The Damned

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I had a few emails to reply to and then I planned to find them. I asked her to wait until i would be with them but i already know she won't. Every day she pushes the distance back between us but every night once she sleeps I move to her. Finally feeling that sense of ease having her in my arms. The beasty baby kicks gently even as she sleeps through it.

Finishing up on the computer I feel a sharp pull. More than one. Riley and Emery. I am on my feet and speeding through the house searching our room first. When I find them all empty with quick glances. I head straight down to the cells.

When I get onto the steps that spiral down I can hear Riley. His desperate pleas for her to keep breathing steady. I am down the steps in less than a second bursting into the room. I see Riley's face of distress and his hands against the bars before he pulls them back.

"Thank fuck." He sighs with relief.

I look at Emery on the floor, the back of her head pointing towards Riley. A baby nestled on her chest. Holy shit. My heart comes to a stop like it did the moment I died once, before turning into something new. Something much stronger being the vampire I am now. I am beside her like the speed of light.

"Emery. Baby i am here." What else do I say? I've read so many things. I've done so much research but now in this moment I feel shocked to my core.

"Dimitri." She sounds breathless.

"Bossman let me out. You need to help her and the baby needs wrapping up."

Shit Riley is right. I stand up quickly pressing the button and releasing Riley. Back at her side Emery stares at the baby on her chest letting out little grizzly noises. Riley grabs his t-shirt and comes over taking the baby. Girl. She's a girl. I have a daughter.

"She's a girl. Emery we have a daughter." I can feel tears prick at my eyes.

"Beasty." She says her face going taut as she begins to bear down again. Holding her breath her pale face turning pink as she pushes down with such strength my chest bursts. I take her hand in one hand and wrap my other hand beneath her head. I feel helpless. I can't do anything to take this pain away.

Turning my head quickly making sure Riley has my daughter. He has her cradled in his arms against his bare chest. Small wails come from beneath his top.

"I can't…" She says finally letting her breath go. Her voice almost whispered. I lean down putting my forehead to hers.

"I'm going to move down." I let go of her head and hand hating it. Feeling like I am failing her. Unable to take any of this away. I move between her legs. "Pixie." She looks at me, her eyes glossy but she looks. "We are going to do this. I'm sorry i wasn't here before but i am now. You can do this and I am here. Every step of the way. I'll never leave you again."

Tears escape her eyes and we just look at each other for a moment. Then I see the pain come again. She lets her chin go to her chest still holding herself on elbows. How she had the strength to reach between her legs and catch our daughter. How did she even cut the cord?

As she pushes silently. I remember everything I read. Every instruction seems to come into my head.

"That's it baby. Little more." I feel such pride in how she is doing this. I knew she was special the minute I met her. I knew she was mine later but then she drove me crazy. She confused me and now all I want is that and more. Drive me insane. Push me over every edge because I will crawl right back to this woman. "That's it. Now breath. Breath through it … One more push pixie and our little beasty is here."

This is rare. Twins are hard to have naturally anyway. Having both naturally and coming out head first. She is magnificent. I beam with pride as she pushes again and a small wailing beastly little boy arrives. She sags back to the ground breathing heavily for a moment as I hold our son looking at him in amazement.

"Beasty." She says smiling as I place him onto her chest and take my top off wrapping it around him.

Another glance to Riley shows him dipping his knees and doing a little jiggle. I lift a brow but he is too busy looking at my daughter to even notice. His cheeks stained with split dried tears. His eyes watery. This room is filled with the only people who mean anything to me. Cutting the cord with the knife at Emery's side I freed the bond of her protecting our babies soley. I open the one where we do this together. United as parents and the fact I am a dad hits me like a wrecking ball.

I can finally understand why Cadence went through such trouble to create Emery. He wanted something that was his completely and now I have that. I also understand his overbearing behaviour. Just the idea of someone trying to harm them has me unfocused.

The next twenty minutes is making sure the placenta is out and making sure it is whole and intact. I cannot remember how many photos of placenta I have seen or how many measurements and weights I've read. Not leaving anything behind is a priority. Emery seems to know exactly what she is doing as she frees a breast and our son latches onto her nipple. Riley moves over with our daughter when Emery tells him it's time to swap them. Our smaller daughter seems greedier as she latches onto the other breast and makes a lot of noise as she eats.

"Damn Dimitri. Your boy is a beast." Riley says holding our son now.

I should feel upset that he has held my children properly but I've been too focused on making sure I clear Emery before she begins to heal. If her cervix closed before I got the placenta out she would get an infection. I had done my research and sitting back on my hunches finally letting out a breath I hadn't realised I was holding. Sure that I had done everything properly.

"Thank you." Emery says looking at me. I crawl round and put my forehead to hers.

Hands covered in blood. The floor, her chest and chin. But neither of us care. As our daughter eats I look at Emery. Hoping she can see into me. Into my core and know I truly do love her. Nothing to do with the children. Not that it doesn't make it feel stronger but before that. I need her because she makes me whole because we belong together.

"Thank you." I say pressing my lips to hers gently. This kiss is lacking the usual passionate kind we share but it is full of tenderness and love. I hope she can feel it as I do. The connection between us knitting itself back together. With something stronger than material this time. With hope and honesty. With love and family.

"Do you want to hold her?" She asks as I press my lips to her damp forehead. I move back and look at our daughter nodding. I take her from her arms and cradle the small bundle in mine.

She looks so tiny in my arms. I put a finger in her tiny little chubby ones and she squeezes down. I beam at Emery as she sits herself up. She smiles back stroking a hand over the clumps in our daughter's hair.

"What do you think to Mia?" She asks quietly. I look at her and then to my daughter. Mia.

"I think it's perfect like her mother."

Our eyes stay connected and I feel like this is a moment. A precious one I will keep locked in my mind forever. One where she is opening up to me again. The moment she believes my love and wants to take a step towards embracing it. Then Riley the fucker i am beginning to think i should have let die steps over.

"What are we calling this dude then. I vote Riley Junior or Beasty." The menace of a man knows how to ruin a moment but how can i hate him. When his grin is the funniest thing i've seen.

"What about just Junior?" I ask looking at Emery for reassurance she likes the name.

"I like that."

"Well you took Riley off it but i'll just call him RJ." Riley says with a shrug as he continues to do the weird bobbing of his knees bounce.

"Emery I want to get you to our room. Can I carry you?" She looks at Mia in my arms. "I'll pass her to Riley. He can carry two little babies."

"With my life. These little beings are my niece and nephew sort of but I'm the cool uncle now. You guys will be lucky to get a hold in. Well unless they need feeding. I haven't got the chest for it." Riley has a way of finding every situation a good joke.

"What about a crib and everything? I wasn't ready." She looks nervous as I pass Mia over, placing her in Rileys other arm.

"O i'll let bossman show you his surprise." RIley smiles.

Emery looks up at me as I slowly lift her from the ground cradling her to me like I did the night I kidnapped her. Back then she felt like something precious. Now she feels like everything precious.

I carried her into our room and opened the adjoining door to what was her room last time. Emery gasps and then begins to cry.

"I'm sorry do you not like it?"

"What?" She says, shaking her head, arms still tightly around my neck. Is it because she believes I could drop her? Or because she wants me close like I do her? "It's perfect. Who painted the walls?"

"Riley may have had a hand in that." The walls are covered in animals. Only the strongest or tallest. A hippo stands in water. A lion to it's edge. An elephant with it's baby beside it. This is a room full of wild animals but the ones that thrive like our children will. Two cribs are beside each other. The bars of the heads pressed together. "I've read twins like to be close to one another. Some advise letting them sleep together at first. But I brought two incase."

"It's perfect Dimitri. Thank you." She rests her head against my chest and the warmth of her body spreads throughout me. She gives off a small glow and not in a romantic term. But literally she is glowing. Her almost white hair glows bright. "It's the healing. The fea healing seems to be doing more of it since being pregnant. Rather than the vampire."

She must have sensed me becoming tense. Last time she glew was a fireball in her hand and that fucker burst another into ash.

"You are special. In every sense of the word." Again as I have a moment with Emery, Dimitri comes into the room with Mia and Junior in his arms.

"K I'm giving you this evening. After that, be prepared i'm come back for cuddles. Ain't that right RJ. We already have beasty plans for you and this is princess Mia. Bow to her feet."

Funny fucker. He passes Emery, Junior. I nearly think RJ. That fucker is not having me calling my own son a nickname for Riley Junior. Shit head. Mia in my arms. I sit next to Emery on our bed with our children and my life has just changed forever. In the best way possible. In a way I didn't even see coming. Not even when she was pregnant did I expect all these feelings. All this pride towards her. All this overwhelming love to hit at once for these little babes. All I need to complete me now is Emery to admit her love for me. For us to move forward.

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