The Damned

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Riley's Past


Nearly three damn weeks this woman has mostly ignored me. She works out with Riley and if i try to join them she leaves going outside before the sun sets knowing i cannot follow. Infuriating is not the word. When we dine together which she still does if Riley is not there to make her smile or laugh she remains stiff eating and parting with a few muttered words. When Riley is there with us, the way in which they are so friendly has me bending cutlery in my hand holding it too tightly. So annoyed and jealous at them. So enraged constantly.

"I want to speak with my daughter." Cadence demands on the other end of the phone. He has asked this many times already. I have been in contact with him on and off to find out his progress.

Funny I would like to speak with his damn daughter properly but she refuses. She behaves like I am contagious with the plague and won't come close to me.

"I have sent you dated and timed footage you can see she is absolutely fine." Yesterday's one of her was curled up on a chair in the library reading. How long I had sat staring at the screen watching her I want to deny but it is constantly open. I already had two screens but I found myself skipping through security cameras to find her. Watch her like some stalker or teenage boy with a crush taking anything he can get. Even just a glimpse from afar.

"It is not enough. You have my daughter. You expect me to continue to sort things when you have her. How do I know you are not mentally and physically abusing her? That those bruises aren't just healed?"

How dare he? "So you believe she is at more risk by me here then she was at home with your sick sired son? Did you ever listen to her? To the things he did? Maybe ask the rangers which all know their duty is to not intervene when Dustin is on the hunt for her? Did you witness it or play deaf? I know I heard it and witnessed it twice in the two days I was at the hotel before taking her. She is safer here with me than she ever was there."

Furious that he dared think I would hurt her. How could I hurt something so precious. Then my hands on the table clench because I have hurt her. I have taken her from the only man she truly cared about being her father. I used her like everyone else has and that hurts, it hurts i did this to her.

"Do you not think in the last three weeks I have not seen where I have gone wrong. Do you know the pain of locking up one of your children whilst another has been taken?" He sounds in agony as his voice breaks. A vampire of such status sounding so broken. Why does that not bring the joy it should have? "You took from me something that I had wanted not only in my vampire life but in my human. I had no children not before and Dustin may look like me but he … I wanted to help him give him a chance. I may have given him too much but I never believed he would truly hurt her. She never told me the extent and if she had. She is my true daughter and I would have always protected her."

I want to throw something. Hurl it across the room at the fact I know he means his words. That i took her and have lost her all in one. Why does she matter so much? Why have I not negotiated releasing her when Cadence has done so much to right the wrongs.

"I have him locked away and not on the property. You will see a formal announcement demoting him from the English prince to my sired son only. He will never be allowed within my home again. All I want is my daughter back. And until you do that i will not give you the final information you wanted."

What final information? He has already apologised to the council for his sons plans and come forward with each individual involved. Revoked his son's title and banished him for Emery's safety. Ali?

"You are withholding information about what he did to Ali? You believe that will make me return her rather than harm her?" I sound serious but of course i could not hurt her. The idea alone makes me feel sick.

"What I can tell you is that your soulmate is not dead and I have proof. I will find her and when I do I want the reassurance of a swap? I want my daughter back."

"Ali is alive?"

How is that possible? She would have found a way to return to me. He must be lying but some part of me knows he isn't he wouldn't risk Emery. I have seen that he will go above and beyond for her. The idea of giving Emery back feels like ripping off a rib and then doing crunches.

But to have Ali back won't I do anything? She is my soulmate after all. Isn't she?

"I will have her by the end of the week. Be prepared to return my daughter." With that for the first time Cadence puts the phone down on me.

All the high authority I felt I had is ripped from me. He finally has leverage to take back the one thing I want. What am I thinking? It is Ali I want and if he can return her then that is all that matters.

"Do you believe him?" Riley stands in the doorway arms crossed.

"He has no reason to lie." Yes i believe him and for that and everything that has now been stirred inside of me i want to kill him. Kill him for having power over me. For taking pixie from me. For having Ali. I feel the deck of cards and control falling between my fingers.

"Do you want me to speak to her about the fact she will be going home?"

I stand glaring at him. "Don't you dare. I didn't agree to anything."

He stands up tall letting his arms fall to his side.

"No but all the reasons for taking her are nearly resolved. The council was the priority but your own revenge for Ali will be resolved on her return. So what right do you have to her beyond that?" His eyes hold mine to test my resolve.

I round the desk and grab him by the neck, pinning him to the far wall as I snarl in his face.

"Do you think you have a chance with my pixie? I never said I was returning her."

"Put him down." I turn my head to see Emery standing her hand out in front of her a light forming in it at the palm, making me squint.

"Little princess it's ok." Riley smiles at her and I tighten my hand around his neck. The idea of losing her before i ever truly had her still running in my head at 100 miles an hour.

"No it isn't. Is this what you do Dimitri? Control everyone around you with force? What makes you so different to Dustin? You practically threw me over your shoulder and stole me. You hurt those who care about you." Does she care about me? I watch her closely even as the light is far too bright. "I said put him down. I can hit you without hurting him, because unlike you Dimitri I don't hurt people unless it is deserved."

With that I let my hand fall away. I have hurt her and it was so unwarranted that I have no right to ask anything of her. Why is it that I force myself to stay standing tall at well over six feet. When really I want to throw myself at her feet and beg her to touch me. To feel the closeness I did with her. To feel complete again. The idea of losing that and being torn for needing to have Ali returned. To have my wicked past closed off in some way.

But how will I ever look at the dark red lips of Ali, usually covered in lipstick when I have tasted the sweet luscious ones of Emery. The natural beauty who stands before me ready to take anyone on. Seeming stronger and more reserved than i have ever seen her. I did that. I took away that, something good and sweet. The small innocent and caring part of her that was so willing to trust even when she didn't have a reason to do so.

"Hey little princess it's ok things got heated. I told you once before Dimitri wouldn't ever hurt me and I still stand by that. Sometimes i think he just can't see what he wants past that massive ego he has. How about we go for a walk?" Riley says straightening himself up and breaking the silence finally. Emery's eyes still on mine as I search them hoping to see a glimpse of lust or desire. Anything I can work on.

Instead I see in those gray endless eyes nothing but cold staring back at me. She has done this before. Closed herself off quickly but instead of hours she has had nearly three weeks to build walls that even a demon couldn't fly over, not before fatigue hit.

"Emery this evening I would like you to join me in the small lounge. We need to talk." With that I turned away storming back into my office. Having to move away before I try to force life back into those eyes. Before I haul her against that wall and I take everything I have wanted to from the minute our eyes met. Permission be damned.


Riley takes my arm and leads me to a small indoor garden. Flowers growing all over the place. When he brought me here the first time it was scarce of colours but as it turns out. Fairies and nature have a unique bond. Now each time I am in here it is like the plants lean towards me. I did help them grow from nothing to large beautiful sunflowers, lillies … It is endless and so are the colours.

"What was that all about Riley?" I ask as we sit down on the bench and he puts his arms across the back.

"It's not for me to speak about. Bossman will talk to you about it tonight I am sure. You are controlling the light bomb well now."

I giggle at his title for my power. Light bomb isn't what I would call it but with Riley's help and some things he says Dimitri has passed on including numerous books I have more knowledge. Something to build on.

"Riley what am i going to do without your sense of humour."

He smiles. "Not a lot, I am pretty damn awesome. Anyway I have contacts." He says tapping his nose. "I will keep in contact, don't you worry. Plus I will make sure your guards this time are people I know. I couldn't control it before because it would have been interfering before Dimitri had set out any plans he wished to do."

"Of course because everyone's lives must be ruined by his plan for revenge." I look down rolling my eyes. Staying away from him has been torture but being around him feels like it to. God, I just want it all to stop and have no idea how that happens. Angry and bitter have taken over but I hold the emotions at bay by working out a lot. Using fairy powers seems to take more energy. Even then being a vampire replenishes it stupidly quick.

"Do you really feel like yours was ruined? I did my research on you from nearly the minute you arrived in that London home. You always seemed so prim and proper yet here you are relaxed. Almost instantly. You also are in love with Dimitri." When I turn to look at him he is already looking at me with a smirk on his face.

"I am not in love with Dimitri. For one thing I have known him just over a month and the man kidnapped me. Not only that he hates my father. He has only taken me to avenge his beloved." It is so hard to breathe when I even think about that and it feels like all the air is sucked from the room. Leaving me wanting something I cannot grasp. "I will admit I fancy him. Who wouldn't? He is gorgeous but his personality lacks everything." Lie. Screams in my head because i actually like his mean dominant personality.

"All may be true little princess but when you find that one it doesn't matter if they are satan themselves."

"I cannot have one. I am not born like all you guys. I am a design." I look away knowing my eyes will give away the sadness I feel so deep inside. He takes my chin lifting my head.

"Everyone has someone out there for them. Mine was in my human life and I fucked her over so many times she did the right thing by leaving me. Do I wish I could have done things differently? Every damn day. Because if I had, the day she went to work and got knocked down by a drunk driver on leaving I would have been collecting her."

"O Riley i am so sorry."

"Don't be. I knew what I was doing when I cheated on her. I knew I was putting fame and pussy before something worth so much more. I was young which shouldn't be an excuse but that money and fame all made for an explosive mix add drugs and you have a young man not ready to settle down." I can see him thinking about her as he smiles.

"Was she beautiful?"

"Stunning. The whitest brightest smile with some pearl white teeth that people would pay millions for. She always kept her hair natural and damn if she colmed it out and her afro was bigger than mine we would laugh so hard. Her skin was like warm milk chocolate, silky and smooth and the coconut body butter she used. I can still smell it almost every morning. I should have carried her everywhere because her thick thighs and ass deserved some rest from looking so good. I couldn't walk past her without slapping that ass." He chuckles and I giggle because it sounds like the time they did spend together they were truly happy.

"I bet she was amazing."

"She was. A nurse as well. Far too good for me and I knew it back then. So I went into underground fighting to earn more money. Make things easier on her. I just got too deep and lost sight of what matters." He shakes his head smiling down at me. "What I am saying little princess is. I will live a life of remembering that woman. I will always have two unopened tubs of her body butter because the shops stopped selling it in my cupboard. I will forever regret the last time I saw her was arguing in the street and not kissing those lips until her hands stayed interlocked behind my neck. I would give anything to take back some of the stuff I did but only everything that involves her. I wish i could have been better. Then. You may not have some things in your control but you have more than you know. You deserve to have every moment and make the most of it. Don't be held back and don't have regrets like me. They don't go away. They eat at you and you either make yourself better like I have or you sink into darkness."

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