The Damned

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Hot Before The Cold


"Emery." His voice sounds concerned as he knocks on my door. I walk to it only dressed in a pink silk bathrobe. My hair, still down in long waves. When I open it and see his face. Now clean of blood. A tight black t-shirt and shorts on. I look into his eyes and his blood lust is gone. Now it's just desire and need.

So messed up because that is all I am feeling. So I threw myself at him. Literally jumping and throwing my arms around his neck. He catches me hoisting me by my ass up against him and I wrap my legs around him. Our lips meet in a frenzied kiss. Is it the wear off of adrenaline or just the stupid pull between us? I am sick of wondering. Of questioning what it is. Instead I demand his kisses. I draw his tongue out with my own and i writhe against him.

"Fuck. Pixie i came to apologise." He grins when I begin kissing down his neck grazing my teeth against the sensitive skin. Would I bring him pleasure by biting him? I haven't bit anyone before.

"Fuck your apologises."

He growls but carries me to the bed sitting down and keeping me on his lap. For a moment he takes his hands from my ass and puts them to either side of my face.

"We do need to talk at some point."

I nod. "Yeah just not right now."

I push his hands away and put mine to his shoulders grinding against the hard bulge between my legs. His hands roam my body. Between moving up my exposed thighs and to my ass inside my robe to pulling at the middle and exposing my breasts.

"These tits have haunted me. I have pictured shooting my load on them so many times pixie. You wiping at it with your finger and sucking at that." He speaks and then leans forward sucking a nipple into his mouth. All I can do is arch my back hands behind me on his knees. Completely at his mercy.

Exactly where i should be. It runs through my head and hums through my body. Feeling complete in a way i never have before yet missing a single thing. Missing the most intimate way to bond someone with another. Is this why I have never even been tempted by a man before? Because the monstrous one I am straddling has been waiting for me.

"I need you." I say speaking up to the ceiling as I stay leaned back. His hand roams over the front of my hips and then is exactly where I need him.

He knows what I want as his finger slips between my folds and finds me ready. His thumb grazing against where I am most sensitive. Starting a rhythm that makes my legs shake on either side of him. I cry out unable to contain the excitement, moving against him needing more. His tongue drawing circles around my breasts and nipples. So gentle with the occasional hard suck that brings a shock pain and pleasure all so intense. I think I could draw blood with how hard my pointed nails stab into his legs. The only thing that keeps me balanced. Grounded to this moment rather than floating away. When it hits and the waves of pleasure wash over me my whole body tenses and shudders. He slowly withdraws his finger and I watch as he puts it into his mouth tasting me.

"What you did for me pixie you must never do again." His eyes stay on mine and he sounds so serious even as I feel how hard he is between my legs.

"What saves you from agony?" I finally say after an intense minute of eye contact and my breathing becoming normal. He just gave me an earth shaking orgasm and wants to have a serious conversation. When all i can think about is that hard cock beneath me.

"I would have recovered and Riley could have taken them out. You revealed yourself. If they hadn't …"

"Been burnt to shit by me then yes i would understand your concern. Though i think what you should be saying is thank you."

He shakes his head but I see his lips slightly turn up at the corners.

"You're infuriating. So innocent with yet so many secrets. Why risk yourself for me? After I have taken you from a father you obviously love." He bites his lip.

"I love my father. He created me and he adores me but he doesn't protect me. He believes he does and he has all good intentions of doing so but locking me up. Keeping me in a house with Dustin. I am prisoner in my own home as I am here." His face contorts at my words but it's the truth and I am not going to sugar coat it for him. "You took me for revenge and you have exactly what you want right? Revenge on my brother and father? The attraction between us can be worn off in the meantime and then when I assume you'll let me go at some point?"

"I … Your right i have you which is what i intended and with that your father is hurting. Badly. Dustin doesn't like to lose so he is annoyed. Very annoyed." He stops speaking and I feel like he is leaving out so many things. Where was the answer to letting me go? What else is going on?

"What are you not telling me? Is this lack of trust because i am my father's daughter and Dustin is sired by him making me his sister. Or is this lack of trust warranted because i actually did something?" I already know it isn't but it's great to throw it in his face.

"You don't even know what your family did to me." He sounds annoyed. His face angry with hurt from the past he hasn't explained.

"Then tell me because I have been honest throughout and I have protected you without cause to do so. You didn't even have to ask but i did not feel it was right for you to be harmed because of me. Yet you think it's ok for me to be harmed for someone else's mistakes."

"He took her. Dustin. He came to my home and took Ali, the woman I loved." He said loved as in past tense but i know from the way he speaks. He still cares for her. "We had been attending some functions separately and spent some time apart. It was a few days after coming home and she did. Dustin arrived with some men. They beat the shit out of me, shot me with the lead bullets. Held me back as he carried her kicking and screaming out of my home."

He sounds so in pain to speak of it and I can only imagine how it felt to love someone so much for so long. To only have them ripped away from you by someone so selfish like Dustin.

"Did you not try and find her?"

"I tried and failed. She just disappeared and the things I have heard about Dustin. The things he likes to do. I knew after a while she had no chance of still being alive." He looks away from me. "So i moved here. I left society and I waited. My revenge plan wasn't originally to take you but when i heard of the plan to kill councilmen. Using the panic of the red sky to the advantage of your family. I had to act. You seemed like the only thing that had everyone under their spell."

"I'm not a witch."

He looks back at me. "No you're a fairy and a vampire. You're a hybrid unheard of and yet you revealed yourself to protect me. Why?"

"As I said, you didn't deserve to be hurt. You had reasons for taking me though I know you're wrong about my father." His intense gaze makes me want to look away but I refuse. "You don't have a plan of letting me go yet do you?"

"It isn't the time yet. I am in communication with your father though."

"What? You've spoken to Cadence? When? Why?" I am so shocked that I just stare at him expecting a response. Knowing I will only get back what he wants me to know.

"After you showed us what you are and how well your father would hide something. Riley dug deeper and then I contacted Cadence. He is not happy of course and I imagine the only reason he is having any communication with me is for your sake. But he is resolving some issues I have."

"What issues?"

"I want to know what happened to Ali and i want him to get to the bottom of someone in his home trying to kill councilmen. Dustin we can only assume as he is the only other one capable." He still wants Ali. Why am I not shocked? Only ten minutes ago I wanted to give him everything I have to offer. I wanted him to take my virginity and bond us together in a way I know I will never come back from.

Now I see I am still and only ever will be a part of a plan for this man. Nothing more. A prisoner to my father. A toy to the supposed brother. Where is my place in this world? Do I even have one? Mentally I feel a piece of me breaking. All these years of wondering. Living a life of luxury without a life to live. When finally hope seeps into me like I have the right. The idea of having a mate out there. Dimitri. It's torn away and only brings back pain. One I have long since learned to control. To hide away and act as though nothing mattered or happened before.

"Pixie?" His voice brings me back from my thoughts. From the pain that I must have written on my face as his gentle yet rough hand touches my cheek making me meet his eyes. So sweet at times but so able to crush me. Already doing so bit by bit. Breaking down walls I had long since built.

"This was a mistake. I'd like you to leave. I am tired." I lie. I am far from tired and the last thing I want is to move away from his hard body. I need to though. I need space. I need to find myself.

"It was not a mistake." He growls out in a dominant voice trying to bend me to its will. His hand tightening against my jaw willing me to obey.

"It was and you said you wouldn't touch me unless I asked. I ask you not to." I pulled his hand from me with strength I didn't know I had. I then stand quicker than his reactions to stop me. "Get out."

His eyes widen at my tone and he stands up towering over my much smaller height and build but I feel nothing but hurt and anger. I can't hide it as the emotions I have begun to let out build. It's like a bonfire having a tin of gasoline thrown on it.

"You want me." He speaks through a tightened jaw and gritted teeth.

"I want you to fuck off and all you want is revenge and Ali. Literally you want to fuck me and fuck me over. So fuck off." I have never screamed in my life and right now I am spitting with anger as I cry out of my lips. I am hurt and fed up with being used. I have never spoken in such a way to anyone. "I am not yours and I will be damned before I ever am."

"You already are damned. Even if half of your being is that of a fairy the other is that of the damned. You are mine …"

I scream interrupting him. "I am my own and I will not be used any more. If i want your dick you will know about it but know this Dimitri Julious. You'll regret using me as a revenge for someone you love. You'll fucking regret using me."

I try to walk away but he grabs my wrist and when he does I turn with an almighty speed and fury throwing him back with a white ball of light. The smell of his skin burning. My ears rang with his roar of pain. I don't look at him though instead I stride into the bathroom shutting the door and slumping back against it sinking to my bum. Cuddling my knees and doing something I have never done before.

Praying. Not to anyone in specific but more to myself. Wanting answers and a way out of here. Of a life i wish i could have. I wanted it with Dimitri the minute my eyes met his. It's like a rom com i could play out the scenes of us being happy. I could feel it so deep in my chest that it felt like I had loved this man for centuries and more. Like I had been designed specifically for him to have and to hold. But I will never be cherished.

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