The Damned

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Take Me Once. Take Me Twice


Five months I have managed to live a peaceful life. It helps being able to blend in with humans so well. I can survive off their food but have needed to get blood which has been more difficult than it is at home. Father has blood bags dropped to us and lying to a human to give me them was difficult. I had to test limits to be able to control their actions but it got easier.

I have been shocked and happy, sad, lonely. Free mainly. Everything has been so different and I cannot believe the life I have had in the last five months. But I know it is coming to an end. I write too father weekly but give nothing away but I need support now more than ever. Things are getting harder and this is all so new to me. I don't know how long before it's too late.

Knock knock. The door knocks and I look around. It's late evening and I live miles from the nearest neighbour and town. My heart clenched knowing this is someone who has found me. Father of course because Dimitri will be too busy with his love. My heart still hurts, everyday but not being completely alone helps. Knock.

"I'm coming." I shout pushing myself up from the sofa with a great struggle to do so. Waddling towards the door with what feels like the weight of a full size man being carried on my stomach.

I hold the handle hesitating only a moment. Whoever is behind this door is not a risk to me because father would never have me hurt and I gave myself away finally using my card earlier today. I knew this was coming. So I open it and see Riley. Immediately I burst into tears. I cry at everything now. An advert. A book. But Riley is the exact face I could ask to see.

"Little princess. O shit." He says looking to my stomach before back at my face, eyes wide taking in my noisey sobs. He chuckles and then pulls me into his arms. Wrapping them around my head and letting me sob into his chest.

"W … what are you doing here?" I say between trying to stop my crying.

"I always said I would be in contact, you just made that difficult. What the hell was that?" He says looking down at me almost nervous. I laugh wiping my cheeks and stepping to the side so he can come inside.

"They like you." I say putting a hand to my large round stomach. It's so big and my boobes are constantly huge and sensitive. I've never been so turned on in my life. I'm tearful and haven't seen my feet in weeks so dread to think what they look like.

"You're pregnant? Of course I knew from seeing the bump but I'm just shocked. You look huge. No offense."

"Yeah I know. Well not being able to see anyone about it. I have had to do a lot of research but google doesn't give much information along the vampire pregnancies. Other than conspiracy theories which some say these are going to rip me open with their teeth. So I may not even have to push." I chuckle walking slowly through to the kitchen.

"They?" I turn round still smiling at the amazement on his face. Taking his hand I place it to my stomach. "I can feel their heartbeats."

"Yeah originally I thought I was hearing my own and then the kicks started and my belly was growing. So I felt and listened. They are healthy but one is beasty because they kick whenever I talk." I move his hand over to the right where the beasty is kicking, proving a point.

"It's amazing. What were you going to do, have them alone?"

"No I used my card today on purpose I knew Cadence would never stop looking and I don't know anything about this stuff. I can't give birth with another vampire because of my blood and I can't do it alone because two babies, a placenta I can't heal until it's cleared." These thoughts have all been in my head the last few weeks.

I love the little house out here I live in but it's time to return home. Father can help me understand and when I go back some things are changing.

"I'm sorry you've done this part alone so far. It looks. Heavy." He winks and I laugh hitting his arm. "Shit you have about five minutes before Dimitri arrives."

I gape at him. "What?"

"I've led the search with your father's permission but Dimitri is on his way. Each time I've thought I was close he waits for my text or call to say it's not you. He only gives me fifteen minutes. That is to confirm it is you and tell you we are taking you home."

Dimitri waits. The other times. I am confused.

"Why would my father let you and Dimitri lead the search?"

"So much to tell you so little time. Because I doubt he will be patient the full …"

Riley is cut short when the front door slams open. He puts his hand to his face in the fuck sake gesture and then Dimitri strides into my small kitchen. Standing in the doorway looking messy and unkempt. His beard longer, his hair is a mess. His eyes are a dark green but around them is dark and sunken like he hasn't slept properly in months.

"Pixie." He breathes out like finally he can breath and strides towards me in three simple steps hauling me from the ground and crushing me to him. Totally oblivious to the mammoth sized bump at my stomach and between us. His arms hold me tightly like he will never let me go. My sore breasts press into his chest. Just for good measure both babies start kicking like crazy.

That seems to get Dimitri to put me down and take a step back. I watch his reaction and his eyes go wider than a saucer plate his mouth hangs open but no noise comes out.

"I'll let you both have a minute. I am just outside if you need me little p." Riley says making his way out the room. Dimitri just stares at my stomach. The long boys t-shirt snug around the bump and leggings sit just below it.

"Dimitri?" He has been silent for so long I'm worried he is just standing but knocked out in shock.

"You are pregnant."

"Yes. They are healthy or so I believe." I put my hand over my stomach protectively and his eyes finally moved to mine.

"Why didn't you contact me? Tell me. Do I not deserve to know. They?"

"There's two heartbeats and it feels like ten legs sometimes but definitely just two babies. Why would I contact you yet? You were busy with Ali, were you not?" I sound bitter and I know it but I don't care.

"You kept this from me because of Ali. Fuck sake Emery I told you it wasnt over. It isn't a goodbye, it was a beginning."

"Yeah and god knows maybe it was her throwing herself at you and you kissing her that put me off. Or made it difficult to believe but either way that is the past. I was going to tell you once I returned home." I say turning, grabbing a glass of water with shaking hands.

"Are you coming home?" He sighs and sounds relieved so I turn looking at him squinting.

"Of course I am going home. My father will be able to help me find out more about what to expect."


I quirk a brow. "Excuse me?"

"You are not leaving me again. You are not taking my children to be locked away in your father's home."

"No I'm not leaving you because you already sent me away. I'm not taking your children because you'll have access to them and my father is not locking me away again." I cross my arms over my weighty breasts and Dimitri nostrils flare with anger.

"I did not send you away …"

"O, no you swapped me for your beloved Ali. How was it by the way? Great to have her back in your arms? In fact don't bother I've had months to get over it." I say waving a hand as if to dismiss him. Putting my glass down I go to step round him but he moves in front.

"Will you even listen to me if I told you?"

I look up into the face of the man I have dreamt about every night. Into the eyes I love and hate all at the same time.

"No I wouldn't listen because what can you say that takes back you swapped me for her. After kidnapping me and making me love you."

"You love me?" He searches my face for the truth but I am great at acting so I hold eye contact.

"No. I stopped before the helicopter turned. I stopped the minute I saw your lips on hers and had to have a long hard look at my reflection. I've been a foul, a toy, a prisoner and an adored princess. But I've never truly been loved not in the sense I want and I realised I never will by you."

"But I do love you Emery. Only you. I was foolish not to push her away the minute she pressed up onto me. It was a moment of weakness. I never let you go but I wanted what was best for you and that was to go home to your father. For me to close the door on Ali and come get you, but you'd already gone."

I shake my head. "All I need now is a lift back to my fathers."

Does every word he just said give my febal little heart hope? Yes but I can't act on it. I need to remain focused and this man gave so much but never the one thing I wanted. It's funny how he wants to now, I am pregnant with his kids.

"How can you not believe I love you? That you are my soulmate? I know you felt it the minute we met and every single one after that. You love me still and I'll prove it." He declares so sure.

Then he kisses my hands, cupping my face. I cannot help but kiss him back. To show him with every drawn out slow romantic kiss that I still love him but I have to save face. So when finally he pulls back still holding my face so gently. I stare up at him.

"I will be returning to my father's when I have some more information. I am not saying I won't come to your home. It is safer there and as you are the only one who can handle the blood lust. You will have to be my birth partner so I advise you, get reading up on everything." With that I take advantage of his shock and walk out the room.

Riley is sitting in the lounge feet up on my coffee table making my chair look like it was made for a child.

"Riley, I have already packed a bag knowing what was coming, would you be ok to grab it from upstairs."

I turn only to find Dimitri already holding it. He smiles at me and my knees want to weaken but I stand tall.

"Ready to go?" He asks.

I nod in return looking around what has become my home Riley begins turning all the lights off as Dimitri ushers me out the door. Reluctant to let me out of his sight I imagine. Not that I'm running far very fast. I'm ushered out into a waiting car with blacked out windows. I look out the window even as I feel Dimitri's continuous gaze on me. He is relentless but eventually I relax into the seat and fall asleep. Even as I try to fight it and find him moving ever closer so my head can lean on his shoulder. I'm so tired I can't resist sleeping any more.

When I wake up groggy from a restless uncomfortable sleep I find myself looking around an all too familiar room. Sitting up right I glare at Dimitri.

"You kidnapped me again?" I am in disbelief. Why? He is capable of anything I should have known.


When she wakes up and looks around the room it settles in, I have brought her home. Our home. The place where she was actually happy, free and safe.

"Hold on …" I stay sitting in the chair in the corner even as she swings her legging clad legs out of bed.

The large bump at her stomach still feels so unreal but I find myself staring at it. Just like I did as I laid her down on the bed. I had put my hand to it for a long time feeling one more than another kick. The heartbeats are so quick and demanding. My children.

"No you hold on Dimitri. You brought me here once and I came. This time I thought you'd at least respect my wishes. What a fool i have been." She stands up putting a hand to her hip.

If i thought she looked glorious before. If she tugged at the place once cold between my chest. Now I ache all over for her. Every cell in my body craves to move towards her like a flower to the sun.

"I did respect your wishes but if you would just listen …"

"Yeah because that got me anywhere before." She says pointing to her large bump with a slender index finger. "You forgot I listened to you about playing it nice. Right before you traded me in."

"I did not trade you in. For fuck sake Emery." I stand up furious. How could she even think I wanted Ali because it was over between me and her. I thought explaining it wasn't over was enough but it obviously wasn't. "I needed to close that chapter of my life off. I have spent a hundred years planning a revenge that didn't need to take place. Do you even comprehend how that felt to then meet you? The daughter of a man I had set out to ruin in every sense of the word. Then I found you. I saw you and I wanted you instantly. You wore me down to absolutely nothing and what I once knew was completely false. I found myself believing you. Everything you said. I found a different way. Then when Cadence said that Ali was still alive. I already knew for her to have been alive this whole time it could only mean she was happy with the life she led. I needed closure to move forwards. With you."

"You expect me to believe you? After everything. You want me to fall back on the bed. Shall I spread my legs now or later Dimitri?" Her beautiful eyes are wide but I see hurt in them. She is hurting and that is because of me. A surge of guilt shoots through me and I take a step towards her but she puts a hand up. "Please don't touch me. Where is Riley?"

I grind my teeth. She wants Riley to make her feel better, more comfortable I understand. But jealousy is a new emotion for me and i still haven't found a way to get a grip on that. Not after she disappeared and left me a mad man for months. Touching my watch and pressing a small button to the side. Riley will be alerted i want him. He will come to her. From here on out i must put her above everything, even myself and what i need. Which is to hold her. Touch her. Have her close so the ache that she opened in my chest finally stops.

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