The Damned

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Sweet Dimitri


The next three months go by in a routine as such. Dimitri is nothing but an amazing father. He dotes on both Mia and Junior. Riley or as he calls himself the uncle Riley. Strange as he was sired by Dimitri. Is always fun and games. He has had to leave a few times for things to do with the rangers. But he is never gone long and always rings to see how the babies are.

Luckily Dimitri had spoken with others that have been born from vampires. Of course not mentioning that our children are part fae but it is only a tiny amount so barely noticeable. Without that information I may have been worried at the rapid growth rate. So different to how I did. But fae age slowly which slowed my aging process down to match humans almost. Mia and Junior on the other hand are now 3 months but are more along a 9 month old human baby pushing ten months maybe.

Mia has brown hair like her father with slight waves in it from my curly hair. Her eyes are pale blue. She has a slight tan to her around the clock just like Junior. Junior on the other hand has straight blonde hair. Not as light as mine. His eyes blue in the centre and green around the edge. Our children are the perfect edge of both of us.

For each growing day I miss how small they were. That is the only thing I miss most about them growing this quickly. Every minute is precious. Dimitri holds me every night even now there is no excuse of me being pregnant. Yet since i gave birth he hasn't kissed me. Not since he kissed me so tenderly after beasty Junior arrived. After he helped me pass everything that i would need to, so i could heal. He had been amazing, perfect even and that kiss felt like something had changed. He looks at me a lot, like all the time and I feel the tug between us but he makes no move to have me. He holds me but doesn't ever have his lower half close enough for me to feel what effect i have on him, if any.

"What's with the heavy face princess?" I turn to see Riley smiling from the doorway. He leans against the door frame with his large form.

"Babies are sleeping. No waking up RJ."

"Spoilsport. Parenting has made you become a lousy friend." He shakes his head standing up and then moving into the room. Looking through to the kids sleeping in their cribs. "So really why the heavy sigh prinny?"

"Dad came by Monday." I turn round staying seated on the stool at my dressing table. "He has a function. One in which I need to go with him."

"You don't want to go?"

"I don't want to leave them. Not yet. They are only three …"

Riley interrupts. "Prinny, they are not human babies. You know that. These babies are not going to grow how one of them does. You have to still be the princess of England. Even if hiding out here is ideal."

"I'm not hiding." I glare at him but he just laughs.

"No you really aren't, though if you and Dimitri keep hiding from the sexual chemistry, you have I might just have to take them babies and run."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"O yeah. None." He rolls his eyes. "So when is this function?"

"Saturday. Father is sending the helicopter for me that lunchtime and I will be back on Sunday, lunch time."

"Holy shit. Have you told him?"

"Told who?" I ask slightly confused.

"Dimitri? Have you told him? It is already wednesday so when are you going to speak to him about it?"

"I don't know I was going to bring it up …" Rileys eyes go bug eyed. "What?"

"Seriously you two. How do you think he is going to react to you leaving the safety of the home? On top of that you are going back to the world. Dressed up to the hills I assume as you rightly should be. Surrounded by other single vamps." He waves his hand about being all dramatic.

"Seriously it's nothing like that."

"I know that. You know that. Dimitri is obsessed with you and as you pair obviously haven't started getting it on again yet. I practically suffocate on the sexual tension every time you pair are in a room together. Yeah he won't see it that way." Riley says taking a deep breath.

Of course i don't want anyone else but Dimitri obviously doesn't want me. After all his words about wanting me and loving me. Nothing. He hasn't made a single move. Yet when he holds me at night and in the morning it's like he doesn't want to let me go. It's all so confusing.

"It will be fine."

I tell myself and Riley. It will definitely be fine right?


"You what?" I say quietly as we exit the adjoining room to ours. After putting Mia and Junior down for the night. Like Emery they seem to be able to sustain themselves on both human food and blood.

"Shh." She says before quietly closing their door.

"Why do you need to go?"

"Because father has excused my disappearance with me taking a quick break from royal studies. I cannot be missing from everything. I still have to show my face. You know that." She walks towards her dressing table removing her necklace and putting it down.

"Of course i know that but …" But what? How can I make an excuse for her not to go? I don't want her surrounded by others all dressed up. Looking beautiful. Even more stunning then she stands now in a loose summer dress. Her hair free flowing down her back.

How much I have longed to wrap the strands around my palm and crush her mouth with my own. I ache for her. I am hard all the damn time and it's punishment for the fact I hurt her so I refuse to ease it. I had hoped before now that she would come to me. Kiss me. Give me any sign we have moved forwards.

"Are you ready to return? To society i mean?"

"I am in a way. I miss Eloise, my friend who is in the council. Father has been so good with all of this. Happy for me to live here. No protection …" Ouch. "Other than you and Riley of course." Thank god she said that. "So in that way yes. But in every other way I'm not ready to leave them and I am happy here. It's quiet and there are no expectations."

Nothing about me. Does she not love me? Not feel we are fated to be together. Does she not long to have my touch the way I do hers? Every damn night I stop myself from kissing her shoulder or neck. From pulling her body flush to mine so she can feel the ache that hasn't gone away. But this time I will do things right. I will prove I am a man worthy of her. Not that i have a clue how to do that or what way to.

I've never been a decent man. I was and always have been a man who lived for himself, until her. Until every breath I took felt like it was to spend another minute with her. I felt like I was slowly dying, being suffocated or drained of blood whilst she was missing. Then when i saw her again i felt like I could breath, like the band that had been tight around my ribs had finally snapped. Then Mia and Junior. She gave me something I never even considered would be possible. I assumed I would be as most vampires are, infertile. To find someone and then be able to have children together. I don't even know what i have spent my life doing before her, and now the idea that each passing day she doesn't want me. It hurts, but i will endure it as long as i have a chance. For as long as she is here I have that chance.

Now though. Now she wants to go back for this function. Is this the first of many? Why hasn't she considered taking me with her as her date? Making it clear to the world of the Elite vampires that will be there that we are bound to one another. Fated to be together. Exposing our children whilst they are so vulnerable is foolish but our relationship. The one I hope we can rebuild, why doesn't she want me with her?

"Dimitri?" She says and I blink rapidly trying to clear my mind of the thoughts.


"I said my dad is sending the helicopter around lunch time. I'll be back as early as possible sunday. "

"He is having humans collect you?" I ask knowing it cannot be a vampire so why am i asking such a foolish question.

"Are you ok?" She looks concerned as though I am losing my mind. Which of course i am.

Of course I just feel as though every hint of a future is being ripped from me at the idea you are leaving here. Are you going to return? Of course she will because of Mia and Junior. Not me.

"Yeah i have just been busy is all." Thinking about you. Distracted from thoughts of you. Or I am with you, aching to touch you, kiss you, have you as my own again.

"Does Riley have to return to the rangers again soon?"

"No not for some time. He has done his duty for now. Luckily for Riley he is in a position to delegate duties from here."

"Was he always here this often?"

"No." I never needed him here this often. For hers and the kids protection though he will be. As well as the guards that are kept wandering the grounds away from the house.

"Why is he now?"

"Because he can't stay away from the children of course. Also for your protection and the babies." I say being completely honest.

"Why would we need protection Dimitri?" She looks up at me after kicking off her shoes. Those eyes tear into my soul and pull out my heart every time I see them. I give her more of myself, is she willing to take it? Accept me as i am now and the person I was?

"Because i don't believe Dustin will behave for ever." I hate it. The nervous look that passes her face even as she stands tall. So used to hiding her reaction about him. "I am not saying he will come for you and of course he has no idea about the children. I just don't like the idea. So having someone you trust here if anything was to happen seemed wise."

"Where exactly is Dustin being held?"

"In his home, not your London home. Your father has guards there around the clock and they are told to not allow him out. But we both know how persuasive he can be, even to the ones Riley trusts. Which we make sure one is on duty with Dustin at all times."

She breathes out a long sigh. "You really do think he will come for me don't you?"

"He has been locked away and abandoned by his sire. That would mentally break most vampires, that and Dustin's greed. He has been publicly denounced as prince. Your father had him harmed to get information I wanted whilst I had you. Which to Dustin will be your father choosing you over him only fueling his desire to find out why you are so special to Cadence." I don't want to unnerve her any more but I have promised myself, good or bad, that I will be honest with her. If i have any chance of a relationship with her. This is the way. "I have some work …"

"Dimitri please don't go after saying all that." She looks up at me and I see her eyes are filled with tears threatening to fall down her beautiful face.

I can't stop myself. I move towards her. Hooking an arm around her shoulder and hand into her hair. The other around her back. I release a heavy breath when her arms wrap around me and she relaxes her body against mine. Other than in bed I haven't held her, not like this in eight long months.

"I will never leave you Emery. Never." I kiss her soft hair on the top of her head and put my cheek to it. Having her in my arms feels like the most precious gift. This woman gave me a life. Children. A heart I hadn't known was missing. Rid me of the ideas of a life of revenge and set in motion one filled with love.


It's one simple word. It isn't a declaration of her love for me or that she believes my love for her. But that one word is enough for me to hold her that bit tighter. To feel hope surge inside of me that she still wants me around and not only for our children we share. She wants me to stay with her. Protect her and love her as I do.

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