The Damned

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She Who He Wants


I cannot do it. She can obviously feel the waves of panic washing over me as she stops packing and walks over to me.

"Dimitri we knew this day was coming from the beginning." Her small hand comes to my cheek and I rest my head into it.

The last four days I have spent inside of this woman. Barely apart. I have taken her in every way. Every room. I have walked in the garden in the sun after drinking from her regularly. Only a small amount but enough that I could experience something so amazing with her. Every damn minute has been amazing. She is completely perfect and yet here I am letting her leave to have Ali returned in less than an hour. I don't want it. I want her here but she seems so strong. So ready to go home and how can I blame her.

"You can take everything, I have already told you." I speak before kissing her palm and hating as she pulls it away walking back over to the small bag she has packed with a few items and maybe two tops she really liked.

"It's ok. I have wardrobes full of endless gowns and father will have many evening functions I will need to attend. After so publicly going missing there will be a story and a reunion of course." She zips the bag and I want to open it, tip it all out just to have her that bit longer. Delay any chance she is leaving me.

"Emery i …" I what? She turns and looks up at me, that mermaid blonde hair long and free beautiful curls around her ivory heart shaped face. My chest hurts and I feel like I am losing my mind whilst she seems completely in control of herself. Her gray eyes warm again but showing nothing else.

Will she miss me? Is this hurting her as much as it is me? She is mine and I haven't had enough. I never will have enough of her. I need her with me but I can never move forward without having the door to my past closed. Will Emery be waiting for me when that happens? Probably not. Will her father ever allow me near her? Hell no. But if i have to kidnap her again i will because one thing that has settled in my chest is this little pixie in front of me. Half fairy and vampire, a hybrid vampire is my mate. The person i have been waiting for all my life and i am doing this so i can be the man she deserves. So I can truly apologise for everything and have answers I need. To have a future that only exists with her In it.

"Dimitri. Lets not make this harder on either of us. The time I have spent here has been lovely. Being able to walk freely without two guards at all times. Being able to test powers without a worry about your staff because you sent them all away. My time with you. It has been amazing but it is over. We knew this was coming and I don't regret a minute of it."

I close the gap between us picking her up. Her fingers digging into the pale blue t-shirt I have on. I ordered colours into my wardrobe finally feeling like it was time to stop mourning. Just for her. Her smiles and chuckle when she first saw me in a salmon pink was cute. Until i took it off and chucked it at her then grabbed her, throwing her on the bed and eating her out for half an hour.

"This is not over Emery. This is a beginning we didn't see happening. This is the first chapter in many to come." Please hear what i am so unwilling to say. Incase you don't believe me. In case you still don't trust me which I cannot blame you for.

"We'll see." She smiles but it doesn't meet her eyes and then I move a hand into her soft curls and crush her lips to mine. Savouring her, feeling like it is an eternity before our tongues stop dancing and our lips part.

Please love me. Believe me. Trust me and keep faith I will come for you. My pixie.


"Riley, I don't even know how i can say goodbye to you. Other than Eloise I have never had any other friends and you really are so good." I smile up at him. He pulls me to him wrapping me up in his big arms.

"Little princess this is not goodbye. Not for any of us. Do you hear me?" I can only nod against his ribs. "You are special Emery. Not just because of your powers and being half fairy but because you are you. I have never met a more caring person. So willing to trust and sacrifice. Will you have faith in him?"

I step from his embrace. "What do you mean?"

"He needs to see her. I never met her but I know he loved her. I believe that, but I have seen him with you. From the minute he saw your photo he was obsessed. You are his soulmate Emery and I think he and you both know that."

I shake my head. "Riley I wish things were that simple but he loves her still, and he needs her home. Once she gets her i will be nothing but a distant memory in getting her back." It hurts to say but i know it is the truth. Still I cannot bring myself to regret everything I have shared with Dimitri. From the tantrums, to making love. It was mind blowing. "I am so glad you gave me the advice you did and I am so happy I followed through with it. Dimitri is truly special and he deserves to be happy."

"Do you really believe that is possible without you? Because I'm sure he is going to be miserable. It isn't her he loves even though he once did. The man is in love with you."

"What we had is something that will be passed the minute he sees her." It hurts so bad but again it's true. I will the pain to stop. Do not show weakness, do not fall a part. "I will be happy that he finally has her home. She must have hated being apart from him for so long. The things Dustin probably did to her."

"So strange that she has been alive all this time. You have lived with Dustin for ten years and he hasn't had her captive."

I shrug. "Dustin spent weekends away. Days away. He would take guards but they obeyed him if he wanted privacy so god knows. He may have had her this whole time as a toy locked up. Can you do something for me Riley?"

"Anything." He inclines his head in such a respectful manner and I hold back tears.

"Please take care of him." My words tumble over the large lump formed in my throat. Painful, so much pain.

"Always. Will you take care of yourself?"

"Always." With that we embrace again and before long I have to return to my room, grab my bag and walk down to where Dimitri stands waiting. His hand stretched out to walk me through the woods towards a large opening.

"See you around guys." I try to joke. The night sky is so beautiful I will miss it. Nothing like I will,the best friend and the love I have found here.

I walk with my bag on my shoulder. Only making it a few feet before Riley runs over tackling me into another hug again and then Dimitri storms over pulling him off and crushing my mouth with his. His big hands holding my face hostage. I slip my fingers into the beard I have grown to love and taste him one final time. Refusing to let the tears that build in my eyes and make it hard to see fall.

"I will be in contact, little princess. I know your guards personally, you will never feel unsafe again."

"You'll be showing me all the communications you big flirt." Dimitri snarls at Riley before looking at me again. "This is not goodbye." He sounds so sincere his eyes search mine looking for what? I am not sure but I half smile.

The sound of the helicopter landing in the distance and shutting off it's engine has me turning round and letting my hands fall from his face. Already missing him in a way that pulls at my chest. This is goodbye though isn't it Dimitri? How can it not be?

"I hope you find what you are looking for." I say and mean it. I hope he can find happiness as I know I am about to walk away from mine. Not looking back and praying this time neither run after me because i may just cry and beg to stay. Stay here which feels more like home then London or the royals ever have. But staying means Dimitri cannot have Ali. The women he loves, back at his side where she belongs and most importantly where he wants her. Not me. Her.

It is when i am some distance from them almost half way that a stunning vampire exits the helicopter striding with tall slender tanned legs. Swaying her dark hair. She has dark red purple lips. So tall. What did I expect? Someone who looked like a fairy or a real vampire.

She crosses next to me heading towards the man I love. As I return to my father and my prison. Her eyes are dark and evil. Her smile reminds me of Dustin's. Fake with such confidence and hidden agenda. I want to turn and run to Dimitri but I keep myself walking. Then her two fingers meet her lips and she blows it my way. What the hell? This is the kind of woman Dimitri loves? Evil, she is a female version of Dustin. I can feel it in my bones.

Pain gets worse with every step I take towards the helicopter and when I arrive my father jumps out pulling me into his arms.

"I have missed you so much. I am so sorry …" His apology is endless as a guard takes my bag from my shoulder putting it into the helicopter. Father not letting me go from his embrace kissing the top of my head over and over as he apologises for everything. Dustin and Dimitri. Like they belong in the same category I want to scream at him for that but I behave. I am the little princess after all.

It's once I am ushered inside the helicopter and look across the large open field to where Ali arrives before Dimitri.

Her arms wrap around his neck and she doesn't even have to tiptoe in her killer heels. Her short gold dress clings to every inch of her. Her breasts nearly fall from the dress. Poor Riley seems to not know where to look but I feel his eyes land on me. Watching my reaction, hoping the impending doom doesn't nearly kill me. Her body pressed against his and their lips met.

The helicopter starting to rise feels like nothing compared to the screaming in my head. The noise, so loud unable to drown out my cries of pain internally. The pain in my chest as they embrace each other. Kissing. Even as only one of his bronzed strong arms go around her slender waist. It is enough to remind me that I slept in them last night. Being held by them this morning. Felt so at home. But that person in them now. Ali. She is who he truly wants. Finally their lips come apart and his eyes look up searching for mine. I know the pool of tears have long fallen down my cheeks. I also know the pain in my chest is not going to heal in the prison of my father's home. That my life is never going to be the same as Dimitri becomes nothing more than a dot. A blip of a month in my life of immortality. Yet I didn't just leave behind a freedom for him to have his love. I left behind my heart.

One in which I intend to find. I need to find out who I am and I need a life. I have no plan on returning to any prison again. I have given up enough no matter how much I love my father. I was taken because of his choices on allowing Dustin too much. I have left Dimitri so he can be happy.

What about me? When will I be happy?

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