The Damned

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Foolish Little Pixie


I walk towards the small lounge with a purpose. I am ready to fulfill not only things for myself but for Riley who cannot anymore. He is right. I have barely any control in most situations but I have more than I have taken in this one. Do I believe this will help? Maybe but i also know soon rather than later it will cause more pain than good.

Opening the door without knocking Dimitri stood at the window and turned around to look at me. The moon behind him looks so big and the stars are shining so bright. Without light pollution up here there seems to be so many more. Though the only thing i am noticing is how tight the black jeans he is wearing fit his legs. How the tight black t-shirt fits on his chest. How his beards seem slightly neater and his hair slightly shorter but still messy and out of control hanging just over his forehead.

"I am glad you came." He says his eyes roaming over the white long t-shirt that is all I am wearing. Still down to my knees comfortable and put on with a purpose.

"Shall we sit down and get this over with?"

He nods in return and gestures to the sofa. I sat at one side and him the other. Such a distance between us but it does nothing to lessen the pull in my chest. The idea of leaning into him and having his arms wrap around me. I want to say this is all just attraction but it is so much more.

"Your father has banished Dustin. Locked him away somewhere else and he is not allowed to return to the property. He has also apologised to the council for his son's plot of killing them."

"So it was Dustin all along?" Not that i am shocked. I knew it wouldn't have been my father.

"Yes. With that I still refused to return you. I didn't believe your father was capable of meeting all my demands."

"You wanted information on what Dustin did to Ali after taking her? Won't that just hurt you more to hear?" I am confused and looking at him.

"I don't know but i needed it to be resolved once and for all. Your father is a resourceful man and believes Ali is still alive."

Ouch. Ok well i guess the idea of coming here and just having him finally is blown to bits. Actually why should it be? He has taken me prisoner and all I want is for him to take my virginity. Give me pleasure beyond my imagination as promised and then return me to my father. Yet the idea of leaving Dimitri stings.

"Ok. So when am i being returned?"

"I have not accepted his terms. Not without proof." Of course smart man. "He believes he will have Ali by the end of the week and when he does. For me to see her he wants you returning."

"One captive for another makes sense." I say with a shrug though my chest is burning like a fire has engulfed it.

"I owe you an apology for taking you. Doing to you what Dustin did to Ali and I can only applaud your father for making such a beautiful, smart and endlessly caring daughter. You have handled yourself in a way I did not deserve." He sounds sincere and his eyes hold mine with a longing I feel but know I am not showing him.

"I will certainly let him know I was a good little prisoner."

"Emery please this is difficult …"

"O, this is difficult for you? You're having your one true love returned, which part of this is hard on you?"

He stands up looking annoyed. "Every damn part of this is hard Emery. You were not what i expected and the minute i met i felt more than i ever had before. Even with Ali and that only brought about more confusing feelings. Every day you have been here I have watched you. How do you think it feels to have a woman under your roof you wish you could hate but instead you want beyond reason? You want her more than you have ever wanted anyone and you cannot think or even see straight through jealousy when she is with your one true friend."

I am speechless at his angry words but it was everything I needed to hear. I needed to know he felt some of what I did. Just how confusing all of this was between us, How crazy it is.

"I know you will be returning me before the week is out Dimitri. So have me now and rid us both of this infatuation."

I watch his reaction as I speak and for a moment he is stunned. Almost frozen by my words and then in the next he is over me. His lips and mine meeting in a frenzy of need. Of suspension that they have been waiting for. Pleading each time we have seen one another. I may never understand what this is between us but right now this feels completely right and all i need.

"Tell me. Say the words Emery because i can't promise the ability to stop though i will always try. I have wanted you for what feels like so long." He speaks looking down at me. I wiggle beneath him spreading myself on the long sofa loving having him above me.

"Dimitri Julious. Take me, have me. Forget the foreplay because that always seems to end badly and just have me." Make me yours. For eternity. Though of course i don't utter those words i just feel them i feel like i have sealed my fate to this man.

He crushes my mouth with his again and his hand slides up between my legs finding me bare. I didn't bother putting underwear on because this is what I knew I wanted. I needed it. I fumble between us undoing his button and zipper then pushing at the back of them to force them below his ass. His cock springing out hard as ever and between us.

"I want you so much." He says kissing at my neck.

"Then show me." I say with confidence when my body quivers with need and nerves.

He leans back pushing his trousers down further and I see how large and thick his cock stands. I am nervous that I won't be enough but not that this will be bad. Any pain would be minor and insignificant to the fact of how much we want each other. How ready I am for him to take me.

So when he leans forward and guides himself to my entrance pushing the head in, I arch my back at the new invasion. Gasping out. He looks down at me, his eyes intense and holding so much emotions as his hands tighten into the armrest above me.


"Yes I am a virgin but Dimitri is that really going to stop you?" I speak as the feeling of being so full sends a new sensation of finally being complete through me.

He doesn't speak again, not whilst he pushes forward slowly, steady and cautious. His lips kiss mine in the most tender way as though I might break. Each of his hands seek out mine and our fingers lock together. When finally he was fully inside of me there was no pain just stretching. He moves but slowly and steadily. So much so that every time he hits something inside of me and then my clit with his pelvis on the way back in a moan into his mouth. Struggling not to move against him. To meet everything. Instead I give him this. I give him full control of me, my body and my heart at this moment. I am completely his.

"I have never felt something so good. Fucking hell pixie." He says moving his lips from mine and I look up at him. His jaw is tight and his eyes closed.

My god he is right. A wave of pleasure hits me at some point and I come apart, tensing up around him as each after shock continues with every slow gentle thrust. It doesn't stop him though. Instead he is still gentle and caring, his thrust quickening after what feels like a lifetime of our union but even then he does hurt me. He kisses my neck and his lips like a feather. His tongue is gentle and warm. His hands hold mine like a gift and when he finally comes, taking me over the edge again with him. He whispers my name into my neck as I cry out his.

Rather than the awkwardness I expected to feel when we both finally came back down which seemed to take so long. He stands up pulling everything back into place. Buttoning himself back up before leaning down and picking me up bridal style. The same way he did when he took me.

"What are you doing?"

"Please let me do this." He says but doesn't stop walking and nor do i ask him to. Instead when he walks us into his bedroom and then bathroom. He sits me down on the sink before running the bath. Checking the water and not speaking before he undresses himself. Turning round to me allowing me to see his bronzed skin and toned chest, abs, thighs and his cock standing erect again. My eyes go wide. "Don't be so surprised around you it is constantly boner town."

I giggle and allow him to lift my top above my head leaving me in nothing before he picks me up and steps into the bath. Placing me down straddling him, his hands remain firm at my hips and his cock tries to enter me again but he moves so I don't land on it.

"Why were you still a virgin?"

"Because I didn't exactly have the freedom to have all those lovers you believed me to." I shrug.

"Yes but usually a vampire will have blood lust and the sex lust for centuries."

"But I am not just a vampire and with that I never really had blood lust. I can go without blood for ages and sustain on human food but I am stronger with it."

He nods happy with my answer reaching to the side and grabbing a bar of soap. He rubs it between his hands and all I can do is watch. Gone is the past history between us. The anger and hurt. Left is just this moment of feeling closer to someone I barely know then anyone else before him.

He washes me. His hands roaming up and down my back almost massaging my muscles as my breasts press into his damp chest. He runs his hands up my arms and over the top of my breasts before looking at me and when I give him a nod he goes over them. Grazing my sensitive nipples. Roaming over my stomach and sides. Touching every inch of me. By the time he has finished and rinsed off the soap I want him. I want him inside of me again but this time i am not asking. I lift up shifting until he points and I sit down slowly as he swears in rapid italian.

"I never give away control pixie." He speaks through a tight jaw and I smile. His hand on my hip tightens shifting me forwards with a slosh of water. "Are you trying to push my limits?"

"It's not like I hurt or ache. We are vampires Dimitri. You've shown me your gentle side and now I want more. Show me who you are."

Do I even know what I mean as I say it? No but it felt right and i didn't think about my words for once. Just let them come out and be happy with whatever reaction happens. His free hand moves around my throat and is hard enough to leave bruises as he pushes me to lean back. Stretching at my stomach muscles but trusting him not to let me fall back into the water. The hand on my hip begins to move me. Back and forth so my clit grinds against him and the water escapes the bathtub.

"You are mine Emery. Tell me you're my little pixie."

"I am yours." I whisper back in gasps as he lifts up taking my knees from the base of the bath. His hand is tightening further but I feel so turned on as he takes control of me. Does as he promised.

"I want to taste you so fucking badly. I want to bite into the delicate neck and feel you come on my cock from the pleasure I can bring you. I want you to bite me and hope it never heals. To mark me in the same way as a wolf might."

"Do it."

I shock myself giving him permission to bite me but at this moment I am his. So when he pulls me by the neck towards him and then his fangs sink deep. I do as he promises I come around his cock and find some of his neck I can reach with his hand still keeping me where he wants. I sink my teeth into him and feel him explode inside of me. He tastes of home. Whatever that is I am not sure but when his teeth retract and he licks my neck before pulling my head roughly to his as we kiss one another. As we taste one another I trust him to not hurt me. Even as I know the pain is coming. Foolish little pixie.

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