The Damned

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She's Running Free


I have waited nearly a hundred years for the woman who is walking towards me. Yet the only thing I feel is pain. Pain so strong that when Ali was taken and the lead seeping in my veins crippled me physically. It doesn't compare to watching Emery walk away. Heading home to her father.

"You know she will be safe? You'll be able to have constant contact?" I turn to Riley.

"Yes. The two assigned to her are close friends of mine. She will be protected. Shouldn't you be thinking about that woman coming towards you now?" Riley nods and I turn to see Ali.

The exact same as nearly a hundred years ago. Wearing a mini dress that doesn't leave anything to the imagination. Her hair slick in a ponytail that sways like her hips. My stomach turns and when she gets in front of me wrapping her arms around my neck. Pressing her body to mine. She leans back pulling my lips to hers and a hand goes to her back keeping her up. I feel sick.

This is nothing like it should have been. Nothing like I had expected before Emery. Emery. My mouth pulls free of Ali's even as she clings to me and her tits nearly fall from the dress. I look up into the helicopter taking my soulmate from me. I see her crying and her cheeks so wet.

"Emery." I cry out. My voice hoarse with emotions as I suddenly let Ali go. Putting a hand to my chest.

She is gone to me. Somewhere in my mind believes it is forever but I don't allow that to stick. I will get her back. She is mine. Mine for fuck sake and i risked all of that for this piece of shit in front of me.

How did I not see these things about Ali that I now hate before? We had our arguments and we had become more distant the last few years but i truly believed she was my soul mate. I needed to know someone I had cared about for so long was ok.

The helicopter is so distant the sound is gone but there is ringing in my ears. Come back to me. I cannot be without her. She is my perfect. She paints my life a different colour than the darkness I have lived in.

"Emery that princess they all talk about? Dustin loved tormenting her." Ali speaks and how her voice is so annoying but mostly I stand tall at her words. Tilting my head.


"Dustin talks about Emery. Says something is strange about her and he was going to get to the bottom of it. So where will I be staying?"

"You and Dustin?"

"O he is my soulmate. I met him at a party a few months before and told him there was no way after so long you'd accept me just leaving. So he came up with the idea of taking me." She speaks waving a hand as if it is nothing. "No matter, I haven't seen him in a while. He usually comes a few times a month but …"

"You fucking bitch. You couldn't just end it with me? Are you joking. You could have just spoken with me. I had already felt us falling apart for some time."

"Yes but it was more fun the other way. Look at you anyway. Owning your own castle."

"Riley." I say grinding my teeth. Needing her to be removed before I rip her throat out.

"Yes sir." He stands tall hands behind his back obviously hiding his distaste for the woman in front of us. Oblivious to our disgust as she looks at my home in the distance.

"Remove her now. Send her back. I don't actually care. Have her gone." With that I turn and stride away throwing a needle of sedative towards him. Her voice that grates on me is cut off quickly as Riley injects her.

Why did I feel the need to bring it? I don't know or deep down did I know this was what was coming? Had I not known from the minute Cadence revealed that Ali was still alive.

I walk back into my home. Finding myself wondering through the rooms I have spent with Emery. Thinking about our time together. Smelling the clothes hung in the wardrobe I remember her wearing. Finally sitting at my desk in my study I played the videos I had sent her father. Over and over as the pain refuses to ease but seeing her gives me something.

"It is done." Riley walks in sitting down on the chair in front of the desk. "What are you going to do now?"

"I am going to gain Cadence's favour and get my pixie back."

"How do you expect to do that after being the same man who has forced his hand to see who Dustin truly is and stolen his daughter?"

I shrug. "I don't care but if Emery loves me as I think she does. Well i hope .."

"You pair are fools. You've both been in love from the minute you met each other. You are made for one another."

I nod. "I know i couldn't say that before sending her away though. Tell her she is my soulmate as i hand her back to her father to leave me."

"Well Ali was a dog." Riley says and I chuckle.

"Yeah she was. To be honest though, I was back then. I already knew what was coming but rather than just deciding she was alive was enough I needed to know."

"So you could move forwards with Emery."

"I hoped." But a piece of doubt lands solid in my chest.

Me and Riley grab some whiskey and begin drinking. We sit speaking and Emery comes up numerous times as we both have taken to her. I accept him liking her because he would not step beyond the line of friendship. The sun is long rising and my shutters are closed when the phone rings. I lift a brow and point at it.

"That's a bit far away don't you think?" I drink down the rest of my whiskey letting it ring. Not many have my study phone line but whatever it is can wait. Even vampires get spam phone calls. Did I have a car accident recently? No love but do you want to be eaten? Usually makes them stop calling.

"Persistent shits." Riley huffs standing up and pressing the speaker button. "Mr Julious is busy right now … "

"You son of a bitch what did you do to my daughter?"

I stand up as soon as I hear Cadence's voice. Storming to the table and leaning over the phone as Riley does hitting our heads against one another.

"What are you talking about?" I stammer out. What has happened? A sudden dred settled in my stomach.

"She said she loves me but cannot do this. She needs to live. That she will write to me. Write to me. I am her fucking father? How am I to protect her when she has run off. It was like she kept the conversation going long enough so it was daylight. She ran outside and none of us could go after her. She told me you know what she is. I assume you will use that against me." He sounds miserable and maybe as drunk as me and Riley are.

"Cadence I will not use that as a weapon because I love Emery. She is my mate and I only needed Ali to confirm she was ok. To close off the door that has long been open." Silence sits between us.

"She will have a twelve hour head start on anyone I send after her. Being what she is and able to go out in the day. Likely she will only be doing that. Changing her body clock to match a human, fairy or wolf. What did you do?"

I have no idea.

"I didn't do anything. She was happy."

He sighs. "I know. She told me but it is easier to blame you than think I pushed her to this."

"Cadence have you been drinking?"

"Of course i have. I have lost everything and the only thing that mattered I just got home at a great cost to my pride only to run away from me. What kind of monster does she think I am?"

"Sir this is Riley here. I became friends with your daughter whilst she was here. She only had good things to say about you. She only wished for more freedom. Maybe that is all she plans on having. Some freedom before returning home." Riley says looking at me with a little shrug. Trying to make king Cadence feel better.

How crazy has this day gone. None of this has gone to plan or how I expected.

"If I found her, would you accept me loving her?"

"You mother fucker taking advantage of every situation why don't you." He sighs again. "If my daughter is happy for once I need to put that first. You find her and she wants you. You have my blessing. Though if she doesn't want you. I will personally hire a decent ranger to kill you."

"That is doubtful when the best ranger is me and Dimitri is my sire." Riley pipes up.

"Full of surprises aren't you Dimitri."

"I try to be a mystery. What can I say." I joke.

"Find my daughter. If you Riley say you are the best then have full control on the search for my daughter. She is to be unharmed and not taken. That has happened one to many times already. Don't we agree Dimitri?"

"I will not say I wouldn't do it again." How can i when i find her I want her home at any cost. I had her even for a short time and now I want her forever.

"I will find her." Riley nods walking away and leaving the room on unsteady feet.

"Cadence?" There is a long silence. I wonder if he has put it down.

"She has money. I saw it in the bag before she swung it on her shoulder and opened the door. She has been planning this before you even took hee. With that amount of cash."

I can't believe I am going to try to make him feel better but if it helps a future relationship and makes Emery happy then it is exactly what I will be doing.

"She just needs some time but she will be back. Give it a few days."

"I doubt it. So did you get what you needed from your past lover?"

"You knew she was with Dustin?" I ask.

"Not until he told me but he revealed they were soulmates. I almost felt like tormenting you with that information but it was a step beyond me. Not anymore anyway. Emery had a way of settling me down." He speaks softly but still stern.

"Why did you create her? Why not sire another child. Even then why mix your DNA and a fairy."

He laughs. "A fairy is too simple of a word. I had the DNA of one of the oldest lines of the fairies. I myself helped wipe them close to extinction. Just this one was so beautiful. It was just after I turned. They can die but out live the wolves and humans by centuries. Aging but so slowly it's never really told how long they live. They are not immortal but their healing abilities keep the age process slow. Emery looks like her the fairy. So as you can imagine she was beautiful. Some lines of age on her face. I found her and wanted her instantly but when i got a taste i couldn't stop."

"So you killed her?"

"Yes. Then just as quickly I regretted my actions. Something so beautiful and the species had become so few. So special. I took samples of her DNA knowing one day I would do something with it. I didn't know at the time I was one of the damned. I tried to breed with many vampires, hundreds of them, some even followed to have children later on. Not mine of course. So I knew I was not lucky. In the end I wanted to create a child of my own. I built the lab. I paid the staff well and they tried. Failing so many times because our DNA was not compatible but finally it worked. Emery was placed into a human to be carried whilst they were put into an induced coma. She was born and from that minute forth I loved her." He speaks so honestly I know he has had a drink not considering his words. Or hiding details from me.

"She is special and not only for the fairy."

"She is special because she is the first of her kind. A genetically created vampire but a hybrid. The fairies would be appalled but even they couldn't kill her because she is one of the elders. They have none left. Emery looks like a clone almost of the one I killed."

"Does it lessen the guilt?" I ask.

"No. So I kept her secret. Vampires would drain her and if done properly she would survive only to be drained again. That way they would have the ability to walk in the daylight. Can you imagine how many would use her? Sick to even consider. Fairies may want her because of who she is and they hide so well I would never see her again."

"So you protected her and gave her no way of being hurt?" I understand his worry now. He did it all wrong and never truly opened up to her but it makes sense.

"Silly right. In the end i lost her and put her at more risk than if i had just accepted a few of her requests."

Maybe she is gone for now. But she will be back real soon right?

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