn round looking far towards the tree line. Come back pixie. Come back to me. Not that I have the right but I need you too. "She did some fake shit and then got hit."

"O shit." Riley pinches his nose with his finger and thumb and I can't help but smile.

"She ran."

"And you didn't hunt her down?" He quirks a brow. Moving his hand back to his side.

"Why so confused? I know you think I am a monster for taking her especially after the other day but I wouldn't hurt her." Not physically. How can i deny mentally when i have kidnapped her.

"No I mean. I love the kid but even i wouldn't be able to fight it. You instead have obviously stopped someone from hurting her and I imagine coming here to stop me from getting out there?"

"Yeah well I guess my senses are dull." I shrug trying not to make a big deal out of it but I can see Riley wants to ask more into it.

"Will she be safe?"

"I don't know." And the knowledge of that is painful. Will she come back? Will other vampires be in the area chasing her? And I can't do anything without risking hurting her.


Motherfucker. The trees all look the damn same. I know I am lost and my hip hurts like a bitch. The lead is doing nothing to help. I can't get it out because it's in my back and I can't heal until I get it out. All this adds up to Emery you're an absolute idiot.

Sitting down and leaning against a tree trunk I picture Dimitri. Probably annoyed about something, always. 'Damnit Dimitri i need you.'

I think loud and clear before deciding to try to get some rest. I'm tired in pain and not able to concentrate so I lay down on my side. The one without a bullet in the hip bone. Couldn't have hit my ass? Got a bit of juice there. Goddamn.

"Emery." I stir at some point trying to sit up but realising i am surrounded by plants. "Fuck sake pixie i know you're here." Dimitri? He sounds furious. Huh nothing new. What is all this mess on me? Like a holy bush and flowers and grass it has grown and covered all of me.

"I'm here." I manage to lift my hand up a vine going between my fingers. Seconds late Dimitri is ripping at all the vegetation that has grown around me.

Pulling my from the ground and putting me to his chest. A large hand cradling my head as though I am precious and another around my back. I just lay in his arms motionless. Not knowing what to do or say. The sudden sweet gesture is opposite to his angry tone and I am still bleeding. I push at him and he moves me from him but doesn't let me go.

"Don't try and bite me or i'll… Whatever that blast was. I will do that." Great Emery you sounded so confident.

"I won't hurt you. Tempting maybe but more so because the sun is rising and I am all the way out here. Can you not move?"

"I can but the bullet is still in there. You need to take it out." I wish it wasn't true but it is. If he can stand the smell of it and already having tasted hopefully he can do this. He has no choice unless he has a human handy.


He doesn't hesitate turning me around, I lift my top and move my shorts down a bit until he can see the wound. I can feel the blood so he has amazing self control right now.

"It's going to hurt and i don't have time to be gentle."

"Just take it out Dimitri."

So he does. A large finger widens the gap and I can feel it moving and hitting nerves as it does before finally dislodging the bullet from the bone. Urging it towards the open wounds and finally pulling it from my body. I finally stop holding my jaw tight and fall to my knees. Healing takes a minute and damn that hurts.

"Pixie, we need to talk but we can't make it back before the sun comes up. I'm going to be a mess by then so you'll have to help me…."

"My blood. When I got suspicious maybe being part fae I did my research and a vampire can withstand sunlight but only for a short amount of time."

"I can't." He shakes his head.

"You just stuck your finger in my back and didn't bite me or drain me. So we have no choice. Risk you dying or …"

"Risk you dying because I can't stop. No pixie let's move." He takes my hand and pulls but I pull it free baring my fangs and sinking it into my wrist.

"Drink it."

"Emery." His voice hoarse his eyes black but I don't feel afraid. So I raise my wrist and when his fangs break my skin for a moment there is pain then it's gone and replaced by a wave of pleasure. One you can get completely lost in. Rather than just between my legs tingling. Everything does. My whole body becomes a raging turned on inferno.

That lasts until it feels cold and finally Dimitri with force rips his mouth and teeth away. He picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. We move through the woods. He moves quickly as though he still needs to run from the sun and as the trees end and it becomes a wide lawn he hesitates stopping below the shadows of the tree line. My wounds healed and I just hang over his shoulder waiting but I know he is afraid.

"Put me down." He does as I say but holds me close. I find myself sliding my hand into his and stepping out into the morning sun. "How long has it been since you felt the heat of the morning?"

"I could …"

I interrupt. "I'm here and you won't burn." I know it. I feel it.

So he is hesitant but steps forwards again and again as I lead him through onto the grass. He looks around squinting at the light but I smile up at him. Our fingers closed around one another. Seeing his tousled hair his beard a mess with blood smeared all around it. My chest tightens and I smile at this beautiful monster.

"You are beautiful in the sun." The words slip from my lips and I immediately go wide eyed and blush. What am I thinking? I wanted to use him for an orgasm, nothing more but everything I feel. Everything i see him doing, it all sounds so close to stories of mates. "Is it safe for me to go in the house?"

"I've cleared this half. Everyone is on the opposite side."

I nod and I do the only thing I can think of. Letting his hand go and running. Not stopping until I am in my room and then in the shower. Scrubbing at my skin like it can rid everything I feel.

His eyes may have been black with blood lust but he stopped. He didn't take it, not until I asked. How? Why? This is all so messed up but one thing I know is that Dimitri may well be proving everything I thought about mates wrong. Am I capable of having one? But he has already had one so how does that work for me?

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